Modern culture is in retreat, becoming regressive. There is simply too many people and too many structures and organizations on this earth…and the collective sense of “space” is diminishing. Thus mankind is becoming mentally complacent, static, dumb, without a “new world” to conquer, to escape his own collective containment (modern culture). And worse, like a “delayed adolescent”, we the people are trying to escape ourselves, refusing to accept living responsibility for our individual and collective behavior. Consequently, as “selfoholics”, we are opening wide the door that leads to the extremism of a “totalitarian state” and our own corruption.

With Obama and the “far-left mob” having taken control of the federal government in Washington, we are now witnessing the biggest power grab in American history. Their own version of “bread and circus” (the economy and the media) daily distracts the American people from the bureaucratic corruption being practiced by these “progressive gangsters” in the name of “stimulus packages” and “political correctness”, supposedly to save the economy from the greed and mismanagement which they, along with many conservatives, helped to bring about! And, to disguise the fact, these so-called liberals (the original meaning of the term liberal has now been completely obscured by the secular progressive movement) are both writing legislation that tries to buy the people off with token compliments of “bread”, just so the peasants won’t look too closely at all the graft being baked by the “new Bolsheviks” in the legislative ovens of big government, as well as, attack in the media “circus” anyone who voices opposing views or criticizes their policies. They have learned that a concentrated policy of demonizing the opposition really works in today’s media, as it is the packaging and the presentation of the lies and distortions in order to “sell the product”–and not the substance of the product–that sells in today’s “image conscious society”, and thus carries the greater influence with the masses. Indeed, in order to promote their political bias, the national media plays and markets an “image game” which, by its very nature, both distorts actuality and as propaganda is basically dishonest.

Soon, if Obama, like Caesar, becomes the “godfather” of contemporary politics, he will be able to make the American people offers that they cannot refuse, that is, if they want to survive in an ideology-driven, ego-induced world? The far-left mob,  by perfecting the tactics of intimidation and personal threats, will control everything and everyone, and the people will jump whenever called upon in order to receive their “survival fix”. In return, the people will become “family” (far-left democrats) in order to cast their votes for the “right politicians”, and will owe their souls to the “mob”, or they will find themselves demonized and persecuted to death. The tyranny of modern American fascism, daily reinforced through out the culture by injections of greed and guilt, and particularly in the media with scenes of hate-mongering, hypocrisy and character assassination, will show no mercy for unbelievers.

And the people, being patterns of behavior as we are, will suffer all this because those very patterns reflect the cultural programing (both liberal and conservative) that has been reinforcing on them the sense of “victimization” for years, even generations…and no one can escape oneself! Add to that the common fear of confronting the truth about ourselves (who wants to believe that we are not who we think we are) and you have the pattern for living in a constant denial of the human condition as it is. Thus the work of the political spinners (victimizers) is practically done for them, and they will not waste any opportunity, not even a national crisis, to feed their need for gratification.

Indeed, this practice becomes even easier when you consider that so-called education in America has been “dumbing” our children for years. It’s not about what our kids need to know in order to grow up and stand on their own two feet, it’s about strengthening the teacher’s union, because they vote “democrat” for the most part, and secular progressive politics must come first with the current administration in Washington because that is POWER! So for years now the so-called liberal educators in America have been politicalizing our children instead of properly educating them: education, along with the media, are the two best means of indoctrinating the young in the ideology of  a far-left version of liberalism and big government.

So, in a culture of obsessive-addictive (compulsive) materialism and egoism, reflected in both liberal and conservative political policies, people turn in on themselves becoming selfoholics, escaping into self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immorality. Truth, or facts, becomes irrelevant, the ideology is all-important because with ideology as an end in itself, we not only get and reinforce our programed (false) identity, but receive our “survival fix” as well, thus denying the very behavior that is victimizing us! Yet, like an alcoholic or drug addict, this compulsive and self-destructive behavior, the pattern of our life, eventually “bottoms out”, as it must, having corrupted the “body” of our life. For we, as a collective entity (modern culture), in rationalizing, justifying and legalizing regressive behavior (secular progressive behavior), are seeking oblivion! And such behavior becomes particularly dangerous when applied to our government”s foreign policy: foreign powers will observe and know how to take advantage of our weaknesses. So, if we continue on this course, like a photograph of Berlin in the final days of World War 2, our lot will be RUINATION. And we have only ourselves to blame.

The “I”

There is only the I. This I that I Am is the Experiencing itself, the totality of Being or pure Being, the background and Source of all there is. However, if you try to find Me, or achieve Me, you will fail, for I Am neither a thought, feeling, sensation, perception, or separate entity [thing] of any kind. I Am You, the real or whole You! I Am not two.

Explore your psyche. The psyche may be likened to a tunnel. When you enter a tunnel, in this case, a limitation or construct of your mind, the purpose is to pass completely through the tunnel to the light beyond, to freedom, leaving the construct behind–to fall away, as it were. You do not continue to hold on to and live the construct, thus to linger or camp out in the tunnel–and remain a limitation or false self. This way is two.

If you explore completely your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, to discover who is the I, they will be the path or means that lead you to the light, to Me, the whole You. There is only the I. And this I that I Am is not a knower but the knowing itself…not two but whole Consciousness.

When you focus on an object, or what stands out, you tend to become stuck on it, thinking yourself and the object as separate events. In your delusion you call this reality. It is actuality, of course, because you have made it so. You have placed a limitation on the I and become stuck on a literal perspective [duality/sensory perception/ego]. And in so doing, you have forgotten Me, the whole You, who is the Awareness itself.

You do not realize that there is only the I, the here and Now. I Am your very Being, but you think you are. You are living the construct, the image of life, not the Life or Being behind it. Thus you like to think that you are in control, the master of what you do. But it is the I that you are using in your divided consciousness, and you yourself are not source of that consciousness. In fact, you are but a mere shadow of My true Self.

Thus your own self-consciousness may be likened to the dream state. If You were to wake up even as your body-mind is still dreaming, You would realize there is no dreamer, just the dreaming. And You would realize the dreaming as projection {vanity}, and know the person that you thought you were doesn’t do anything or go anywhere, in fact, doesn’t exist in Reality. In Reality, in Being the Knowing itself, such selfless-realization or nonliteral [nondual] perspective would free your body-mind from itself.

Explore your psyche. Turn it back on itself, and render it neutralized by its own opposition. And, in a manner of speaking, see {realize} through your thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions that there is only the I that I Am, seeing the part in relation to the whole Consciousness. What I Am saying to you Now is so simple. Such is the Awareness itself. Stop making it so complex. I Am not two…and so are You!

The Imaginary Me

All thoughts, feelings and experiences are mental projections created by the mind, otherwise known as sensory perception, and reflect multiple states of consciousness potential in all of us. It is all a matter of conditioning/programing by culture and the environment that determines which states we fix on, and become fixed, too. Now, the question is: do we control the mental projections or do the mental projections control us?

Pure Consciousness, Being Nonliteral (Direct) Perception, the Totality of Being, therefore cannot be created (let alone controlled) by the mind, by thought, by an imaginary me, which perceives self and things as separate from others, and therefore as fixed states. Thus, upon selflessly Realizing pure Consciousness as our innermost Being, all thought, and an imaginary me, is also recognized as a dream state.

When we dream in our sleep we do not control what we dream, it just happens. Yet, no matter where we go or what happens in our dream, the truth is we are still in our bed. We have not gone anywhere or done anything. In fact, when pure Consciousness awakes even as the body is still dreaming, there is no dreamer, no separate self, as everything in the dream is the dreaming itself…even as the Awareness of Such is Consciousness itself. Thus our  imaginary self does not exist in reality. The imaginary self (or me) is just another thought.

So, if the imaginary self does not exist in reality, then how can it control any mental projections the mind creates? It cannot. The thoughts will come because that is what the mind does, based on past experience and repetition, on the pattern and process of behavior that is the individual…but they are not who we ultimately are as pure Consciousness. Therefore, whatever the thought, the feeling, the experience, it is just that and not the real us.

However, since most of us identify with our thoughts, feelings and experiences, we have become attached, fixed in place, in a state of consciousness. So, are we not then controlled by those mental projections? The only freedom we have in such a state, is the choice of our own particular fix, or bed we lie in.  But even recognizing the true nature of the human condition, how do we escape this fix we are in? We cannot…because the imaginary me is just that. If the imaginary me tries to escape, or tries not to escape, it only strengthens the imaginary me…which ultimately does not exist in the first place!

So, what is the answer? The only answer is realizing we do not need to try to escape or try not to escape. Just recognize each thought, feeling and experience as it is, making no personal claim on it. We cannot stop these mental projections from coming, but we do not have to hold on to them, identifying them with ourself. Thus, in time, the attachments will dissolve themselves because the only power they have is what we give them! And upon realizing the imaginary me as just that, then all mental projections become just that, imaginary.

Pure Consciousness, the Totality of Being, is not imaginary…but who and what everything Is in Reality, even in the dream state.

The Tree Of Life

Using the apple tree as an analogy of life: the tree produces branches, leaves and apples, which eventually fall to the ground, and replaces them with new branches, leaves and apples. But the new forms are not the same ones that fell to the ground. It is the pattern and process of behavior that is the tree which reflects the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, not its separate parts.

Thus it is with the Tree of Life: the Tree, understood in the Bible as the Word, produces the universe and all that comes with that. When the separate parts perish, they are replaced by new forms as energy-consciousness cannot be destroyed but is transformed. It is the pattern and process of behavior that is the Tree of Life or the Word which reflects the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, not the separate forms. In short, just as the apple tree apples, the Tree of Life peoples.

When we speak of the mind or soul or spirit, what are we talking about? After all, these are just concepts, and concepts are at best metaphors, not realities. They may point to reality but they are not reality. Left on their own and taken for reality, they are illusion, that is to say, they are not lasting, for separate forms and thing-events may be actuality but they too are not Reality…not complete by themselves…not the Totality of Being.

Thus when God is selflessly-realized not as the creator or boss, a supernatural entity performing magic tricks from on high, but as the Creating or Totality of Being, then the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation is seen through. For Being even before the Tree of Life or the Word is Life itself, the pure Energy-Consciousness that Is. But we would have no chance of knowing that if God, the Creating, but Unmanifest, literally speaking, did not express Self as the Tree of Life or the Word, that is, if Reality did not produce actuality, the illusion.

You see, in the end it is all One and the same: light and darkness, positive and negative, good and evil, this and that, are really two sides of the same coin…and unity. But when seen and lived as separate principles, the whole coin is lost and the world suffers…suffers the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception, ego) of its own incompleteness. Thus, in our isolation, we struggle and even war against ourselves…against our innermost Nature. Yet, like the apple tree, in God we are all the Tree of Life or the Word, the true Son of God, not separate souls. There is only One Mind, One Soul, One Spirit, One Energy-Consciousness in Reality, One Totality of Being. But to the literal mind Such is nonexistence.

Thank God! Because if this were not so, mankind’s corruption would be eternal.


O Immortal Soul

O immortal soul,

you are not the doer but the doing,

being completely right now;

doing whatever just for the sake of doing,

being whatever just for the sake of being.


In you we are a means of living meditation,

of being whole, right now;

thus we realize all things are within you

and are you, the selfless realization.


What we see outside is your material body,

the artful magic of your conception;

what we feel inside is your spiritual identity,

the direct experience of you flowing thru us

as the one consciousness who is all.


O immortal soul,

you are not the knower but the knowing,

the being we are…who is right now.

How Do You Know This?

God, or the pure ground (totality) of being, is not a supernatural entity performing magic tricks from on high but awareness or consciousness itself, the self that is selfless, the form that is formless, whose center, like space, is everywhere and nowhere; that is to say, the root and source of all is being everywhere (wholeness) nonliterally speaking and nowhere (emptiness) literally speaking. Thus when you are consciousness itself, the nonactual (intubeing) and the actual (being) are One and the same…not two.

But how do you know this?

First, it needs to be said that what is beyond all images, forms and concepts can never be spoken of directly, as language is dualistic by nature (each word having a corresponding opposite) and thus the closest you can come to it is to speak by analogy, that is to say, it is like this but it is not this. So the center (reality) can never be the literal (sensory) perspective but that which is complete in itself (intubeing), transcending all dualism. And as no separate entity (person), by remaining outside the other, has ever known God…to know God is to be the Center (God), that is, to be Consciousness itself (Nonliteral Perspective); and you can never be that literally or personally (partially), as a secondary consciousness.

So how do you know this? Simply put, when you are ready you will wake up, having consciously let go of (emptied) yourself as a separate entity, and by selflessly realizing there is only Consciousness itself, you, that is to say, the real You, will be Consciousness itself (Intuconsciousness). You will not be having a realization (duality), You will be the realization (Wholeness)! In a uncalculated way, without attempting to, you step right into it as You already are it, the knowing itself (Nonliteral Perspective)…what is always there, always here, always Now. There is only You, only Ourself as a Whole! The body may still be dreaming but Intuconsciousness, Now  awake, sees (realizes), lives through the dream (maya), through the senses (person)…the Center being through the world but not of it.

Remember, nothing you do will make it happen. What is called ego is simply an image, a rationalization and projection of the mind, having no life, power or cause of its own. The real You (Ourself as a Whole) is the eternal flow of Consciousness, and when the lesser you or person swims against the current by identifying with and holding on to the image/form/concept of life, you suffer. But when the lesser you swims with the current by not holding on, remaining open-minded, natural and spontaneous, the flow becomes You…and you become the Flow, that is, Life itself, Complete in itself, Intubeing.

How do you know this? There is no how…just being! The whole purpose of creation is to realize just Being (Intubeing)! The material/sensory aspect, having no center, ceases to dominate when you are Intuconsciousness (Nonliteral Perspective)…even while still connected to a body or person. To the literal mind then, in remaining a split or secondary consciousness, knowing this will always remain a mystery.




No Subject

What if when you die you wake up? And what if when you are born you die, that is to say, go to sleep?

If, in fact, you have ever had the experience of waking up while the body is still dreaming, you would no longer be a dreamer (person) but the dreaming itself, that is to say, consciousness itself or totality of being. For everything in the dream would be within you and would be you, there would be no outside, no subject outside of you, the awareness itself. Thus everything would be non-duality, you, being a nonperson. And knowing that you are not the body, there would be no need to be judgmental, or to take credit or blame for anything happening in the dream. Such is offered as a dream analogy to represent enlightenment or nirvana (liberation).

You have died to the attachment to your person or ego and woken up. However, when you identify with your person, remaining ego-centered, born to, and continuing in, a lower or secondary consciousness, you die to the real You or totality of being. You have gone asleep, so to speak, and like the subconscious which rolls in when unconscious, you create a dreamer or split-self (ego), who identifies with a body which sees that self outside everything else in a literal world (mind) often hostile and uncertain. Thus, the universe and life on earth is a mind game, as there is only mind or consciousness itself. What is called matter is an illusion, at its root being insubstantial, incomplete, not lasting…and the same may be said of us as persons.

In truth there is no individual soul, but only the soul or mind itself, the totality of being, the root and source of all that is. But the mind is playful and needs some stimulation to come aware, so the universe, and all that goes with it, is that stimulation. As persons, then, we live in a virtual reality, a matrix, actual but not real. Yet when caught up in the dream, you really believe it is real, that you are going somewhere, doing something, or something is happening to you–but you have not left your bed. Nor have you left your mind. It is all like an hallucination. However, when you wake up, being Wakefulness (enlightenment), you see through your self-deception and are freed from the possessiveness, the stickyness, the holding on and identifying with that selfishness (ego) which is your suffering.

Such is why we are here and Now. That is to say, we can be literally here (connected) with the body…yet be nonliterally Now as the mind itself. Thus, the mystery of life is a paradox, both actual and nonactual, both material and nonmaterial. However, the only way to know this is to be the knowing itself, as Such, being life itself, is beyond concepts, images and forms. In Suchness, then, there are no separate thing-events, no subject outside of Ourself as the Whole Consciousness. What appears outside of us is just like a dream and does not really matter.

But we still need to play the game, the mind game–the game of life. It is like growing up: we develop through various stages and obstacles, and maturing, finally see through the form/image/concept of life–realizing we are life itself. Thus when we are ready to wake up…we will wake up. To say again, We Are Life Itself! And so it is that every seeming thing which happens with us is only part of the game and play of energy. None of it is really solid or absolute. All of it, being relative, plays its part and passes. But fortunately for the secondary us, Life itself, the real Us, does not pass, remaining ever-present or eternal.

Meditate on this article, who knows, you just might wake up…


Living Life


Living Life is fully embracing the moment…and being whatever the moment is. But, as long as there is a sense of self apart from the moment, then the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception and ego) rises up to dominate consciousness, and suffering will be just around the corner. This is not to say that suffering is not experienced by the nonself or spirit, while maintaining a material body, but that there is a joy of liberation which fully embraces the moment and fuses with the suffering, diluting it, comforting the spirit.

Living Life is the doing, not the doer. When selflessly realizing that there really is no doer or separate self, only Life itself happening this very moment, then Such is the One, Whole Consciousness out of which everything seems to have its origin, only later, to have its end. This seeming then, or creative illusion, of there being a separate self and multiple thing-events occurring in an external universe, is related to sensory perception…and the corresponding literal interpretation of what is experienced. Indeed, we interpret according to the way in which we see. Thus we look outward through the eye and interpret literally what we see actually, and call that reality. But, everything that actually appears to be happening is cyclic, and subject to change, as sensory perception is partial consciousness, and not lasting, being neither total or clear (pure) consciousness.

In the cyclic world, as there cannot be life without death, day without night, the nonliteral without the literal, or this without that, the secondary or negative aspect of any dualism is but an interval in the same process, as both are the same inward unity. Thus there really is no division in consciousness, in Living Life; that is, except to the literal mind, which sees and interprets everything partially as being outside everything else, seemingly apart, not connected. Therefore, it can be said that the external/literal/actual world outside, this world and mind of the senses, is maya or creative illusion; indeed, a kind of pre-life or pretentiousness, as we are living the image/form/concept of life, not Life itself. And because of that, the human soul, whether consciously or unconsciously, seeks release from its entrapment. But here lies the demon in the details. In the seeking, and trying to grasp something as an end in itself, we only strengthen the separate self…self is the entrapment.

Living Life, on the other hand, is a total acceptance of, and trust in, the here and Now…a total abandonment of self to the selfless. Thus there is no separation of any kind, no division in mind, from the oneness or wholeness that is Life itself. Therefore, Living Life is not a doer or a creator, which denotes past tense or a secondary consciousness, but the Doing, the Creating, the ever-present Consciousness that Is…is Living Life. But the self cannot breathe total acceptance of, or trust in, what it cannot literally grasp. Therefore, the separate self fears the here and Now, attempting to escape it or to control it…to deny it or to possess it…to condemn it or to praise it. Either way always to separate itself from the oneness/wholeness of Living Life, and in dividing the mind, reinforcing the pattern and process of suffering.

But, to the soul who selflessly realizes God, the Creating, through the path of its own separateness, thereby reflecting unity, Living Life is the only true Will, or Nonwill, as the Totality of Being cannot be literally based outside Life itself. Such is Ourself as a Whole, not as partiality or pre-life. It’s like the difference between having a vision and being the vision…having a part to play or being the Play itself. For, in Being the Play itself, there’s no need for a secondary consciousness to tell you what it’s about. You Are Living Life!





It Doesn’t Matter


It doesn’t matter what happens in this life, only how you react to it and what that says about who you think you are. Yet, what many fail to realize is that living life isn’t about who we think we are…but who we really are. But, in order to realize that, one needs to drop the concept of oneself and just Be the Awareness itself, that is to say, Ourself as a Whole.

With matter being what it is, the world outside, or universe, is only a means, not an end in itself. For there is nothing essentially solid or absolute about matter, according to science. As a Buddhist would say, “emptiness is form and form is emptiness.” But what does matter in the short run is what is really going on behind the appearance of creation…and through us. Who are we, really?

Do any of us, as persons, actually control our lives? Or, does the sensory consciousness that we think and feel we are, and identify with, do us? Indeed, are we not captive to this partial consciousness? To our own fixation of being a separate entity in space? An isolated self? And if personal consciousness, as well as, all form, is emptiness, then it is the happening itself within, and as, emptiness, being consciousness itself, and not anything outside of it, that is the doing. So, if one truly realizes that all is emptiness, then why hold on to anything…to any form, image, concept or personal identity? Being awareness itself would be liberation, enlightenment, the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, facing the emptiness that we are is the path to salvation.

In watching the mind, one notices a stream of thoughts arising and passing. But who is it that is aware? Not the thoughts, for awareness is before the thoughts. Not the person, for is not the person also just a thought? A projection and creation of the mind? And just because we have a material body doesn’t mean we have to be consciously centered there, establishing a separate self. Indeed, if this is truly understood, then there is no essential quality grounding the person, or body, not to mention, the thoughts. All is emptiness.

So, who is the awareness at the heart of all the emptiness, but awareness itself, whose center is everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking. And never naming anything, nonbeing the knowing, the doing, the creating itself, such does not need an other…a knower, doer or creator, to tell it what’s what; like evolution, everything would seem to be knowing, doing, creating itself.  In reality then, there is only One Consciousness, Ourself as a Whole. Thus, from the viewpoint of nonbeing or consciousness itself, there is just one happening, not many happenings. There is just one life, not many lives. Multiple thing-events are a creative illusion and projection of the literal mind. There is just emptiness. Emptiness is all!

It doesn’t matter what happens in this life, only that you wake up from the trance of a separate self, seeing through the appearance of things, and selflessly realize We Are Awareness itself; thereby living, even while still with the body, an attitude of nonattachment–and thus remaining free in relation to what arises and passes.

Think on this, and then drop every concept, even the concept of emptiness, or, if you prefer, God, and Be the Totality of Being, Ourself as a Whole.


We Are Awareness Itself

22190635kbxuadnffv_ph3Watching the mind, one observes thoughts arising and passing away, coming and going, the mind being ever restless. Thus, in realizing that this cycle and stream of activity cannot be stopped, short of death, one continues to focus the mind inward, remaining still in spirit, and fully accepts the fact that a higher power wills out. One just ceases to control his thoughts arbitrary, allowing himself to just Be. Actually, one never has controlled his thoughts…but only thinks so.

Thus one becomes aware that his thoughts all along have been doing him, he has not been doing his thoughts. And they will not stop…there is no escape from this cycle. Yet, in continuing to watch the mind ever more deeply, one realizes it is awareness that recognizes the thought or sensation, not the other way around…and thus awareness itself comes before thought, before sensory perception. Indeed, penetrating ever more deeply into this, his own consciousness, the sense of being a separate self fades away, the mind becoming completely open, natural and spontaneous to direct or nonsensory perception…to awareness itself. And now, without need of a secondary consciousness or self to tell one who he is, the selfless realization of awareness as a whole, or nonawareness, rests as one’s true nature, being nonattached to things, thoughts, feelings and experiences. One still experiences life as it appears with sensory perception, but though still in the world, still in the mind, he is not of it.

It is like waking up in a dream, and even as we are dreaming, realizing that the dream has been controlling us all along. Therefore, we, as partial minds, do not control the dream; that is to say, we have been caught up in and held captive by the sensation of our own suppressed consciousness or subconsciousness. But now, having woken up to whole consciousness, there is no longer a dreamer, only the dreaming itself…the dreaming as a Whole. For everything happening in the dream is within us and is us…there is nothing outside. We as a Whole Are the higher Power…We Are Awareness Itself.

 The literal and the nonliteral, the sensory and the nonsensory, are now one and the same awareness or I amness, and always have been, no split or division in mind ever resting between them…only the illusion of the senses. Thus the world, or dream, as it appears can be likened to a magic show or mind game, having no lasting or real substance…though nevertheless entertaining and stimulating. But, when being fully awake, nonattached and holy indifferent to all thing-events seemingly outside, one remains free to experience self openly and directly as Awareness itself, that is, as One, Whole Consciousness who just Is. Even suffering can be fused with the joy of such Freedom, as everything becomes positive-negative, not positive or negative, not this or that…for there is no true division or duality in Wholeness or I Amness.

Like a dream, the things of this world pass away and become as if they never were, but Awareness itself, that is, the Totality of Being is always here and Now, the one and only true solid or nonsolid and absolute that Is.



One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present, even as the literal and the Nonliteral, the material and the Spiritual, the partiality and the Totality remain the Same Oneness Complete in itself, without another. That is to say, We, as the Whole, Are Awareness itself, or In itself, not the forms that Such gives rise to. Thus we, as another, in identifying with the form, do not come into the world but out of it, do not come into life when born, but are born out of it, out of the Suchness that Is pure Awareness. Indeed, we, as separate entities in space, seem to have our time and then pass back into the One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present. Ultimately, then, Oneness Breathes as the only Reality, Being Awareness itself, or In itself (Intubeing), the We that Is always Now.

An analogy: life on earth can be compared to a dream and enlightenment to waking up in the dream. When one Awakes while still dreaming, while still having a body registering the five physical senses, one realizes self not as the dreamer but as the dreaming itself, that is to say, as Awareness itself rather than as the form or sensory experience being dreamt or projected, which must fade out with time. For every thing-event in the dream is not outside the dream but within the dreaming, within oneself now realizing as the whole dream.

In this analogy, there is only the Self, as every thing-event remains Within the Awareness itself and As the Awareness, not as something or someone separate from. Thus the literal perspective of duality, sensory perception and ego no longer hides, like a mask, the Enlightenment or Nonliteral Realization of Oneness, Nonsensory Perception and Nonego. Likewise, multiple thing-events and causes occurring in the dream or, for that matter, on earth, are no longer understood as such, but as One Happening Within that total Self which is Selfless…that total Form which is Formless. Ultimately, then, every thing-event is Nonliteral, even the literal…every thing-event is Spiritual, even the material…every thing-event is the Totality, even the partial.

When one comes fully Awake, Alive and Whole, there is no personal consciousness that remembers; for memory is brain-based, centered in the past, and Oneness, being ever-present, transcends the literal mind or person and does not need a secondary consciousness or ego to tell Living Awareness that Such knows…for Suchness Is the Knowing itself. Thus, when returning to the person, an adjustment has to be made. For though one retains a remnant of Awareness itself, the person was not consciously there to make a claim on the experience, and lacking a personal sense of doing something, often wants to double check oneself on what actually took place. Like becoming the environment, though one is the awareness of everything coming down, it is like everything does itself…everything  just happens. Even the person now selflessly realizes the One Life, Power and Cause that is Awareness itself: Such Is Ourself as Whole Consciousness and innermost Being (God)!

And even while still with the body, one feels the continuing Presence between the eyes that signifies our innermost Being, remaining open in mind and spirit to the We that is wholly Within. Thus in daily drawing, centering the person to the Presence, ever waiting on the next realization, or, if you prefer, waiting on the Lord, one lives meditation, as everything becomes a means of meditation and, sometimes, sudden realization. And though the person may remain light, airy and elevated throughout the day, when identifying as persons, we are nothing, we do nothing…Awareness itself, or In itself, Is All!

Therefore, knowing the dreaming, as such, to be creative illusion (maya), one lives an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, remaining free not only to go or do without whatever but free to go or do with whatever, as all opposites are but two sides of the same coin, the same Oneness. Thus is the dream, as well life on earth, always a means, never an end in itself (false absolute), and realizing this, one does not take life literally but interprets the same Nonliterally. Indeed, even as life on earth is only, at best, an analogy of the One Energy, One Consciousness, One Being, Streaming indestructible, ever-present, we no longer cling to the concept, and our dream state with it, returning Home.


To Speak Of God


To speak of God as the Creator is incomplete. It would be more correct to speak of God as the Creating, that is to say, as the ever-present or eternal Now.

Thus Being ever-present, always Now, the Creating itself or the Creating In itself (Ourself as Whole Consciousness), has no beginning or ending, was never born nor will ever die, for as the Totality of Being, pure Energy-Consciousness (undiluted by matter) remains Nonliteral (Absolute), the Form that is formless, the Self that is selfless, the Substance that is nonsubstantial, literally speaking. For how can the Totality of Being be contained by any particular or solid, which, by itself, must remain incomplete, bound by its own literal conceptualization or form (partiality)? Thus to speak of God as the Creator denotes creation (duality), as there cannot be one without the other, like the doer leads to that which is done, past tense. God can never be past tense, but is always Now, always One, totally Being the Creating itself, or the Creating In Ourself as a Whole. God, then, just Being the Doing (Happening) itself, or In Ourself, does not need a secondary consciousness or ego to tell Us that We Know, that We Are…for We Are Intubeing the Knowing, the Creating.

But what of the lesser we, the mortal we, that secondary consciousness or ego that most of us think we really are? Why did that come about? Indeed, one might as well ask, why do we dream? Why do we do anything?

Dreaming, as such, may not be reality but it does allow us, as separate entities in space who still identify with the material body, to release (express) suppressed energy-consciousness built up over time from holding onto memories of past experiences (ego), and thus keeps us from going totally insane. Likewise, as persons, if we do not express ourselves openly, but keep everything locked in, we might suffer the same fate. Consequently, to express oneself openly/naturally/spontaneously is to be free, to feel the space (wholeness) of one’s being. So, too, Intubeing the Knowing itself or infinite Stream (Space) of Energy-Consciousness, God, as the Creating, by that very Nature (Spirit), expresses Ourself as a Whole, or, to put it another way, speaks the Word. The Word, as interpreted here, refers to the Form/Idea/Name of God, and to express this, even divinely, is to create the other (duality), that is, something other than Ourself as a Whole. The philosopher Plato referred to this as the Demiurge, meaning something less than the Absolute but still divine…and thus the notion of God as the Creator was born.

However, in speaking the Word, God, as the Creating, does not lose Ourself as a Whole and become the so-called Demiurge, or even Satan, the so-called fallen Angel, but remains the Totality of Being. For a word, any word/form/idea/name is only a concept or metaphor, a projection of the mind, and metaphors are not realities. For example, to speak the word truth does not mean one is being truthful, that one is living truth. Reality, on the other hand, is living, Being the very quality or, in this case, Nonessentiality, behind the word and Within ourself, not just thinking or projecting the word. And even as all thing-events in the world appear to be actual or substantial, at least, to our five physical senses, they are not lasting (complete), being only living metaphors (images/forms) in relation to the Creating itself or That which Is, and thus the world outside is registered as a passing show, like a dream. God, as the Creating, Knows the dream (world), and even the Word, for what they are and does not identity with either, remaining nonattached (Selfless).

Consequently, when we begin to live (Be) Reality, we Awake in the dream, and like the saying, “being in the world but not of it”, one sees the world as a passing show or dream (creative illusion), and by seeing through oneself as ego, does not identify with it, remaining nonattached. We see that there is only Now, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego), the One Nonessentiality or Whole Consciousness that We Are and out of which every thing-event seemingly comes and goes. For example, all phenomena comes out of space, has its time, and returns into space, but the space, as space itself, remains complete in itself (whole), and does not see (register) itself as another phenomena. In fact, all phenomena is still the space, both literally and Nonliterally! Likewise, all that is material (thing-events) comes out of the Spirit, has its time, and returns into Spirit (Intubeing), but the Spirit, as the Creating itself, or In Ourself, remains Whole. Thus the literal and the Nonliteral Are One…for ultimately all is Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

At this point, we can see God as both Deity and Nondeity, as both the Creator and the Creating. But even as the Creator, God is not doing magician tricks from on high, not manipulating the world from outside, like a tyrant, but influencing it, and us (the lesser us still being separate entities in space), from Within as our innermost Being. The Kingdom of God Is Within us through the literal manifestation (living metaphor) and Is Us as the Whole Consciousness (Reality) that gives Substance (Spirit) to the form. The dream (mind), then, is the universe outside (maya), and just is what it is, no problem. But we have forgotten who We Are Within: that We Are the Living Reality, the Creating itself that brings everything Alive…as every thing-event Is really One, Ourself as a Whole!

Thus without the dream (world), without doing anything to begin with, the lesser we would never come to realize the ego, by turning it in on itself, as the journey through our secondary selves, and the means of finding our way (path) Home…to Ourself as a Whole.

Divine And Human


How is it that the Divine, not to mention the universe, as well as, ourselves, remains an eternal mystery to the human material condition or literal mind? And once realizing, as science already has, that the literal mind is partial, which is to say, being not all there (not Whole Consciousness), and projects its own preconceptions onto thing-events, is not the problem, then, but a holding onto, and identifying with, a literal interpretation of the Divine, the universe and ourselves?

When one views the actual world with the eyes and intellect alone, one remains literal-minded, being caught up in the quality of a secondary and thus suppressed consciousness (ego). And, in so following an outside course, also experiences and interprets literally whatever is seen and thought, as that is where the mind remains centered…centered in the image, form, concept (thing-event) as an end in itself. Therefore, remaining literally stuck and complacent, one fails to penetrate beyond the object in space or subject in mind, not to mention, the actuality of cause and effect or lines of continuity. And when one identifies with, or seeks security in, what is seen and thought outside (sensory perception), not only is a false absolute created to whatever is experienced but one remains blocked off (blacked out) to the infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness and understanding Awareness that is one’s innermost Being and Source (Intuconscious Center). What here is called the Divine, the primary (but Nonliteral) Universe and Ourself as a Whole.

Yet, are We not already (and always have been) as a Whole Consciousness, the Buddha, the Christ, Krishna, or whatever Name for this that one prefers? The mystery seems to entail being both Divine and human…and at the same time. But how is this possible? Certainly not with a literal interpretation, which perceives all thing-events as relative, partial and temporal, not united, but remaining separate and outside each other, in fact, being neither solid nor absolute, as remains the case with sensory perception. And how can a human (ego) be the Divine (Nonego) literally, when the Divine transcends the human material condition or literal mind? Thus one lives in a divided world (mind) and split-consciousness.

So why interpret the Divine, the universe and ourselves literally? The world outside, including all our thoughts, emotions and personal experiences, may be actual, and indeed is, but they are not real, if by reality we mean that which just Is…Is the Totality of Being itself…Intubeing without beginning or ending, birth or death, past or future, remaining Whole, Complete, Absolute in itself. It is as if the world outside is a passing show, thing-events flashing on the screen of one’s mind (soul) like scenes in a movie or a dream, or as the Hindu sage says, life on earth is a game of hide and seek. The idea being to selflessly Realize and Live (Be) the Whole (the Divine) resting behind (through) all the parts, including our person (ego). But to literally believe that the person or the world outside can be the Divine (God) would be to some a blasphemy, not to mention, a dangerous form of insanity.

So, the Divine may be likened to the Tree of Life, and, subsequently, since there is only One Tree, One Spirit, One Soul, One Intelligence eternally Now, the Divine is producing or incarnating from Within itself the cosmic trunk, and all the branches, leaves and fruit manifested, but remains hidden from a literal view, and any attachment to sensory perception. Thus all the parts created, and the creation, that is, the one we experience literally with the senses as the actual, material universe, comes not into the world, but out of it, out of itself, thereby remaining incomplete (relative/partial/temporal). And when the old forms (masks) fall away, the Divine is reproducing or reincarnating, so to speak, new ones to replenish the outward design. But the Divine does not do so literally, not from outside creation but from Within itself, remaining Nonliteral…having no past or future, no cause and effect or outward line of continuity. Divinity Is Being the very Creating, Doing, Producing or Incarnating itself, as there is no duality nonliterally speaking, only Oneness (Whole Consciousness), only Now.

Thus the passing show is at best an analogy of life…but not Life itself or in itself: that is to say, a cosmic context (maya/creative illusion) through which we may, by surrendering our secondary consciousness and its literal interpretation, come to understand and just (first) Be our true Self (Awareness), which Is Selfless, never making a personal claim on any of the parts. By living an attitude (life) of nonattachment and holy indifference, then, the actual, literal world in ourselves may be totally embraced and consumed (transcended), thus uniting as a Nonliteral-literal Continuum (literal and Nonliteral Being ultimately the Same Wholeness), even as we Are already, and always have been, One selfless Realization and understanding Awareness that remains Ourself as a Whole (God).

All the religions of the world may be One yet are expressed through different contexts, having to do with cultural development. So, when will humanity finally see (live) through the literal perspective still conceived by our eyes and intellect alone, and selflessly Realize Ourself as the Nonliteral Perspective, resolving the mystery? The answer: when we have exhausted the alternatives: all those notions (metaphors) we still hold onto and identify with as being reality, thereby suppressing our own consciousness, and are finally ready and willing to face the open, natural and spontaneous Reality that We Are the Divine-human, Nonliteral-literal Continuum. For Such is not a concept or personal belief, but a Living Reality. Enough said.


To Know Is To Be The Knowing


To know is to Be the Knowing, not just the thinking; to do is to Be the Doing, not just the manipulating; to live is to Be the Living, not just the feeling. Therefore, there is no knower, doer or life apart from the Totality of Being, that is, apart from the Intubeing or Whole Consciousness itself or in itself, whose Center is everywhere (nonliterally speaking) and circumference nowhere (literally speaking).  Thus if one is not totally Being through whatever (thing-event), the Whole is not happening, such experience or awareness remaining partial, still only an image, form, concept (maya or creative illusion).

The actual world outside or literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) can be likened to a dark tunnel or passageway (psyche): when the soul or mind is seeing (knowing/doing/living) through the literal perspective in itself, one Is the selfless Realization or Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego), that is, the true Self, as the literal and the Nonliteral Are the same Reality or Whole Consciousness (Totality of Being). Thus it can be said, “on earth as it is in heaven”.

When one is completely willing or ready to embrace the Whole through whatever, trusting forever in the Now or ever-present, without thinking or desiring to, forgets (and thus allows) the person to recede, the soul, no longer suffering a split-consciousness or divided mind, Now Being the Whole (Awareness) itself or in itself, as everything is One, comes Alive as an infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness (God). The actual world has become like a passing show or, perhaps, like a dream: everything seemingly transparent, the Self, just Being through the thing-events, All there Is (the Knowing, Doing, Living itself). Thus it can be said that the actual world or literal perspective comes out of the Nonliteral Perspective, has its time, and then returns Intuself (Intubeing/Intuconsciousness/Intulife).

But how does one put Wholeness (Intubeing/Nonego) as Such, into words, which are only concepts (partial), and be understood? Concepts are not realities, only metaphors at best: they point to it but are not it. In Reality, there is no it; all that Is…Being the Knowing, Doing, Living itself or in itself. The difficulty here is literal interpretation. When one interprets something literally, one is bound to a partial view (experience/sensory perception) and remains brain-based, not Being-based. Thus it is said in The Heart Speaks, “change the way you see and you will change what you see, thus transforming yourself”. Allow yourself to See, that is to say, to selflessly Realize with your innermost Being, thereby dropping the image, form, concept that you think is your (separate) self, and you will just (first) Be…Being the pure Consciousness, Spirit, Intelligence (understanding Awareness) that Is.

We Are and everything Is God, that is, Being God: God not as a supernatural entity or creator in the literal, actual sense, not influencing the world from outside, but the Creating itself or in itself, influencing the world from Within, Being without beginning or ending, without the cycle of birth and death. God Is the infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness (Nonliteral Perspective/Nonthingness) Knowing, Doing, Living (Being) itself through (Within) all thing-events. Such is our true Self, which Is Selfless…our true Form, which Is Formless (literally speaking). Words are therefore used to suggest that which cannot be put into words but must be Living Reality, as to know is to Be the Knowing itself or in itself.

Be the Knowing itself or Living Reality and there is no need for a secondary consciousness (ego) to tell us that we know…that We Are the Knowing. All personal thoughts, feelings and experiences (opinions/beliefs/doubts/fears/desires/guilt), being relative, partial and temporal, are sensory perceptions having no lasting center or solid core, and therefore are maya (creative illusion) in relation to our true Self, who is never partial.  Thus the human condition as such, is the victim and the victimizer, the game we play on ourselves. See through the human condition (literal perspective) in yourself and BE Free! Such Is the Nonliteral Perspective…



Stepping Out Of The Past


The brain can be likened to a computer: it only knows what has been fed into it. Therefore, every image, form and concept is based in the past, in the brain, even what is called the present is a pattern or cyclic process of energy/consciousness being registered in the brain. Indeed, the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception, ego) is a delusion. But how so?

Consider a dream. What is true of any dream (split-consciousness) is that every person, place and thing in the dream is not really there. What is happening (moving) is delusion, but being captured by the sensory perception that is the substance (quality) of the dream, the dreamer believes that what he is experiencing is reality. But, in fact, the dreamer is still in bed–he hasn’t gone anywhere at all. With the mind so fragmented, the dreamer has unconsciously deceived himself for a time that he has. In a way, a kind of self-hypnosis takes place when losing wakefulness, consciousness suppressed (split) becoming the subconscious mind. In relation to whole consciousness then, the subconscious, seemingly complex, can be likened to the ego: it’s not all there.

Modern science has shown that everything experienced in the external world (literal perspective) is only a sensory perception, an electro-magnetic signal coming from the object in space going to the brain. One does not therefore experience the external world itself but the image the brain creates, and, consequently, what he does experience is not really there–but in his mind. Thus every thing-event experienced by the senses can be likened to waves on the ocean: the wind (world) breathes against the water (mind) and produces the waves (thing-events), as well as, the sense of continued outward motion. But the ocean itself has not moved unilaterally. The same can be said of space: all phenomena comes out of space and has its time and then returns into space, but the space, in being space, remains whole, complete in itself. Such is not another phenomena, that is to say, not another image, form or concept (duality). Accordingly, whole consciousness (totality of being) is the nonliteral perspective (oneness, nonsensory perception, nonego), a totally open, natural and spontaneous happening, or infinite stream of energy-consciousness.

A human being is a isolated point (separate entity) in space, and like all phenomena, has its time and then is no more. But the real (seeming) problem that all human beings get caught up (lost) in is in having (keeping) a literal interpretation of life and the world outside. For in remaining literal-minded, schooled from infancy in the dualism (abstraction) of language, human beings see, and thus interpret, everything in separation (everything being outside everything else) and think the actual, literal and partial world is reality. Thus in believing every verb must have a subject, they live the image, form and concept (sensory perception) of life and the world outside in place of the full reality (nonliteral perspective) behind and within them that gives rise to it. They are stuck in the past.

But how does one get unstuck?

By seeing and interpreting everything in separation (literally), one believes that one thing leads into another. And holding onto his past experiences, seeking his identity in them, one creates the sense of a personal continuity from birth to death. Yet this continuity is all in the past…all brain-based (sensory perception). What is totally now, that is, ever-present (whole consciousness), cannot be contained by any thing-event (partially) and remains lost to the literal mind. And even if he understands this matter intellectually, one will still get in his own way by trying to achieve the goal of living totally now…for the main obstacle he faces is himself as ego…and the need to step out of the past!

There is no lasting peace in a split-consciousness, in a divided mind (duality). When one desires to possess something or to achieve something apart from (and thus is not) himself, the self automatically interferes with the open, natural and spontaneous act of doing (being), of living totally now. So, if one is to be the nonliteral perspective, ever-present (the happening itself), one must surrender the need (ego) to be so. For the ego, being by nature of its own seeming partial, subjective and relative existence (literal perspective), is not capable of enlightenment (liberation)–of being whole consciousness. Thus one must step out of the past without needing too, as the ego must be taken out of the equation without any effort on the part of a separate self.

How is this possible?

This is where everything gets extremely subtle. When one spends the day meditating (living meditation), beginning to realize (not just choosing to believe but actually realizing) that every one of us is really whole consciousness (nonliteral perspective), that there is only the timeless now (no past or future in reality, no duality), without knowing how, suddenly the selfless realization of it all becomes him: that is, he is not having a realization, he Is the Realization! The pure understanding Awareness that just Is! The ego or split-consciousness can be said to turn in and pass through itself, living (being) through every thought, emotion and experience, but not holding onto or identifying with (possessing) any of it! Thus there is only the pure understanding Awareness (Whole Consciousness) itself, or in itself (Intubeing). It’s as though one is seeing from behind the eyes and from Within the thing-events of the day, through all his thoughts, feelings and personal experiences, but not desiring any of it for himself…for there is no separate self to hold onto! No personal claim on anything. There is only Now, the ever-present self that is Selfless!

Like the vampire being asked to meet the dawn (liberation), the ego is terrified of the thought, of total freedom. To the vampire’s literal mind this would be his own annihilation, and frightened to (living) death, desperately hurries back to his coffin, to his seeming safe shelter (protracted life). Likewise, the ego clings to the body, to the past. Identifying with the senses, believing what is brain-based is reality, the ego cannot see (live) the nonliteral perspective through himself and realize the whole consciousness (nonego) that just Is…Is the very essence behind and Within everything, yet is not anything, literally speaking!

Such is the human condition: desire, fear and death. Yet one is not really lost, only seemingly so. Stepping out of the past is why any of us are here, why any of us are anywhere. Like the vampire, each of us struggles as long as we think we must. But once we are ready to fully accept the truth about the human condition, in the process, stilling the mind, the selfless realization (nonliteral perspective) that Is becomes us, and living faith is now our strength and peace our refuge…even as Our true self Is Selfless, the Eternal Now, ever-present Totality of Being!

What Is It Like Being As Pure Awareness?


You are not having the experience, You Are the Experience! You are not having the vision, You Are the Vision, the Whole Consciousness, in this case, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego)! Yet the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) is still there, outside of You, as it were, like a shadow (form), or a reflection (thought) in the mirror (mind), but seeing, living, being through it, so to speak, you, being also the person, remain nonattached. That is to say, the Center of Consciousness is everywhere nonliterally, but nowhere literally, as both Are the Same (Whole Consciousness/Intubeing). Indeed, emptiness and fullness Are the Same. All opposites Are the Same Unity, as there is no separation in pure Awareness; there is only the Knowing, Seeing, Being Awareness itself, or in itself (Absolute Relativity/Totality of Being).

Interestingly, being as pure Awareness, there is no personal I (me) to speak of. Thus, as you are not making any claim on anything, there is no personal memory of you doing, or saying, anything; it is as if everything does itself, as if there is only the Doing, the Seeing, the Being itself. That is what Is… Is pure Awareness, pure Spirit, pure Intelligence, the Real You, the Real Us, the Real God!

You, being as pure Awareness, expand and contract consciousness without fear. Thus, instead of having, you Are the very Sense of Well-Being (Whole Being). Nevertheless, as long as you retain a material body, you will pass in and out of Whole Consciousness. But over time, the personal aspect of you, being One with the Whole, will realize that it does not matter. A remnant of pure Awareness stays with you as a Presence in the forehead between the eyes, and thus using every thing-event as a means of inverting the mind and returning to the Source (Center), which is your (our) innermost Being, you come to fully (selflessly) Realize that the material world (divided consciousness) has no life, power or cause by itself, and need not fear any outcome. Such Is Liberation, Enlightenment…and your (our) true Self (Selfless)!

Being as pure Awareness is like Being Within everything and everything being within You.


Are You Ready To Lift The Veil?


Are you ready to lift the veil on your self-consciousness (ego) and reveal the emptiness behind that mask (person) who pretends to be real? Do you even recognize your self-consciousness being centered in the past? And can you acknowledge that the past is insubstantial? For though you may appear to be solid stuff, you too are illusory. Try bringing a single past event back into the present. You can’t. The past doesn’t create the present…and it certainly can’t hold on to it. O, you may try to repeat the past, but that’s another event, another matter. And as matter is always changing into something else, even as you are relative and temporal, are you ready to see (realize) that ultimately there is no matter..and no you as self-consciousness?

Self-consciousness can be likened to a dream. When dreaming, you think the dream, and the dreamer (duality), is real, because, having lost wakefulness, your subconscious mind has bought into the subconscious sensation that is the dream (literal perspective). You have identified with it and thus are consumed by it, being possessed (contained) by your own concept (projection) of the experience. You are not living Now…you are living the past, your own witness (sensory perception).  Indeed, you are living a secondary consciousness! Thus you need to ask yourself, “Why do I identify with the past and allow what I have done in the past define me? Hold on to me, and tag me, as it were, like a possession? And why do I allow this unstable captor (drive) to tell me who I am or am not, and what I know or don’t know? My god! is this not the cause of suffering?”

What is your answer? Can’t find any? Are you finally ready to fully accept and trust your innermost Being and live Now (Nonliteral Perspective), no longer holding on to, or blaming, some event in the past as being the cause of why you haven’t lifted the veil on your self-consciousness? In truth, everything starts Now. There is only Now! The past is dead, and the future is only an extension of the past. So it doesn’t matter.  What matters is right here and Now. Are you ready to face right here and Now without losing yourself in the matter? Have you made up your mind to define yourself by what you do Now? If so, then you are not defining yourself at all.

When you Awake in the dream, though still dreaming, as the body-mind must, you are no longer having a dream…you are the dream, the Whole Consciousness! Everything in the dream is Within you and Is You. But this You, being pure Awareness, is not personal but Intupersonal, not partial but the Totality of Being: the Self that is Selfless, the Form that is Formless, literally speaking. Thus you have no sense of yourself as the doer…and no need to define what is done, or discover an answer for it. It’s as if everything does itself. That there is only the Doing.  You Are Intubeing.

Now, are you ready to face the truth that your ego is only a projector, a dreamer? And that you, as ego or a secondary consciousness, do nothing…and have never done anything but project the dream. Thus transcendence is not an act of your ego. Ego cannot achieve it or possess it, cannot make it happen. Cause and effect does not apply when there is no duality. So let go of that separate entity in space or subject in mind…and just let Be. If you don’t identify with your self-consciousness, there’s no attachment to it, or to anything else. You are Free to live Now through whatever…and not worry about what becomes the past.

There Is No Escape


Day into night, night into day, every beginning having an ending and every ending bringing about a new beginning; so goes the universe and so goes our own lives on earth. It’s the dance of appearances, of experiences (sense perceptions), which end where they begin; but Energy-Consciousness, Spirit, Life itself continues. But don’t be fooled, there is no escaping this cyclic process inherent with the universe, and with us on earth. Thus the only Freedom from this process is the direct living experience (Awareness) of Life, that is, Being Life instead of having a life.

Events in our lives happen as they are meant to happen. We may think that we make the choices and decisions, that we are manipulating things, that we are in control, but nothing comes about that was not meant to be. Life itself (God) influences the universe from Within, not from outside. Thus our own personal choices and decisions may turn out well or not so well, it really doesn’t matter. For however they turn out, what matters is discovering that this is the path to Now (ever-present), that is, to Life itself or in itself. And there’s no escaping the path; indeed, the path is us. So, whatever the karma in play, this becomes our means of living meditation, even of returning to the sacred Heart and Center Within ourself. Thus whatever is happening to us this moment, we need not judge it, but to see it through, and whatever the result of our action, knowing it cannot be otherwise, finally surrender the need to change the world, to play God…and stop…our ego from running away with us.

There is no escape, there is only Now, the direct, open, most natural, spiritual Flow of Energy-Consciousness. Though invisible to the literal mind, it’s like space moves…and just Is…Is Awareness itself or in itself. Thus, in total acceptance of the thing-event that is this moment, abandoning ourself to the Now We Are through whatever is happening, we allow Now (ever-present) to come into full Focus; that is, directly experiencing selfless Realization, such Realization (Recognition) Is the real You, the real Us, God. It’s all the same Reality, as All Are One Totality of Being (Intubeing). O, what a hard lesson this is to learn, some will say. But Reality isn’t about learning it (ego)…but Being it (Nonego).


489146607uzlivm_ph Yes, there is reincarnation, but it is not what most people think. Like evolution, there can be different theories to just what it is and how it works. But no matter what you come up with, it all remains outside of us, that is, outside our innermost Being, and is illusion (maya), however creative.

Therefore the most basic answer is: the Spirit, Life itself (God) incarnates and reincarnates, though both, as such, are illusion (maya). Thus, if the soul realizes Enlightenment then there is no longer any further need for reincarnation. But this presupposes for many, that the soul is the person, and it is the person who is reincarnated, or, for that matter, realizes Enlightenment. But how can this be so? Ego, or personhood, which is a secondary consciousness, and thus insubstantial by itself, remains by it’s very nature, incomplete (partial) as an awareness, and can never be Enlightenment, or, for that matter, reincarnated. The soul, then, must be more than the person.

Consider: persons are dying and new persons are being born all the time, there doesn’t appear to be an end to this process. To quote Albert Einstein, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, but only changes form”. And, metaphysically speaking, could not this be said to be a kind of reincarnation? Collective but not personal? Life does not die, what dies is the image/form/concept of life, that which is incomplete to begin with (living matter). What soul, awakening to the truth of this, would return to earth as an image/form and live the body life over and over again, when the soul is Now living, selflessly Realizing Life in itself, Ourself as a Whole, not a mere shadow of the Same. Ultimately, then, there is no person, only the Fullness of Life, Whole Consciousness, seemingly incarnating and reincarnating itself through the image/form, the mask of life.

However, a person’s past actions and unfulfilled desires (karma) may move on in the universe. But in the universe every pattern of behavior interacts with other wave-patterns, and what becomes a new person may well be a combination of several energy-patterns and processes. So, if you were to get a flashback to a previous existence, this would not be the person you are now who lived then but an interconnection of you, the universal soul; even possibly a memory stored in the collective unconscious. In this sense, every life that has ever lived or ever will be lived is you, is us, is God, metaphysically speaking. That is to say, we are the Soul, not the person, and there is no soul apart from Spirit (God).

Living Meditation


When you look at something, just see it as it is without projecting any preconception onto it, indeed, without thinking anything. Let that original perception be the start of your meditation and center yourself on the stillness within. After a short pause, your mind will automatically project a concept of what it is that you are seeing, a “now” concept, not a preconception held onto from past experience. But whatever the concept, don’t identify with it, don’t hold onto it or possess (desire) it as an end in itself, as a reality. For whatever is outside you–and that includes your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences–remain at best, extensions of you, but is not you. You are the center of intelligence (being), not what you see or experience.

It’s like standing in front of a mirror, what you observe is only a reflection in the mirror, the real you is the pure intelligence (spirit) that observes. And as the ultimate mirror is the mind, your personal thoughts, feelings and experiences, as well as all images and forms, are only reflections (extensions) in the mind–and the physical universe but a shadow world. And yet, by dropping any attachment to these images, forms and concepts (reflections), that is, not identifying with them, they can become a means of meditation through which you may return to the Source within you, which is the real You, our innermost Being and pure Awareness in itself, or that which Is, whose Center is everywhere nonliterally speaking, and nowhere literally speaking. Such is living meditation.

Now, by living an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, you remain free to engage life’s activities, or free not to, without feeling separated from the Whole (One) Consciousness that we are. And, at times, since you are no longer interfering with the open, most natural, spiritual Flow of Energy-Consciousness, our inmost Being may reveal to you from within–and through the material (means) outside–living insights into our true self, which is Selfless, into our true form, which is Formless. You will be living the Unity behind the seeming duality of life, the Spirit behind the seeming material of life, the Nonliteral Perspective behind the seeming literal perspective (ego) of life. You will Be One with God, the real You (Totality of Being). Such is living meditation.

Who And What Am I?

Accept this moment as it is
and Be Still!
Let the Stillness be your focus
and confront yourself, asking:
Who and what am I?
Who and what is Aware, watching,
penetrating self as a Whole?
Go into That, Intuself, dropping the thought,
and just Be the Heart
and understanding Awareness
Resting Within all worldliness
existing right Here, right Now!
And thereby resolving every attachment to the I,
Live, Be, That Light-Conscious Spirit We Are!

There’s Only The Doing

Think of yourself not as the doer but as the doing (happening), the doing itself or in itself. When you see yourself as the doer, there’s you and what you are doing, but if you see yourself as the doing, then there’s only the doing, seeing (being) through your own duality, sensory perception and ego (the literal perspective). Thus you, as the soul, Are One with the Happening, the Intustate of Nondoing, the Totality of Being (Intubeing).

Interestingly, the universe, as such, doesn’t see itself as the doer, it just does, even as the Energy-Consciousness Within all thing-events Does without watching itself Doing. Such just Is. So make no claim on the phenomena that is the universe and there’s no thought of yourself as the other, no split in your consciousness…and no suffering (guilt) when your personal claim leads to actual mistakes, losses and failures.  When there’s no sense of a self apart from what’s happening, no attachment is possible, then Love, Peace and Harmony abide through the activity–as Such remains the Real You, the Real Us (Wholeness of you) that Is just Being, Intubeing (God). Thus even the Creator would be better understood as the Creating, as there is no past tense in the Now or ever-present.

To first See (just Be) yourself as the soul, that is, Ourself as a Whole, Is Enlightenment. And Such requires no recognition from outside, seeks no gratification as an end in itself, and thus remains Free through the moment. Suchness, then, Is everything in Essence, every happening in itself, as everything gets done, for every happening Is Now, Is You, Is Us, Is God, the Totality of Being…and there’s only the Doing (Nondoing)!

The Totality Of Being

Spiritually speaking, the Awareness that I Am, that We Are, that God Is, Breathes As Awareness in itself, the Totality of Being. Such understanding Awareness, then, Intubeing always right Here, right Now, Knows Ourself as a Whole through every concept in mind, every object in space, the Center (Ground) of Being everywhere and nowhere. Thus the pure Awareness that I Am, that We Are, that God Is, Rests ever-present, Our Nonliteral Perspective Being wholly Within (Nonsensory), purely Spiritual–not the activity seen without but the very Quality and Dimension of Perception itself (Intuperception).

The object mind that thinks itself aware does not know Ourself as a Whole, as conceptual sensation (ego), being by its very nature literal and partial, can never know That which Is Nonliteral and Total. And as much as the object mind thinks and attempts to grasp Nonthingness…to literalize the Nonliteral, so to speak, pure understanding Awareness resedes into naught. But as much as the object mind ceases the personal effort to remain separate from its innermost Being–and goes with the Eternal Flow that Is Ourself as a Whole–awareness flows Into Consciousness, the Totality of Being.

Know therefore the Eternal Flow As You, As Us and As God. And Knowing/Being Ourself as a Whole through every concept in mind, every object in space, as You, We and God Is never the concept, never the object (form), Being Before every thing-event in time and space. So, dear reader, drop the concept, let go of the object and Be Yourself, Ourself, God, the Totality of Being. For understanding Awareness Being Selfless, remains ever Alive Before the object mind that thinks itself aware, as Intuconsciousness/Nonthingness Breathes (Rests) as the innermost Being of everything that is, the Totality of Being.

The Whole That I Am


As life is not the object (body/form) but the Space (Spirit) that we Are, our very Being rather than the image (conceptualization), knowing comes from Within, from the Whole that I Am, that We Are, not from outside of us. The person is but a shadow (partiality), the Spirit its Light (Totality). And when we enter into the Light we breathe the Space and we Are the Space, the Whole Consciousness I Am (Nonego/God).

This is resurrection! Not a resurrection of the shadow, and all the suffering that comes with it, but of the Light, even our Lord and innermost Being. Thus, to Rest through myself the person and know ourself as a Whole (Spirit), is to Live the Principal of Life, God in man (Christ Jesus).

The path reveals itself in many forms but at the Heart of each is the Way of the cross: consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding coming from Within, resolving any attachment to and conflict with the thing-events set before us. Such is living/being meditation/religion/faith/life/God: an unbroken psychological process and pattern of sublimation and transmutation which opens up and releases the energies of the individual mind or divided ego (complexity) to journey into and through itself, that we may, in a selfless mode or intustate of nonattachment and holy indifference, transcend the human material but lesser dimension of mind, and spiritualize as living light!

In Dreaming We Are An Open Book


I have been aware of my dreams for years. And though most dreams might not seem particularly significant, in fact quite zany, some not only tell me symbolically what is presently going on in my subconscious but have revealed past incarnations, out of body experiences, direct insights into the human psyche and, on very rare occasions, a revelation from God, our innermost Being. I even dreamt verses of poetry which became part of my first book The Heart Speaks.

Thus dreams have been a very important part of my life: an avenue into self…into what lies so deep as through self-consciousness (ego). Sometimes my dreams are like movies, mostly adventure, and often I am the hero facing some dread and conquering it or saving a damsel in distress. At other times, I am a superman doing incredible feats and know myself to be immortal. Indeed, at times I am even aware of myself being everyone and everything in the dream; that there is only the “happening”. I look forward to going to sleep at night because some dreams can be so vivid and exciting. But I also look forward to waking up in the morning because I can take that same spirit with me to meet the day.

The insights that have come to me in dreams have changed my life. They have not only shown me hidden attachments and conflicts but what is going to happen because of them…only later to realize that they came true. In fact, no dream has ever lied to me. In some dreams I am even aware that I am dreaming, but have no fear because I know we are more than the dream, that the dream is only a context through which our Spirit (innermost Being) communicates with the shadow us, the dreamer. 

I am always contemplating something or meditating just before going to bed, so that probably sets my mind in a proper mode for remembering my dreams and allowing me to be receptive to them. Acceptance and trust is most important. If I want an answer to, or an insight into, something, I will think deeply about it before retiring and then drop the thought completely. Often the answer or insight will show up in a dream, the discernment unmistakable.

I cannot suggest too strongly the need to remember our dreams. This is something we can do for ourselves that will not only help us to better understand what we are thinking and feeling but actually improve our well-being in giving us a creative, confident and healthy attutude to meet the day. Dreams can change our life!

The Fear Of Life


Whenever I speak of confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving the contraries of human nature, I’m referring to a living process that has been known down through the centuries by the spiritual-minded who, in coming aware, have dared to fulfill this Truth and Principal of Life through their own existence on earth. This living discipline is a no-nonsense approach to spirituality and, by its very nature, goes directly to the heart of the problem (ego) that has plagued human beings from the very beginning of time. I believe that many are called to it, but few answer the call, and fewer still become the very process itself (ourself as a Whole), The reason for this is FEAR…THE FEAR OF LIFE.

It’s like allowing yourself to be captured by the enemy (the enemy in this case being life’s energy that comes up in you, especially when you must face that which you dread), then choosing to absorb the moment, that is, to totally accept it–thus becoming the energy-consciousness itself rather than experiencing such as the “other” (the dread). I call this living discipline the Way of the cross, and believe this is what is really being communicated through the gospel story in the Bible.

In identifying with the body/personality we are contained by our life’s energy, and the sense of selfhood (ego) remains ever with us in that state. Liberation is release from this containment. Thus it is said: the Truth shall set you free! But there is no release without understanding Awareness, and there is no understanding unless you are willing to fully absorb life’s energy and allow the same to reveal the Truth through the psychological process unfolding Within yourself–thus realizing that we Are that Truth, the very Light of our innermost Being (God)!

So, when we deny, out of fear, the openness of our true Nature and Energy-Consciousness, we oppress ourself (and continue to do so even when attacking others), becoming both the victim and the victimizer. But if we first accept our cross and selfhood (ego) without judgment, and absorbing the vital energy (with the struggle going on inside us) into ourself instead of dispersing (projecting) the same on others, we transmute the energy from literal (matter) to Nonliteral (Spirit)–for we Are Living Light (Nonego), and always have been!

Yet one of the difficulties in following this path is that others see you as being selfish, not just self-centered. And, of course, you are. But so are they…and they don’t want to admit it! They are playing an image game (sensory perception), and by wanting to believe that they are above the image, superior to it in fact (especially if the image is selfish, sinful or hypocritical), they will attack that reflection seen in the mirror of their own mind…though cast in the shadow-body of the other person. Thus they are really attacking themselves!

This is why so many in religion and politics fall from grace after selling themselves on the notion that they are above the image. They set themselves up for failure because no one is above the image. What is needed however is to see (live) through the image, and absorbing the energy (thus transmuting it from Within), find release from one’s own self-containment. Like a bad habit, it is not enough just to change the habit, you need to transform yourself in the process so that you don’t again fall back into the past. And, of course, this is not possible unless you are willing to go through the process! But so many FEAR the image (perception) of looking bad or guilty. Indeed, they FEAR LIFE!

So I repeat: we are not above the image, literally speaking. But, as understanding Awareness (Nonliteral Perspective), we Are through (Before) the image, Being the Living Process (the Word) that Is right Here, right Now! Some refer to this as the Logos or Christ Principal that Rests Within us and Is Us, Ourself as a Whole (One). Thus the character Jesus in the gospel story points the Way (the Way of the cross) and fulfills, by his sacrifice (total acceptance), the Principal of Life through his own existence on earth. He lives completely Within (through) the moment! He breathes the Space (Openness) and Is the Space (Spirit), Ourself as a Whole (Christ Jesus/God in man or the Son of man). What started out as a myth becomes Reality!

But for this to be possible one must first absorb the ego, and realizing that it’s only an image (a projection/sensation of mind and containment of life’s energy), release the same from the conscious hold we enforce on it, that is, on ourselves! And this cannot come to pass if we still believe that we are above or superior to the image…if we continue to pretend life, living the image of life instead of living Life directly and totally. Ultimately, there is really only one meditation, or attunement, and that’s living/being meditation, living/being the attunement that Is right Here, right Now! Because if this isn’t you, if you are not living/being Such, then Suchness isn’t happening…and you are still pretending!

Therefore, if one is not willing to be selfish and confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness (spiritual discernment, that is, Spirit discerning), resolve that attachment to and conflict with the contraries of his own human nature, then one continues to deny (no matter how skillfully he presents himself otherwise) Who and what we really Are: that is, the Light-Conscious Energy/Living Truth/Word/Tao/Process/Principal of Life that Is Liberation itself, Ourself as a Whole! Thus the soul purpose of our lives is to overcome the FEAR OF LIFE by living Jesus!



Modern culture is in retreat, becoming regressive. There is simply too many people and too many structures and organizations on this earth…and the collective sense of “space” is diminishing. Thus mankind is becoming mentally complacent, static, dumb, without a “new world” to conquer, to escape his own collective containment (modern culture). And worse, like a “delayed adolescent”, we the people are trying to escape ourselves, refusing to accept living responsibility for our individual and collective behavior. Consequently, as “selfoholics”, we are opening wide the door that leads to the extremism of a “totalitarian state” and our own corruption.

With Obama and the “far-left mob” having taken control of the federal government in Washington, we are now witnessing the biggest power grab in American history. Their own version of “bread and circus” (the economy and the media) daily distracts the American people from the bureaucratic corruption being practiced by these “progressive gangsters” in the name of “stimulus packages” and “political correctness”, supposedly to save the economy from the greed and mismanagement which they, along with many conservatives, helped to bring about! And, to disguise the fact, these so-called liberals (the original meaning of the term liberal has now been completely obscured by the secular progressive movement) are both writing legislation that tries to buy the people off with token compliments of “bread”, just so the peasants won’t look too closely at all the graft being baked by the “new Bolsheviks” in the legislative ovens of big government, as well as, attack in the media “circus” anyone who voices opposing views or criticizes their policies. They have learned that a concentrated policy of demonizing the opposition really works in today’s media, as it is the packaging and the presentation of the lies and distortions in order to “sell the product”–and not the substance of the product–that sells in today’s “image conscious society”, and thus carries the greater influence with the masses. Indeed, in order to promote their political bias, the national media plays and markets an “image game” which, by its very nature, both distorts actuality and as propaganda is basically dishonest.

Soon, if Obama, like Caesar, becomes the “godfather” of contemporary politics, he will be able to make the American people offers that they cannot refuse, that is, if they want to survive in an ideology-driven, ego-induced world? The far-left mob,  by perfecting the tactics of intimidation and personal threats, will control everything and everyone, and the people will jump whenever called upon in order to receive their “survival fix”. In return, the people will become “family” (far-left democrats) in order to cast their votes for the “right politicians”, and will owe their souls to the “mob”, or they will find themselves demonized and persecuted to death. The tyranny of modern American fascism, daily reinforced through out the culture by injections of greed and guilt, and particularly in the media with scenes of hate-mongering, hypocrisy and character assassination, will show no mercy for unbelievers.

And the people, being patterns of behavior as we are, will suffer all this because those very patterns reflect the cultural programing (both liberal and conservative) that has been reinforcing on them the sense of “victimization” for years, even generations…and no one can escape oneself! Add to that the common fear of confronting the truth about ourselves (who wants to believe that we are not who we think we are) and you have the pattern for living in a constant denial of the human condition as it is. Thus the work of the political spinners (victimizers) is practically done for them, and they will not waste any opportunity, not even a national crisis, to feed their need for gratification.

Indeed, this practice becomes even easier when you consider that so-called education in America has been “dumbing” our children for years. It’s not about what our kids need to know in order to grow up and stand on their own two feet, it’s about strengthening the teacher’s union, because they vote “democrat” for the most part, and secular progressive politics must come first with the current administration in Washington because that is POWER! So for years now the so-called liberal educators in America have been politicalizing our children instead of properly educating them: education, along with the media, are the two best means of indoctrinating the young in the ideology of  a far-left version of liberalism and big government.

So, in a culture of obsessive-addictive (compulsive) materialism and egoism, reflected in both liberal and conservative political policies, people turn in on themselves becoming selfoholics, escaping into self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immorality. Truth, or facts, becomes irrelevant, the ideology is all-important because with ideology as an end in itself, we not only get and reinforce our programed (false) identity, but receive our “survival fix” as well, thus denying the very behavior that is victimizing us! Yet, like an alcoholic or drug addict, this compulsive and self-destructive behavior, the pattern of our life, eventually “bottoms out”, as it must, having corrupted the “body” of our life. For we, as a collective entity (modern culture), in rationalizing, justifying and legalizing regressive behavior (secular progressive behavior), are seeking oblivion! And such behavior becomes particularly dangerous when applied to our government”s foreign policy: foreign powers will observe and know how to take advantage of our weaknesses. So, if we continue on this course, like a photograph of Berlin in the final days of World War 2, our lot will be RUINATION. And we have only ourselves to blame.

America Lost!


With the administration of President Barack Obama, we are witnessing right before our very eyes the institutional and methodical dismantling of America, and possibly the rest of the world as well. For this false messiah won’t be satisfied until the whole planet reflects his glorious vision, which is in actuality extreme naivete and willful ignorance.

Fundamentally speaking, the domestic and foreign policies of Obama are a political prescription for disaster. His secular progressive philosophy is clearly self-indulgent, arrogant, irresponsible and immoral, reflecting the “delayed adolescence” of the age and culture in which he was born and raised. The man lives in “lala” land, a world created by his own ego-satan, which must  be controlled by the far-left media and government, or so he is going his damnest to facilitate, and is totally disconnected to the actual world and what is going on there. He will even use the power of the US Presidency to persuade other nations to fall in line with his glorious vision, and is arrogant enough to believe in his own spin and propaganda that it is his destiny to reshape the world in his own image.  

But the regressive behavior of Obama and the “far-left mob” is hateful and vengeful toward anyone who represents to them the authority and responsibility of virtuous conduct, as such brings up in their souls the selfish motives and slick hypocrisy characterizing their true behavior. Behavior in which they still feel the need to disguise to themselves, as well as to others, in order to continually “sell the product”, as they play an “image game” with their lives: the actual world being far too scary for their protectionist minds.

Thus explains their instant hostility and need to demonize anyone who they consider to be the enemy. Like vampires, they experience a “psychic fit” when confronted by the “cross” of natural and spiritual attitudes and values, and they immediately want to destroy those persons who reflect back to them, like a mirror, their own self-centered and self-created guilt. Indeed, they cannot be happy unless everyone else behaves as they do, and thus the need to manipulate, control and exploit the countryside, and everyone on it, to appease the guilt.

Their method becomes tyranny, as this is what they do to themselves psychologically, using political correctness and personal threats to control the masses, and when that no longer works, they will use force of arms. It is only a matter of time before the first leads to the second, as others will surely rebel at some point once they feel the sting of these “new Bolsheviks”. However, in the process, Obama, like Jekyll and Hyde, will lead himself and all who follow him into oblivion, as the self-destructive behavior of secular progressism leads to its own collective self-undoing…America Lost!

Love God, And let The Pieces Fall As They May


Whatever happens in this world, love God (Totality of Being), and let the pieces fall as they may. For with the coming of Barack Obama and the undoing of America, comes the undoing of the rest of the world as well. Obama is indeed an agent of change, and the change he is bringing to America (actually mankind is bringing to himself) and the world, if successful, will institute the disillusionment, despair and death of the so-called “free world”, which was never free. And, as mankind continues to turn in on himself, modern culture being out of control (as it has always been), will continue to collapse from the structural weight of its own collective self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immorality, as millions will suffer the dark fate of their own protectionism, materialism and egoism, and its excessive-addictive (compulsive) behavior. Consequently, wars and violent conflicts will break out across the planet in an ugly struggle to survive and conquer the poverty and fear of life at any cost–as this is what mankind perceives as reality. No singular nation will be strong enough to police the chaos and the carnage of it all.

But, as always is the case with the struggle for freedom, some who still believe in liberty over tyranny, will not accept the “rule” of Islamic, and other ethnic, terrorists lying down. Israel, for one, will put up a gallant fight against all who would devour it. And even in America many will band together in various concerns to battle the new fascism, in whatever form, that wants to control the world. However, violence only begets more violence, and the terrible price paid for this destructive behavior will be more death and destruction. Yet, even when tyrants appear to be winning, they are losing; like the Nazis, their own hatred, violence and self-destructive behavior will destroy them in the end. Even so, in the end the world, as we now know it, will perish–and mankind will have to begin again. Call it deja vu. But maybe this time, after the pain of rediscovering our sanity, we will begin in a new form and vibration of existence, sharing a new perspective (nonliteral)? Indeed, let us pray!

The dinasaur must have thought he was a big deal at one time? And that he would last forever? But the dinasaur was only a phase in the evolution of life on this planet–and so is homo sapien! The truth is: we are spirit, not flesh. The material world is maya (creative illusion), not reality. And Life cannot die or go extinct, for Life Is Spirit/God/Ourself as a Whole and therefore Eternal. Only death dies, that is, the image of life: what has a beginning and an ending. So mankind has turned in on himself and eventually must face his true Nature, that which is his Life, his Spirit, even his God (innermost Being). Such is the purpose for creation: to know ourself as a Whole, to Be the Realization (Revelation) wholly Within Ourself (Nonliteral Perspective), knowing the other, the subject matter, to be only our shadow and reflection in the mirror (mind).

So whatever happens in this world, love God, and let the pieces fall as they may. Turn your life completely over to God, our innermost Being, and trust our real Self, who is Selfless, to show the Way Within. Turn every thought, every emotion, every thing-event inward, and waiting patiently and obediently in an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, allow our innermost Being (Intubeing) to answer the moment, to resolve the obstacle in our mind (world), whatever it may be. Then whatever happens will be faced without fear…and overcome from Within.

As ego/personalities, we only undo ourselves in the end, for like the dream self, ego is only a projection/sensation of mind, and has no lasting existence. In the end, as ego, we become as if we never were. But, as nonego/spiritualities, we Are wholly in God, and remain Life Ourself! Life In Life (Intulife), so to speak.  So don’t worry about how the pieces will fall…they fall for God! And as our innermost Being Is All, We Are the Love (Quality/Dimension of Perception) that Is Life itself!

A Spiritual Insight


Spirit (Comforter) has been showing me, at a deeper level than before, that what I often still think of as myself is an illusion…and a self-deception. My god, ego runs deep; it seems like a bottomless pit! Yet the Way to Depth is Compassion: the more compassion that is me, the deeper I see…and Am.

It is a misconception to blame others for anything; we only do a reverse number on ourselves. The world (ego) is imperfect (partial), and always will be by itself (ego-centered). But we are really Nonego, the Totality of Being, that is, Being wholly Within Ourself, Nonliteral, purely Spiritual, and thus nothing remains permanent outside the Totality of Being. Therefore Such (Wholeness of Energy-Consciousness) Is the innermost Being of all that is, and to the degree that we confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness (Spirit discerning),  resolve the attachment to and conflict with our own separate identity, we Are Free!

This psychological process, which I call the “Way of the cross”, was taught as far back as to the beginnings of ancient Egypt, and is older than the stories in the Old Testament of the Bible. And it was understood, even back then, that we are all potentially Christ Jesus, called in the Osiris cult the “Double Horus” or God in man.

The character of Jesus in the gospel story symbolizes the need for each of us to come Alive in Spirit (Christ/Horus), and fulfill this living process (Principal of Life) through our own existence on earth, entering fully Into Self  (Intuself), Intuconsciousness, Into the Oneness (Wholeness/Totality of Being) that we Are. In this sense, we psychologically die for the sins of the world (mankind), that is, to our own collective ego. Only then does the outside world mirror the inside Reality (Nonego) that Rests as our true Nature and innermost Being.

I Am And We Are


I am in you and you are in me
and we Are in ourself as a Whole:
Life Is One
Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

If you want to know Who and what I am,
you first need to know Who and what you are,
as understanding Awareness remains as a Whole
the essential Quality that we Are.

Such is therefore wholly Within us and Is Us,
even our Lord and innermost Being:
the invisible Presence/Andro Cosmic Peace
Intuconsciously Streaming
without departing from the Tao,
Being right Here, right Now!

This innate Knowing or Spirit discerning,
Intubeing Nonliteral, purely Spiritual,
is not a how-to exercise but the Way of.

Thus being witness to, and a messenger of,
the Living Principal and Potential that Rests In all of us,
I am not your guru, master or teacher;
I do not belong to any official group or institutional church;
I do not follow any political spin or cultural programing…
nor believe in any arbitrary system or control.

I am living religion/meditation/faith/life/God;
and so would you if only you knew
Who and what you Are…
that I Am…that God Is.

For this Living Knowledge of which I speak Is Us,
and the true Way of the cross called Living (Christ) Jesus.

It Is Not You


The universe is out there, it is not you.
Things, being perceived partially,
just are what they are…
they are not you;
thus in not taking things personally,
you remain Whole.

Know whatever happens, it is not you.
Events, being based in what went before,
just occur as they do…
they are not you;
thus in not getting carried away by events of the day,
you remain Here and Now.

Allow whatever to follow its own course, it is not you.
Thing-events, by their very nature,
just behave as they will…
they are not you;
thus in not interfering with thing-events in the future,
you remain Still.

Leave the world outside alone, it is not you.
Images, forms, concepts by themselves are empty
and have no core….
they are not you;
thus in not holding onto images, forms, concepts for security,
you remain Free.

Know when all is seen thru, there is only You,
the pure Intelligence that We Are.
Images, forms, concepts are just projections of the ego…
they are not you;
thus in not identifying with the ego,
you remain Ourself as a Whole.



Enlightenment may be described as being like one who is Awake in a dream: though still dreaming, as a mind (soul) of Light-Conscious Energy (Intuconscious Space/Spirit) one sees through the dream (darkness) and dream self (ego) from Within, selflessly Aware that one Is (as we Are) the Totality of Being (Intubeing) rather than a partiality of being, that is, Energy-Consciousness in itself (ourself as a Whole) rather than a form or body of consciousness outside the Whole in mind or in space. Thus the Center or Ground of Awareness Is the Space (Spirit) rather than an object in space, the Energy-Consciousness (pure Intelligence) rather than a concept in mind, the Light rather than a point (face) of light or separate entity. In this context  the dream self may be likened to one’s ego/personality, which is actually a subconscious form or split-consciousness in relation to the Totality of Being–not fully awake. Enlightenment, then, Is Intuconsciousness, Being Fully Awake, Aware, Alive and Whole, the Nonliteral Perspective (wholly Within).

Therefore,  subconsciously, in still identifying with the body/image/concept/form (dream state) in mind and in space as ourself, we remain unconscious of ourself as a Whole, being contained by our own life’s energy. And still believing the ego/personality to be one’s real self, we psychologically hold onto the same, and direct (project) our life’s energy to the object in mind and space. This projection, as everything connected with ego is projection in relation to the Totality of Being (Nonego), is the beginning of suffering, even as we remain unconscious of the literal fact that as a form or body of consciousness, we are victimizing ourself with own own projection! This is the human material condition, and thus the dream (partial) state may be thought of as original sin.

So, to be enlightenment, then, means to wake up from the dream of duality, sensory perception and ego while still dreaming! This doesn’t mean however that duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective) goes away or disappears forever, but that we see (intusee) through it, so to speak, living an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference. For it is in the living/being an impartial state that allows us to enter into the activity freely, without moral judgment and a sense of guilt blocking our life’s energy. Selflessly Aware, we Are a State (Intustate) of God’s Grace, making no claim on our action or expecting any reward or credit in the doing. We Are Free to just Be (Intubeing)!

Thus, to the degree that one can accept the world outside (duality/sensory perception/ego) as it is, and seeing (living) through it in ourself (the Way of the cross), remaining nonattached and holy indifferent, we breathe the Space (Spirit) and we Are the Space, Intuconsciousness (understanding Awareness/unconditional Love). And, as this is the primary Purpose of creation, may everyone of Us know Ourself as a Whole!

Direct Democracy


Greed, and the cultural programing that promotes it, has become in modern times the American way, just as it has become the way of many other cultures as well. And this mentality, in order to continually sell the “product”, often at the personal expense of others by reinforcing behaviors of self-centeredness, self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immortality (social/political correctness), simply is not sustainable, self-destructiveness being what it is. If it were, the Pharoahs in Ancient Egypt and the Caesars in Ancient Rome, not to mention many other tyrants, would still be at the controls. But superstructured “empires” (big governments) “bottom out” eventually from obsessive-addictive behavior (extreme materialism/egoism), like alcoholics. Indeed, with the politicalization of culture, such excessive behavior takes hold of “secular-progressive societies”, and being self-destructive at its core (power corrupts), collapses in the collective psychological process of its own self-undoing. Thus the “topheavy handedness” of so-called leaders will topple the social/political/financial structure (empire) if we the people don’t recognize this potential danger (behavior) in ourselves, and confronting the same–without moral judgment but with a firm resolve to right (balance) the ship (collective psyche)–penetrate, understand and resolve the patterns of our present behavior, transmuting our life’s energy and moral character before it’s too late!

One way of collectively doing this, I suggest, at least in America, is to move the culture from a representational democracy, where a special elite can get rich and powerful at the expense of those they represent, to a direct democracy, where we the people run the country as a whole instead of the politicans and wealthy financers supporting them!  There’s no reason why we the people could not vote on all laws and legislation written at the local, state and federal levels. We have the technology today to establish this. We could even designate one day a week (if we need to) as “official voting day”, and decide those measures put on the ballot for that week. Congressmen and senators can still write the articles but they will have only one vote like the rest of us…and no more power than anybody else. Congressional committees can only recommend, not force, any action. And when a law or legislative measure is passed, it cannot be repealed unless we the people repeal it at a later vote. None of the backstabbing the people’s will (which can happen when those in power don’t like the people undermining their political agendas) by taking the measure to the courts and having some judge, for politically self-serving reasons, declare it to be unconstitutional. All measures shall be made constitutional before being placed on the ballot for vote!

I believe the only cultures or communities that may survive a future wrought with man-made wars and natural disasters will be governed by its people as a whole. And if there is ever to be true freedom and peace on this planet, we the people will need to make it happen by taking responsibility for our collective behavior, recognizing the potential in each of us to live life directly–and not by having any special elite remaining superior over us. These so-called leaders simply can’t know what’s best for the rest of us–so we need to stand up for ourselves and Be the Freedom and the Peace! There’s no other way to actually guarantee it! If we are not living/being Such…Suchness is not happening…as we are only still pretending.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Human Sexuality?


Ultimately, sex can be one’s complete surrender to That which is greater than oneself, that is, if one still sees That as the “other” and thus needs to humble his/her pride before God, transmuting life’s energy from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal. Psychologically one steps into the fire (spirit) of God and burns away the “dross” still being accumulated over time by the soul centered in duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective).

Thus in using sex, as with other things (concepts), as a ritual sacrifice and personal offering to God (our innermost Being), the activity (being totally spontaneous/giving) can be, if perfected in practice (with or without orgasm), a purifying and liberating experience, even a blessing (or healing) from God as all paths may lead to enlightenment if one’s going that way to begin with. Indeed, one who is truly devoted consecrates (spiritualizes) every activity entered into–for one finds God already there.

Such is the true Way of the cross, of the living cross or path of action…even as the Living Principal (Tao) or Word (Christ Jesus/God in man/Atman) Rests Within us (Nonliteral Perspective) and Is Us as a Whole (Nonaction). Thus action and Nonaction Are One!

Can Understanding Only Be Achieved Through Words And Language?



Words are concepts and thus only metaphor (symbol/myth): a means, not an end in itself or reality. But metaphor can be the point of concentration where, by the power of suggestion, we may dive into and pass through the thought to reach an understanding that is ourself. Understanding Awareness, then, is like a hidden gem discovered deep Within is. Such has been there all the time because we Are that understanding in Principal (the Word/Logos), in Ourself as a Whole, but until the moment of discovery had not realized ourself as Such, as the essential Quality (Nonessentiality). Now, upon selflessly Realizing, we may express this through language (including all of the arts) and have it speak back to us.

So, understanding Awareness is not something that’s achieved or acquired, but rather acknowledged, like a precious gem newly discovered.

Does The Truth Need To Be Proved?



There is truth as in a fact and there is living/being truth. One can demonstrate (prove) a fact in nature, as science does, because such, being relative, has limitations; but living/being truth requires that one go beyond (through) the literal aspect to the Nonliteral (Spiritual), as Such Rests Complete (wholly Within) in itself (Ourself as a Whole), and thus Intubeing, requires no watcher or outside witness for gratification (ego): we Are what We See.

The world outside, being ego, demands gratification (the watcher); the Spirit, Being Nonego, demands nothing, making no personal claim on anyone or anything, but just Is! The world outside is a fact (actual), which requires a demonstration (sensory perception) to validate it; but the Spirit (pure Intelligence) Is Living/Being Truth (Nonsensory Perception), which knows Ourself as a Whole (Nonactual/Real), that is, Energy-Consciousness Knowing in itself without (through) an object or validation, and may be called Absolute Relativity (Totality of Being/God).

Does History Repeat Itself?


It’s not history as such that repeats itself but human nature.

 Human beings are patterns of behavior…and when patterns are reinforced, as in cultural conditioning, they are firmly established, even collectively. Based on past experience, then, the character of those patterns is predetermined by the way in which we see ourselves, and so live our lives. Thus it is that every generation needs to discover “just what those patterns are” for themselves, and either change the way in which they see or repeat the status quo and eventually regress. Mankind tends to opt for the second choice (it’s easier to be led than to find your own way) and thus civilizations rise and fall. You would think we would catch on after a while–but the spirit (or is it flesh?) of self-examination is weak.

Why Are We As Humans Self-Destructive?


In short, because most of us, in identifying with the material body and personality as ourself,  remain self-centered, contained and thus dominated by our own life’s energy–and with the literal perspective that comes with it (maya). Thus we are a tyrant first unto ourselves, then unto others, as one projects outwardly what’s already going on inside; or, in taking the reverse course, we allow others to tyrannize us even as we victimize ourself from within, most probably out of a sense of guilt, as we see ourselves, and the world around us, as being less than divine.  From there the pattern of our behavior is set, and being reinforced over the years, becomes our basic character.

However, our true self is selfless, the Totality of Being (Nonliteral Perspective); yet, as human beings (conceptualized consciousness), we are born as partialities (personalities), cut off from Total (understanding) Awareness (Intuself). This split in consciousness or division in mind is what was originally meant by the phrase “original sin”, for having forgotten, with the “plunge into the senses”, Who and what we really Are, in our ignorance (self-consciousness) have spun (projected) a pretender (ego) as ourself who, in believing his will comes first (false absolute)–must eventually come undone–as anything that has a beginning must have an ending.

The gospel story in the Bible is about a man who devotes his life on earth to confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving the contraries of his ego (satan) existence through every activity of the day (living meditation/religion/faith/life/God). It’s called the Way of the cross: the psychological process by which we transmute the living energy that we are from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal. This is why we are here: to make ourselves Whole (One) again.

Does A Great Stifling Force Drive The Madness (Self-Destructiveness) Of The Masses?


Yes, it’s called the human personality/ego-satan, the only enemy any of us will ever know (or will never know). That is to say, most of us haven’t examined ourself to any depth in order to see through and understand the secondary motives and drives behind our aggressive, and often self-victimizing, personalities (our conceptualized or split-consciousness).

So, remaining cut off from the Peace that comes with Whole Consciousness (Nonego), we spend our time on this planet in a “rush”, programed by culture (which has to make a profit on everything) to spin our lives away rationalizing, justifying and, if possible, legalizing our escapist behavior. Thus, literally living in a state of denial, we shun the basic Intelligence (Spirit) that we really Are. If this this isn’t (perpetual) madness…I don’t know what is.

Living Jesus


Whatever you do…
do it as a means of loving,
living meditation/prayer/faith/religion/God;
for the Principal of Life
is living whatever in ourself as a Whole.

Just Be
thru whatever you do,
remaining nonattached to the subject matter,
to the other;
thus fulfilling the Principal of Life
thru a psychological death,
thru your own existence on earth.

I call this living Jesus,
the Way of the cross.

Sitting And Reflecting


Sitting and reflecting,
writing and meditating,
I breathe the space
and the space breathes me;
I am in the light
and the light is in me.

Like the tide coming in from the sea,
putting pen to paper and my pride to bear,
I sit so still yet move soul-free,
as this Streaming Consciousness Within me,
like nonparticle-waves of living meditation,
washes ashore
onto the beach of my inward concentration:
insights galore that offer themselves,
like cryptic seashells,
to this other me who sits and reflects
and absorbs these precious light-filled moments.

What Is Our True Higher Self?


Higher is a relative term. Our true Self is selfless (Spirit), without attachment to or conflict with any subject matter. Such, then, is neither higher or lower but just Is…Is our innermost Being, the Totality of Being (Intubeing)–and not another concept, image or thing-event (subject matter). Therefore we are not the personality or ego, that partiality of being which is centered in the body, in the past, in the thing, in the concept (duality/sensory perception), but the pure (Nonsensory) Intelligence who,  remaining Complete in Ourself as a Whole or Spirit-Matter Continuum (unified Field), nevertheless gives rise to the phenomena of separate points (images/forms) in space and mind (maya), like reflections/projections in a universal mirror.

So, if we only experience spirit and matter separately as two different concepts or thing-events (literal perspective), then we can never know (live) ourself as that Continuum (Oneness/Wholeness). Yet once we cease holding onto, and identifying with, the personality as an end in itself or false absolute (self), we automatically see (live) through the ego (subject self) and know Who and what we really Are (Nonego), as the Center (Ground) of our Awareness Is the Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole.

Such Is Liberation or the Kingdom of God (Nonliteral Persepective), as we Are Living (Christ) Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/the Tao and Principal of Life (the Word)…our true Self (Selfless)!

What’s The Difference Between Soul And Spirit?


Spirit Is the basic, pure Intelligence Within and behind everything that is: the essential Quality or Nonessentiality, as it were, for the Totality of Being Is always Nonliteral (without form/unstructured to the literal mind) in relation to the partiality of being or literal mind who, being centered in his own form and body, with its self-image and personality–remains outside the pure Intelligence/Spirit that We Are.

Soul is the primal seed (archetype) of each aspect (pattern/process) of the Whole, and when being at one or identifying with the Whole (selfless/nonpersonal), also remains nonliteral–the Awareness itself (Totality) Intubeing the essential Quality (Ground) of Consciousness–not the soul. Such is a paradox to the literal mind (ego).

Thus, as there is no mind apart from thought, there is no soul apart from spirit, everything has a soul (wave pattern) or primary link to the Andro-Cosmic Mind/pure Intelligence, conceptually speaking. But most souls either don’t have the capacity or simply fail to realize their own inmost spirit (daemon) and true (nondual) identity–let alone Intusee beyond any personal thought that all Are One (Whole) Spirit or Soul (God), nonconceptually speaking.

There’s So Much Beauty In The World


There’s so much beauty in the world,
even in a grain of sand,
when one sees with the Heart…
with the inner Knowing that stands not apart
from what one sees, but is
completely open to this very moment.

Indeed, diving deeply into the mystery of life, of self,
one sees everything as we see ourself as a Whole:
beautiful without compare,
moving without departing from Now,
filling the consciousness that’s us without measure,
as radiant light goes Into radiant Light
even without watching the show.

O God, Thou Art Living Light
when one sees with the Heart!
Just Being completely open to this very moment,
first Seeing from Within the shadow
that gives soul witness to the Light,
we as a Whole Are so very beautiful!



at this very moment swimming
thru the constant flow of images,
thoughts, feelings and assorted things,
like particle-waves in an oceanic mind
riding the tide of Energy-Consciousness, of God,
coming in, going out to sea;
that is, ’til identifying with what I see
catches myself holding onto every sensation…
falling for this revelry isolating the mind’s possession.

O how I spin! and spinning,
go down into the swell of the wave, spiraling
away from the ocean as a Whole,
which is Still Streaming…but now without me!

Now submerged in whirling darkness, I am chaos
centered in the phenomenen instead of thru the sensation,
attached to the form instead of letting go…
and thus remaining outside the Whole,
streaming not with Us but only with me.

But in Spirit we Are One!
Even seeing myself in part, I may return
to that Stillness ever-ready to once again
lift up my heart Into Being, Whole Being!

Indeed, as every thrust of the mind’s desire
takes me for a spin into the fire of my own gratification,
I sense this outer attraction getting lighter,
its clinging memory growing weaker.

All I need do is absorb the fire
and Be that Intuconsciously Streaming
which transmutes every desire Into Being…
Into Who and what we already Are,
and always have been tho’ lost in self-consuming.

Yea, I go into the Presence of God,
or what I think of as God;
for as every thought becomes naught,
its energy transmuted into Living Light,
I am first Seeing–even as We Are just Being–
that Energy-Consciousness Now Streaming
thru every form…all thru the night!

A Way Of Being


Want to overcome evil in the world? Then you need to overcome good as well. Want to overcome wrong in the world? Then you need to overcome right as well. Want to overcome negative in the world? Then you need to overcome positive as well. Want to overcome “this” in the world? Then you need to overcome “that” as well. So long as we remain bound to duality, then along with success, gain and life, failure, loss and death will be our reckoning as well. For you cannot have one without the other.

But, of course, we deny “this” and say “that” will prevail, because we still identify with that…and thus feed it our life’s energy. Yet, this and that are two sides of the same living principal–and the Eternal Principal in ourself Is a unified Whole, not partial (incomplete) in any way. But again, we deny this by our actual behavior rather than see through our self-created attachments and preconceptions. So we continue to suffer the pain (and karma) of our own blindness and ignorance. Dr. Jekyll saw himself as good and therefore denied the evil aspect (dark side) in his human nature when it arose–and Mr. Hyde was born.

Likewise, most of us play the image (media) game in life and feed that very image/concept/form the power which appears to overwhelm us emotionally at times, and so we choose to flee from the confrontation with ourself (our life’s energy). But no one can escape the self! Ultimately, the self is selfless and a liberation. But, to know the selfless is to Be Selfless! Free of our attachments  and conflicts with the images/concepts/forms of life.

Such is a Way of Being, not just thinking. And as the self is the true cross, the Way of the cross is to consciously confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness coming from Within, resolve our attachment to and conflict with whatever comes before us in space or in mind. Such is a living/being meditation, ever constant, activated by and through every thing-event of the day.

Therefore, to the degree that we consciously accept ourself as we are this moment, and without morally judging, take up our cross and see through our own duality, sensory perception and ego–thus nailing to the cross all that goes with it (absorbing life’s energy and automatically transmuting it)–we will no longer continue to haunt the mind and be victimized by our own ego-satan! Freedom from suffering is not a gift (understanding) from outside of us, but from God, our innermost Being!

If there is ever to be a real peace in the world, we will need to Be that Peace! A living/being Peace. And Such can only Be when we selflessly accept the true cross of forgiveness and thereby overcome our identification with duality, sensory perception and ego (the literal perspective). Then both the quality and perception of good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, this and that, are no longer seen as opposites (being outside of, and in conflict with, each other) but, in having changed their quality and dimension of perception (the Nonliteral Perspective)–as a unified Whole (Being wholly Within)! And in being no longer attached to the image/concept/form (partiality) of life, we remain Free to use whatever to express the Love and Peace of our innermost Being (Wholeness).

Being Right Here, Right Now


What most of us call life is only the image and media of life (sensory perception), and thus is an illusion (maya). Something which is actual but not Real, something which has been created (projected) rather than just Is. That is to say, it is not lasting, or absolute, as whatever has a beginning also has an ending. Yet, one can have a direct perception (nonsensory) right Now, the understanding Awareness that just Is in itself, even in ourself as a Whole. But, as soon as a concept of That is formed in one’s mind (the other), That (Reality) is seemingly lost, and right Now becomes the past (literal perspective).

All concepts, then, are “projection” in relation to right Now. Yet, if one sees (lives) through the concept, that is, intusees Before one’s own projection, then right Now is regained. Basically because Such was never really lost, only forgotten, so to speak, in the same way that when one falls asleep, Wakefulness in itself is not annihilated: one has only to wake up and the Fullness of Being is restored (resurrection). Such is enlightenment.

Enlightenment, then,  Is the Nonliteral Perspective: an interior Vision or Intuperception (Nonsensory Perception) where all concepts, images, forms, being shadows of Andro-Cosmic Light/reflections of the universal Reflecting/creations of the pure Intelligence who Rests right Here, right Now, are but extensions of a unified Whole (Nonthingness), an Energy-Consciousness Continuum (Spirit) Complete in itself, Being wholly Within (Before) our collective, literal self [collective unconscious? Remember, everything being said here is not fully awake, but only concepts incomplete in themselves, and not the Totality (Quality) of Being, which can never be spoken of directly]. So, thing-events just are what they are; they have no power, life or cause by themselves. And if one remains nonattached to one’s own projections/sensations, the thing-events we experience in space or in mind are no problem.

Ego/personality therefore is not capable of Reality in and by itself. Of actuality, yes, as this moment we are experiencing is actual. But ego/personality is a conceptualization and thus a partial perspective, not the Totality of Being, not the pure Intelligence who Is right Here, right Now. As persons, then, all that we think, even that which we believe ourselves to be, is merely a projection of that partial perspective which we are still holding onto as our identity, as the center (ground) of our awareness. But this center is outside of right Now and thus our awareness has become seemingly solidified and attached to the “thing”, to the object or body in space–and to the concept or image in mind that goes with it. This is ego/personality, the world most of us live in.

Yet, when this world is seen (lived) through, when the ego is dropped, Nonego or the Nonliteral Perspective remains: Such has always been there! Even when an object in space is annihilated, the space is still there, for the space is the true ground. Thus Suchness Is our true Center of understanding Awareness, Intubeing always right Here, right Now, Before (behind) the concept and Within (through) us as persons, just Being in ourself as a Whole (Nonthingness/pure Intelligence).  So the question is: if we are at our very Core pure Intelligence or Wakefulness (Whole Consciousness), then how do we wake up from the dream or illusion of self-consciousness (selfhood), of seeing ourselves only as separate entities in space? How do we see (live) through the shadow of our own light? the projection/reflection of our own partial perspective? the extension and concentrated point in space and mind (image of life) of our own energy-consciousness?

Self-consciousness (ego) may be likened to the dream self: being partial, relative, subjective and temporal, it can only come into existence (actuality) when full consciousness (intuconsciousness) is lost, like when we go to sleep: finding ourself unconscious, though still mentally active, the subconscious and dream state rolls in and takes over control of the entity. At this point, we are driven by our life’s energy, we do not drive the energy. This is called chaos, and is the universe outside the very Core of our innermost Being. In this condition of partial/literal being, the energy often becomes too much for us to absorb, as we are concentrating so much on ourself as an object that we block the natural flow, thus the pressure becomes too great, and we (as the object) give in to it, becoming captured by our own projection. We flee the fire and icon of our life’s energy in order to save our ego’s sanity and survive the build-up of pressure going on inside us, which we unconsciously have created. Thus we think this behavior is liberation, and quite natural,  so our split in consciousness and division in mind not only manifests as duality, sensory perception and ego but remains hooked on itself, often increasing with repetition (need to escape), moving from neurotic to obsessive-addictive behavior. This is the human material condition.

Again, when we think a thought, the mind focuses and concentrates itself to the point in space, and that point becomes polarized; thus we too become polarized. Our energy sustains the thought and it comes alive as we are alive, being the essential quality of the thought. Likewise, all things in the universe, and the universe itself, are but the processes of thought in the universal subconscious. Nothing exists by itself alone. The life energy (spirit) that sustains us is the essential Quality that sustains everything in the universe. And that Nonliteral (hidden to the ego) Quality or Nonessentiality Is the pure Intelligence or Intuconsciousness who Rests right Here, right Now, even Ourself as a Whole (Totality of Being)!

The problem then with ego/personality (selfhood), being literal-minded (worldly-minded), is that it only sees and believes the thing, shadow, reflection, image, concept, without seeing (living) the same in relation to its, and our, essential Quality or Nonliteral Perspective. Ego/personality suffers from a partial perspective believed to be an end in itself, and thinks itself only a separate entity in space, concentrating our life’s energy to that point (egoism). Thus we are not all there, not fully awake to our intuconsciousness. And like the dream self captured in the dream, we are contained by our own energy, and constantly victimizing ourself with the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome. Ego/personality, then, by itself  is self-destructive, and all that it creates must eventually come undone and be annihilated.

However, when one awakes from his own self-containment (self-centeredness), that is, from the partial/literal condition created in and by his own mind, one sees (intusees) that we are not the conceptualization or form which our energy-consciousness creates, but the Whole Consciousness or pure Intelligence Within who sustains the form, Intubeing right Here, right Now! And thus from that point on, the concept/image/form is no longer a problem, as all things Are a unified Whole (Nonthingness), even as the pure Intelligence (Spirit) We Are Is All!

But how do we, as persons, come to know this? Actually, how has nothing to do with it. This would be like asking how do we grow up? Maturity is not a how-to exercise. A more helpful question would be: what is the way to grow up? What way leads, by its very nature, to spiritual maturity and thus to Wakefulness? The way that is offered here is called the Way of the cross. Again, we are not speaking literally but nonliterally. The Way is not outside of us but Within us! The path is not historical but psychological. Thus the Way is a living process of consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding Awareness coming from Within (from God, our innermost Being), resolving every attachment to and conflict with whatever is in front of us in space or in mind. We take up our cross (selfhood)! This is the cross of forgiveness, for without forgiveness one cannot face himself and overcome his hang-ups from Within. But when we do have mercy on ourself, then self becomes the true cross by which we may offer all (our life’s energy) to our innermost Being, in whose Presence all is resolved (absorbed), leading to a release and psychological Rest, not to physical torture.

However, not until we understand the full relationship between the Nonliteral and literal perspectives, mentally discriminating between Being and thinking, the Real and the unreal (though actual), the Totality (Nonego) and the partiality (ego), will we wed and resolve the contraries of our human nature, transcending both as conceptualization. For in living (being) Truth we are not just thinking truth, projecting an it or conceptualization: Here and Now are not outside of us–but the Nonthing Event (Intuprocess) that Is Within us and Is Us. The pure Intelligence (Spirit) who, in giving rise to the conceptualization, always Sees (Lives) through it, returning, so to speak, Into Self, Intubeing the Nonessentiality that Is!

Are The Events Of Our Lives On Earth Psychological Myth?


The answer becomes obvious as soon as the mind realizes its own ego (duality/sensory perception) as the projector of the myth, the spinner of the tale (thought), and thus does not do in reality but dreams, that is, projects (manifests/escapes) outward in space and mind. Thus all thing-events in the actual world (maya), being relative, subjective, temporal and partial, are but metaphor (symbolic action) in relation to Spirit (Nonego/Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole) or That which Is…Is the real Doer (Doing) or Totality of Being (God)!

However, though we are not really our personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences, as the dreamer (ego), we are forever projecting our preconceptions onto people, places and things in order to live out on earth the psychological myths (images/forms/concepts) that our psyches identify with–and hold onto. These myths, and the cultural context that accompany them, though symbolic, become necessary as a means of dealing with the energies that have been drawn up through the body from the center of our being. This is instinctual, of course, for without the energy to realize something, nothing would ever be possible in a phenomenal world. There would be no development. And, without any development in a phenomenal universe, there can be no Liberation, no Resurrection of the Spirit. Thus before the mind can come fully Awake, it must dream (conceptualize) in order to comprehend the possibility and potential Within it (power of suggestion).

But often life’s energy becomes trapped in the body, whose organs and cells may block the natural flow with our resistance to it (the fear of being overwhelmed by life’s direct flow), the fragmentation having been caused by the conscious suppression of our very being. Thus the greater need to identify with the Flow (Energy-Consciousness/Intuconsciousness/Awareness in itself) as ourself rather than with the body/personality. Then the events of our lives are seen through as we absorb life’s energy Into Ourself (inverting the mind) instead of projecting the same onto peole, places and things outside, selflessly Realizing Nonego (Ourself as a Whole) as the real Self…as the One innate Life, Power and Cause behind (Within) everything. Indeed, the myth (thing-events) becomes a ritual means of dying a “psychological death” to duality (ego/partiality of being) and intuconsciously Realizing Ourself the as Resurrection (Principal) of Life, as Awareness in itself, in God (Totality of Being)!

How Do We Die While Living, And Meet God?


By practicing a living discipline of confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding coming from Within (spiritual discernment, which is to say, Spirit discerning), resolving through every thing-event of the day our attachment to and conflict with the ego/personality (contraries of human nature). This path may be called a “psychological death”, as we are letting go (ceasing to identify with) our object self (image/form) and seeing/being through (Before) the ego or conceptualized consciousness: this may also be referred to as the Way of the cross, for the crucifixion and death of the ego, even psychologically, represents an interior but living process of sublimation and transformation, fulfilled by the “awakened” psyche (soul) and terminating in a “rest” or release.

Thus we are not prejudging or projecting preconceptions onto the subject matter, but trusting completely in God, our innermost Being. Indeed, our Center of Awareness, Being Awareness in itself, is no longer the body but through the body, no longer the personality but through the personality (ego), in the spirit/space/mind/energy-consciousness as a Whole (Nonego). So Rests God in man (Christ Jesus)…not God as man or the personality. For when the person psychologically dies to himself as a separate entity in space and mind, God (Christ) comes Alive in (through) man (Jesus)!