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We start out thinking the thought and meditating on the matter. But, as we continue to mature in the living process of our meditation (inward penetration), we eventually drop the thought (image/form) and discover we are now living through the thought, being the very quality (understanding Awareness) of the experience, nonliterally speaking. For we no longer need to think of ourselves separately or make a personal claim on the image/form/concept–as we are first Being rather than thinking or doing first!

Just Being, or Intubeing Rests as the Center (Ground) of our Awareness, not the conceptualization of the Same, but the understanding Awareness in itself, in ourself as a Whole (Nonthingness). Thus it may be said: we Are what We See…for there’s no “it” in just Being, only Us, You, Me, God as a Whole! We See (Intusee) through everything from Within ourself and As Ourself (Nonliteral Perspective), not with the material senses (literal perspective), though the senses are still there, as the mind must continue to conceptualize; that’s its nature.

Such, then, Is true Enlightenment, and doesn’t call attention to itself. Suchness (Intubeing) doesn’t need to: Suchness just Is! Is everywhere nonliterally speaking, but nowhere literally speaking. Ego/personality has nothing to do with Suchness, accept in psychologically dying to itself, as the less there is of the part (partiality of being) the more there is of the Whole (Totality of Being). This is what the Way of the cross is all about. It’s the ego/personality that dies on the cross (to itself) and the Nonego (Intupersonality) or Divine Spirit that Lives (Resurrection)–as Suchness always will–for Life as a Whole (Intulife) can never die, only death (image/thought/form) dies.

Thus we are living Jesus, the Way of the cross: that is, we consciously confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness (Spirit discerning), resolve every attachment to and conflict with the thing-events of the day, of the ego/personality. This is what we mean by living meditation/religion/faith/life/God. All that we are Aware of comes from Within, from Who and what we conceptualize as God (Ourself as a Whole)–but which is not the concept. We know this when we drop the image/concept/form and watcher (ego)–and am just Being, Intubeing. At this point all words/thoughts/images become the Silence (Oneness/Wholeness/Nonthingness).

Perpetual Madness



When someone says, “The world is mad”, one’s really talking about the human race, about us, in effect, saying, “we are mad!” But, of course, no one wants to admit this actually, that we are the problem, the only problem: that is to say, the world only mirrors us.

For example, if we see evil in another, is not that evil also in us? The image of it being in the mind a reflection of our own consciousness standing there in the guise of another? How else could we see it, the evil? And, more importantly, ever know it, not to mention, ever resolve it, if the evil is not in us as in the other?

We are the patterns of our behavior; maintaining these foundations is what forms our character. And because most of us take the physical body, with its self-centeredness (ego), to be the center of awareness, everything we do, think or feel this moment goes out from there; which is to say, it all starts with us…and returns to us by way of the other.

Indeed, from childhood we have reinforced these patterns and the character that has become us, both having been made instinctual, seemingly natural. But, in getting caught up in the conceptual sensation of this moment we don’t see through that, as most of us only see the object image, thing-event before us–and believe it all starts from there. Thus if it’s evil that we see, then the evil must be the other, but not me!

Our senses work fine, but they are partial, housed in the body/mind, and we remain blind to their entrapment, even to the conceptual sensation that we think of as us; and thus having become dependent on things “out there”, we fail to recognize the hidden component of our own complicity in the matter.

Sometimes, it seems as if there’s a demon in the air, or in us, who makes crazy things happen, as if to plague us or just frustrate us to the core. And we wish evermore he would just stop! Stop and be still, thus becoming totally aware of our own reflection (projection) in the mirror that’s the other, and what it’s doing to ourself, to our world; for it’s not what happens in the world but how we respond in kind that reveals our own complicity in the matter.

So, if the world is mad, and it is, it’s because the pattern of our collective behavior is madness, perpetual madness, and like perpetual motion, will never cease…until we see through the demon (ego-satan) that’s us, and in becoming fully aware, resolve our own complicity in the matter.




O, how we humans will believe in and cherish a myth, a mere concept, as if our identity is sustained by holding onto a seeming sacred object, only possessing in the end, in the mind, our own emptiness.

O, how we humans will chase after and attempt to collar a myth, a mere image, as if our identity is sustained by lusting for a seeming attractive object, pursuing and, maybe, capturing, in the end our own loneliness.

O, how we humans will see and support a popular myth, a mere perception, as if our identity is sustained by projecting on the screen of our mind a seeming favorite object, only idolizing in the end our own nothingness.

O, how we humans will rationalize and justify hostile behavior for the sake of ideology, a mere myth, as if our identity is sustained by doing violence to another seeming object, only making war in the end on our own consciousness.

O, what fools we humans be!