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The Whole You



Be still…
and everything flows thru you
Into You,
coming from Within you,
from the very Core,
and going thru you
Into the Whole…the Whole You.

Be still…
and see the All in each particle,
the One we call God,
the Living Light who embraces you
from the very Core,
Intuseeing the Whole…the Whole You.

Be still…
and know Who and what We Are,
the uncarved Block who,
thru each particle,
absorbs you from the very Core,
bringing you Into the Whole…the Whole You.

Be still…
and live life as a Whole,
even as the Principal of Life Is the Way
right thru the personality or ego,
revealing from the very Core
the Living Jesus…the Whole You.

Are We Simply Our Experiences Or Is There A Nonactual Essence Of Self Untouched By External Events?


The ultimate Reality (We) may be said to Be the basic, pure Intelligence (Center/Ground of Awareness/Intuconsciousness) that Nonexists (existence as a Whole) Before (through) duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective). That is to say, Suchness just Is…Is the Totality of Being (Intubeing): the Form that is Formless, the Self that is Selfless, the Creator (Creating) of the universe, yet who is not the universe, literally speaking. Suchness, then, is not any man in the sky, supernatural entity or projection/sensation of the mind–but mind, sound, light, space, consciousness (or whatever name you prefer) in Ourself as a Whole–Intubeing most Natural, Spiritual, Spontaneous (the Eternal Flow).

Thus Stillness Moves, and Being Stillness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole, Suchness Sees/Lives/Breathes, nonliterally speaking. Therefore, as the ultimate Center of Being Rests wholly Within ourself, to Know Such is to enter fully Into Being, Into Ourself as a Whole (understanding Awareness) and See/Live/Breathe Suchness through whatever is conceptualized and experienced. Thus Intubeing Rests Before both the mental and material conceptualization (image/form) of being, Before (through) the body/personality or ego, as Suchness remains Nonsensory (Nonego/Nonliteral Perspective). Indeed, Suchness requires the individual psyche (soul) to give up the attachment to its own image life (separate existence) out of Love for Suchness (God) that one may selflessly Realize (just Be) our innermost Being, whose Nature Is Love. Such is the soul-purpose for human existence: to Be the Knowing (Creating) that Is Who and what We Are (Intubeing).

The path offered here is the Way of the cross: the cross is our own psyche, and the Way is right through the psyche (soul)! Thus we are the means and We Are the goal, so to speak. The beginning and the ending of all things. But the ultimate We Rests even Before that.

So, by remaining literal-minded we can never really know Before that, but by living Jesus, that is, by consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding Awareness (spiritual discernment or Spirit discerning), resolving our psyches of their attachment to and conflict with any thing-event of the day, we may fulfill the Way through our own individual existences on this earth. Therefore the true gospel remains a living gospel, not a particular historical event (or piece of information) happening only to a particular person in the past. Living (Christ) Jesus, the Principal of Life (the Tao/Word/ Son of God), Rests potentially Within (through) each one of us, and remains Ourself as a Whole (Intuconsciousness)!

Where Is Being?


Being in itself (ourself as a Whole) Is Before (greater than) experiencing, Before what is called duality/sensory perception/ego. For in knowing the Whole (the One) to be greater than the part, is not the Whole of you More (Before) than any image, form or concept of yourself? Just as Consciousness is greater than any content of consciousness, Mind greater than any projection/sensation of mind, Truth greater than any context of truth, Space (Spirit) greater than any object in and of space, the unified Field greater than any particle-wave in and of the field?

The Totality of Being (Intubeing) Is without beginning or ending and thus, like an uncarved Block, not outside of us–but wholly Within (everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking)–Being Nonliteral, purely Spiritual (Nonego). So Breathes our innermost Being…who just Is.

Turn In


Turn In
and breathe the Space,
entering thru a point in mind/space
Into the Silence and Presence Within.

Empty yourself into the point, the thought,
and liquidate the seeming solid sense
of being apart and alone,
vacating that separate entity of mind
still holding on,
still clinging to the image of life as an end–
and thus having been cut off from the One, the Whole–
still denying the Intuconsciousness
who Breathes without form and remains nameless.

Know that Such is called God, or the Way,
but that’s only a concept, only your mind’s projection
of what it can never know as a Whole;
so let go of the conceptual sensation!

By not identifying with the thought,
but taking, absorbing the heat
of your very life’s energy,
step Into the Fire and See, Live, Be
thru every thing-event of the day…
be very Heart and Center of Awareness who Alone
remains the Silence and Presence Within!

The Space



I breathe the Space
and I am the Space…
the Whole Consciousness.

I think, but I am Before the thought;
I feel, but I am Before the emotion;
I exist, but I am Nonexistence first,
existence being my shadow, my conceptualization.

As a person, then,
I know that I don’t know;
yet, with the conceptualization
I may see thru my own shadow
Into Space, even as I am the Space…
the understanding Awareness.

The Space, being everywhere and everything,
remains as a Whole nowhere and nothing:
the Space Is Full–not apart–
and thus Intubeing neither this or that,
you and me share the same Nonidentity,
even as light and shadow are the same Living Energy.

There’s only the Space, Intuconscious Space,
ourself as a Whole Consciousness
and understanding Awareness;
thus we Are the only universe that really Moves,
the only Knowing that just Is…
for even as the clouds pass in the sky,
we, as pure Spirit, remain constant as the Here and Now.

What Does Man Actually Know About Himself?


Very little.

Socrates said that an unexamined life is a life not worth living, but that’s just the life most if us today choose to live! After all, who really wants to grow up if one doesn’t have to, if culture (our parents/authorities) no longer requires it? But maturing emotionally and psychologically means taking responsibility for your behavior, and how can you do that if you don’t first examine what you are being responsible for? Much easier to just have someone you identify with (politicians/experts/tv commentators/celebrities or, maybe, a book) tell you what you already want to hear, and by reinforcing your ego, in this case–your delayed adolescence–go about the business of escaping the human condition as it is. That way you never have to consciously accept, let alone actually confront, the attachment to and conflict with the matter (behavior) in and of yourself…and see/live through it.

Thus man, while remaining in a state of denial, can never know himself actually, let alone completely, because that would require a conscious withdrawal from self-gratification as an end–ego’s hold on him (us)–and by choosing to take the heat (cross) of ego’s fire (our life’s energy), absorb, examine and thus automatically transmute the same into pure spirit from within himself (being one with the energy instead of projecting onto, and forcing, it on another). Thus would man still the mind, breathe the space (spirit) and lay to Rest his (our) collective self-victimization.

To Know


The desire to know is at the very heart of living. And to know what something means, especially at its Core, is to enter fully into the Spirit behind (Within) our concept of the thing known and live that as ourself, even Ourself as a Whole. Thus we are seeing (intuseeing) the thing (nonthing) from Within ourself (through the ego) and As Ourself (Nonego/God). For the Essential Quality (Nonessentiality) of anything is that understanding Awareness In us which shines through the subject matter, like the Sun shining through a cloud…but shining from Within the cloud ! So Rests that Intustate of Being in ourself and as a Whole, the Kingdom (Continuum) of God (Nonliteral Perspective). Such Is the “potential” in all of us.

Therefore, to live Life (living Jesus) is to Be the very Quality of what we See (Intusee): to Know whatever from Within its cover (form) as we know ourself as a Whole. Such Living Knowledge, then, is fullproof–as we Are Being the proof–seeing/living in God as God Sees/Lives Himself (Ourself). There’s no demonstration (manipulation) of any kind necessary. There’s no it to manipulate, control and exploit, no ego that needs to be demonstrated (fed). The Reality (Absolute Relativity) is not outside us (the other) in space and mind but Within us and Is our innermost Being (Nonliteral Perspective)! All we have to do is breathe the Space (Spirit), speak (live) the Word/ Principal of Life, and we Are living/being Life, Living (Christ) Jesus.

To Know is to Be, Being right Here, right Now.

The Uncarved Block


When I see myself on the outside, that is to say, on this side of eternity, I am a physical body standing tall, seemingly secure–though limited by its own genetic structure.

Now, I can see this because the body has an identity, and experiences the same as a conceptual sensation or personality who, having been conceived in isolation, holds onto that structure for dear life–as the center of awareness (self)–believing, as he does, that this same object image in space and literal point of concentration in mind is his life. Indeed, even knowing full well that with the ravages of time both his body and personality are–by virtue of their psychogenetic structure–destined for the grave, he still identifies with the same.

Yet, as Spirit (pure Intelligence),  I am content. For I am not (as a Whole) the body nor the personality, neither the emotion nor the thought, yet these concepts are the means by which I give myself to the One/Whole who Lives through every moment we breathe–as Such Is the essential Quality, actually the Nonessentiality/Intuconscious Space (Spirit) by which we come Into Life (Intulife)–and in whose Presence we may breathe our life as the Uncarved Block (our innermost Being).

Therefore in the psychological event of penetrating spirit, I think but I am not the thought, I feel but I am not the emotion, I do but I am not the doer; but I am the doing (Nondoing), the Happening right Here, right Now, that pure Energy-Consciousness in ourself as a Whole, the innate Light and Nonliteral Perspective who receives Into Self (Intuself) the gift that is Before all…and that Is All!

Thus first Seeing/just Being, my form is Formless, myself Selfless;  I am Nonthing: that is, Intuseeing, I Move without literally watching myself moving. For the Totality of Being (Intubeing) is not the thing or concept, not outside, and therefore Rests not on this side of eternity…but Inside all concepts, Within every phenomenon, even the body and the personality.

So, when I See (Live) through myself from the Inside, from Eternity, from right Here, right Now, which has no sides, no quarrels–and finding nothing to contend about–Speaks the Truth and Principal of Life, it follows: I am and we are and everything is the Uncarved Block! The One who Lives through every moment we breathe, the Intuself or Nonthingness who first Sees through me, yea–through everything–from Within and as a Whole.

My ego tries to think of That but cannot; it tries to experience That but cannot, so it consciously accepts this unknowing as a fact and surrenders the thought, even the attempt to know what the body and the personality cannot. And in so doing (Nondoing), that is to say, in just Being, I give myself, my all, to the One who Lives Before (through) every moment we breathe, and Rests Complete in Ourself as a Whole…as the Uncarved Block.

The Nonliteral Perspective


When we selflessly Realize that we Are pure Energy-Consciousness (Intuconsciousness) and not the form or conceptualization, Energy-Consciousness (Spirit,) like the reflector standing in front of a mirror knows he is the center of awareness (reality) and not his reflection, we are seeing/being (from Within) as the Nonliteral Perspective. That is to say, the reflection is ourself in the world (separate entity in space) and the Reflector Ourself through the world–through (Before) the mental/material conceptualization: selfless, formless, nonattached, holy indifferent, the pure Intelligence (Light-Conscious Energy) that Is, whereas the former, like a shadow, is only the partiality of being (body/personality), remaining outside the Whole.

Thus intuconsciously Realizing as the Nonliteral Perspective, we see (intusee) our object form and self-image as a living shadow (a spectral pattern and vibrating process of behavior) who daily confronts, penetrates, understands the subject matter from Within and thereby resolves by the grace of God (our innermost Being) any attachment to, or conflict with, the form or consceptualization outside. In this way (the Way of the cross), we live the Principal of Life (the Word), the Divinity in and through man (Christ Jesus/Buddha/Krishna, etc), as Such Is the Sacred Way (Tao) of all life.

Yet, in writing about Suchness one can only offer words (concepts), not the genuine article. so to speak, (Nonarticle/Quality) itself (Ourself as a Whole). No one can…as each of us needs to discover Suchness from Within ourselves and reflect the Same to the seeming outside world–though others may still remain unaware of Same in themselves. All forms, even our thoughts and emotions, are energies–and therefore as Energy-Consciousness Ourself (Nonego), mankind’s innermost Being Is the Totality of Being. The mental discrimination involved here is very subtle and, for that reason, may lead one to the liberation of the spirit from materialism, from any attachment to or conflict with the world outside, even from those thoughts and emotions considered as our own (ego).

Indeed, living religion/meditation/faith/life/God remains the only true Way! Because if ,one is not living/being Suchness then one is not Being in itself, Intubeing–as Suchness is the Happening (eternal Now) Within ourself and As Ourself. Thus in living/being totally, we selflessly Realize (Being) the Nonliteral Perspective (Nonsensory Perception); what many term Christ Jesus (God in/through man), the Word or Son (Life Principal) of God.