When I see myself on the outside, that is to say, on this side of eternity, I am a physical body standing tall, seemingly secure–though limited by its own genetic structure.

Now, I can see this because the body has an identity, and experiences the same as a conceptual sensation or personality who, having been conceived in isolation, holds onto that structure for dear life–as the center of awareness (self)–believing, as he does, that this same object image in space and literal point of concentration in mind is his life. Indeed, even knowing full well that with the ravages of time both his body and personality are–by virtue of their psychogenetic structure–destined for the grave, he still identifies with the same.

Yet, as Spirit (pure Intelligence),  I am content. For I am not (as a Whole) the body nor the personality, neither the emotion nor the thought, yet these concepts are the means by which I give myself to the One/Whole who Lives through every moment we breathe–as Such Is the essential Quality, actually the Nonessentiality/Intuconscious Space (Spirit) by which we come Into Life (Intulife)–and in whose Presence we may breathe our life as the Uncarved Block (our innermost Being).

Therefore in the psychological event of penetrating spirit, I think but I am not the thought, I feel but I am not the emotion, I do but I am not the doer; but I am the doing (Nondoing), the Happening right Here, right Now, that pure Energy-Consciousness in ourself as a Whole, the innate Light and Nonliteral Perspective who receives Into Self (Intuself) the gift that is Before all…and that Is All!

Thus first Seeing/just Being, my form is Formless, myself Selfless;  I am Nonthing: that is, Intuseeing, I Move without literally watching myself moving. For the Totality of Being (Intubeing) is not the thing or concept, not outside, and therefore Rests not on this side of eternity…but Inside all concepts, Within every phenomenon, even the body and the personality.

So, when I See (Live) through myself from the Inside, from Eternity, from right Here, right Now, which has no sides, no quarrels–and finding nothing to contend about–Speaks the Truth and Principal of Life, it follows: I am and we are and everything is the Uncarved Block! The One who Lives through every moment we breathe, the Intuself or Nonthingness who first Sees through me, yea–through everything–from Within and as a Whole.

My ego tries to think of That but cannot; it tries to experience That but cannot, so it consciously accepts this unknowing as a fact and surrenders the thought, even the attempt to know what the body and the personality cannot. And in so doing (Nondoing), that is to say, in just Being, I give myself, my all, to the One who Lives Before (through) every moment we breathe, and Rests Complete in Ourself as a Whole…as the Uncarved Block.