The desire to know is at the very heart of living. And to know what something means, especially at its Core, is to enter fully into the Spirit behind (Within) our concept of the thing known and live that as ourself, even Ourself as a Whole. Thus we are seeing (intuseeing) the thing (nonthing) from Within ourself (through the ego) and As Ourself (Nonego/God). For the Essential Quality (Nonessentiality) of anything is that understanding Awareness In us which shines through the subject matter, like the Sun shining through a cloud…but shining from Within the cloud ! So Rests that Intustate of Being in ourself and as a Whole, the Kingdom (Continuum) of God (Nonliteral Perspective). Such Is the “potential” in all of us.

Therefore, to live Life (living Jesus) is to Be the very Quality of what we See (Intusee): to Know whatever from Within its cover (form) as we know ourself as a Whole. Such Living Knowledge, then, is fullproof–as we Are Being the proof–seeing/living in God as God Sees/Lives Himself (Ourself). There’s no demonstration (manipulation) of any kind necessary. There’s no it to manipulate, control and exploit, no ego that needs to be demonstrated (fed). The Reality (Absolute Relativity) is not outside us (the other) in space and mind but Within us and Is our innermost Being (Nonliteral Perspective)! All we have to do is breathe the Space (Spirit), speak (live) the Word/ Principal of Life, and we Are living/being Life, Living (Christ) Jesus.

To Know is to Be, Being right Here, right Now.