Very little.

Socrates said that an unexamined life is a life not worth living, but that’s just the life most if us today choose to live! After all, who really wants to grow up if one doesn’t have to, if culture (our parents/authorities) no longer requires it? But maturing emotionally and psychologically means taking responsibility for your behavior, and how can you do that if you don’t first examine what you are being responsible for? Much easier to just have someone you identify with (politicians/experts/tv commentators/celebrities or, maybe, a book) tell you what you already want to hear, and by reinforcing your ego, in this case–your delayed adolescence–go about the business of escaping the human condition as it is. That way you never have to consciously accept, let alone actually confront, the attachment to and conflict with the matter (behavior) in and of yourself…and see/live through it.

Thus man, while remaining in a state of denial, can never know himself actually, let alone completely, because that would require a conscious withdrawal from self-gratification as an end–ego’s hold on him (us)–and by choosing to take the heat (cross) of ego’s fire (our life’s energy), absorb, examine and thus automatically transmute the same into pure spirit from within himself (being one with the energy instead of projecting onto, and forcing, it on another). Thus would man still the mind, breathe the space (spirit) and lay to Rest his (our) collective self-victimization.