I breathe the Space
and I am the Space…
the Whole Consciousness.

I think, but I am Before the thought;
I feel, but I am Before the emotion;
I exist, but I am Nonexistence first,
existence being my shadow, my conceptualization.

As a person, then,
I know that I don’t know;
yet, with the conceptualization
I may see thru my own shadow
Into Space, even as I am the Space…
the understanding Awareness.

The Space, being everywhere and everything,
remains as a Whole nowhere and nothing:
the Space Is Full–not apart–
and thus Intubeing neither this or that,
you and me share the same Nonidentity,
even as light and shadow are the same Living Energy.

There’s only the Space, Intuconscious Space,
ourself as a Whole Consciousness
and understanding Awareness;
thus we Are the only universe that really Moves,
the only Knowing that just Is…
for even as the clouds pass in the sky,
we, as pure Spirit, remain constant as the Here and Now.