Turn In
and breathe the Space,
entering thru a point in mind/space
Into the Silence and Presence Within.

Empty yourself into the point, the thought,
and liquidate the seeming solid sense
of being apart and alone,
vacating that separate entity of mind
still holding on,
still clinging to the image of life as an end–
and thus having been cut off from the One, the Whole–
still denying the Intuconsciousness
who Breathes without form and remains nameless.

Know that Such is called God, or the Way,
but that’s only a concept, only your mind’s projection
of what it can never know as a Whole;
so let go of the conceptual sensation!

By not identifying with the thought,
but taking, absorbing the heat
of your very life’s energy,
step Into the Fire and See, Live, Be
thru every thing-event of the day…
be very Heart and Center of Awareness who Alone
remains the Silence and Presence Within!