The ultimate Reality (We) may be said to Be the basic, pure Intelligence (Center/Ground of Awareness/Intuconsciousness) that Nonexists (existence as a Whole) Before (through) duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective). That is to say, Suchness just Is…Is the Totality of Being (Intubeing): the Form that is Formless, the Self that is Selfless, the Creator (Creating) of the universe, yet who is not the universe, literally speaking. Suchness, then, is not any man in the sky, supernatural entity or projection/sensation of the mind–but mind, sound, light, space, consciousness (or whatever name you prefer) in Ourself as a Whole–Intubeing most Natural, Spiritual, Spontaneous (the Eternal Flow).

Thus Stillness Moves, and Being Stillness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole, Suchness Sees/Lives/Breathes, nonliterally speaking. Therefore, as the ultimate Center of Being Rests wholly Within ourself, to Know Such is to enter fully Into Being, Into Ourself as a Whole (understanding Awareness) and See/Live/Breathe Suchness through whatever is conceptualized and experienced. Thus Intubeing Rests Before both the mental and material conceptualization (image/form) of being, Before (through) the body/personality or ego, as Suchness remains Nonsensory (Nonego/Nonliteral Perspective). Indeed, Suchness requires the individual psyche (soul) to give up the attachment to its own image life (separate existence) out of Love for Suchness (God) that one may selflessly Realize (just Be) our innermost Being, whose Nature Is Love. Such is the soul-purpose for human existence: to Be the Knowing (Creating) that Is Who and what We Are (Intubeing).

The path offered here is the Way of the cross: the cross is our own psyche, and the Way is right through the psyche (soul)! Thus we are the means and We Are the goal, so to speak. The beginning and the ending of all things. But the ultimate We Rests even Before that.

So, by remaining literal-minded we can never really know Before that, but by living Jesus, that is, by consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding Awareness (spiritual discernment or Spirit discerning), resolving our psyches of their attachment to and conflict with any thing-event of the day, we may fulfill the Way through our own individual existences on this earth. Therefore the true gospel remains a living gospel, not a particular historical event (or piece of information) happening only to a particular person in the past. Living (Christ) Jesus, the Principal of Life (the Tao/Word/ Son of God), Rests potentially Within (through) each one of us, and remains Ourself as a Whole (Intuconsciousness)!