Yes. Ultimately we Are what We See (Intusee), as there’s no separation with interior Vision (Nonliteral Perspective). But before we can realize this we need to unlock in our hearts the secret to living the spiritual life: Change the way in which you see and you will change what you see, thus transforming yourself.

This is not just a matter of asking the right questions, or seeing the subject matter from another’s viewpoint, but seeing (understanding) all thing-events as they are from Within, from the basic Intelligence (Spirit/God) that Is already There through us–Resting even Before we (as personalities) think about it. Such pure Intelligence/essential Quality (Nonessentiality), then, is our true (Complete) Self — who remains Selfless–and therefore the pure Ground (Center/Heart) of our understanding Awareness (Intuconsciousness).

Thus it is written that the Kingdom of God Is Within…for when we cease to identify with the ego/personality as ourself and see (live) life as a Whole or uncarved Block, we Are what We See (Totality of Being), even as Nonsensory Perception/interior Vision, Intubeing the Heart of Awareness, Rests Within us (us, here meaning ego) and As Us (Us, here meaning Nonego)!