There’s the actual world (universe) and there’s the media of man’s mind: that is to say, what actually happens, and having happened, how the thing-event is perceived and packaged by the mind of man who, being stuck in time and space (on the thing-event)–and thus influenced by his own partial experience–sees the subject matter as an extension of himself (ego). It also follows that in seeking to project his own view onto the same and thereby receive instant gratification–and hopefully reinforcement from others–man sells himself on his mind’s presentation (media) as the way it is (reality).

But with the universe everything just is what it is: a rock is a rock, a flower is a flower, a bear is a bear, a flowing stream flows, a growing child grows, every action is known by the pattern of its behavior; there’s no need to make more of it than that.

Thus the universe doesn’t project…doesn’t project its own preconceptions onto anything; doesn’t spin and package the thing-event to capture the ratings and make a profit, or, maybe, serve some political agenda. Nor will the universe make a personal claim or pronounce a moral judgment on the article, calling it mine or yours, good or bad, right or wrong, virtuous or sinful, that is, whatever it needs the article to be in order to hold on to its own belief. Instead, the universe remains open-minded and holy indifferent, so to speak, on every issue…as the thing-event and its pattern of behavior already is what it is.

But the mind of man, the human material condition, won’t leave it at that; he can’t: ego, being sensory, must have its gratification…and man as ego, being self-centered, must have his cause! Therefore things can’t remain just what they are.

So, it may be said: there’s the actual happening and there’s the legend; the thing-event in itself and the media event or myth that follows; this very moment right now and man’s concept of it after; the historical fact and the latest interpretation (correction) of the same; the unassuming spontaneity and the glorified lie, bias or distortion that is believed in; the depth of feeling/sense of being and the popular entertainment/packaged experience that’s produced; the world as it is (actuality) and what the mind and culture of man wants it to be (escapism).

The problem is: a thing-event can’t be taken out of the past and relived, not in actuality: what has gone by in time can’t be recaptured. So, no matter how correct the information on the subject is, there’s always the principle of uncertainty at play; and that plays havoc with man’s mind, making him even more insecure, and more determined to pretend to himself that he knows…that his interpretation of the facts is the right one. Thus man wants things to be the way he wants them to be, that way man can rest comfortably in his delusion of certainty…in his ego! Man can play God and be absolute, omnipotent! But again, what has gone by in time can’t be recaptured; for though patterns of behavior can be repeated, the initial events themselves are unique–and remain only as snapshots of the mind.

Thus any excursion by the discursive mind into interpretation is an exercise (deviation or digression) in myth making. Indeed, what is called the world, even the phenomenal universe, in being registered by the physical (partial) senses–but later captured and confined in concepts (abstractions)–is not the world as it actually is but as man sees it through the media of his own mind…and its ego! Even a literal interpretation of history, the Bible or the universe itself (science) is at best a distortion, and at worst a lie. It is only a projection of the discursive mind, not the actual thing-event. And never can be!

Know, then, it’s the literal perspective that we have come into the world to outgrow. Like childhood, the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) represents levels, grades or phases of development (experience) in man that we must enter into and graduate from if we are to mature spiritually and become what we have always been when Awake, enlightened adults (Intubeings). Thus the literal perspective (childhood)  isn’t the “goal” of creation but only a means to it.

When we are a child our world is a child’s world: we see it as a child (sensory perception), as being partial, relative, subjective, temporal. Thus we are caught up in the media of man’s mind, and often being spooked (intimidated) by our own collective ego (satan), seek to escape from the heat of that phantom terror by denying who and what we just are; in other words, if our parents/teachers/authorities fail to school us in the ways and means of the world (ego), and through that into the Spirit and Principal of Life (God), of Ourself as a Whole, we will fail to take up our cross and consciously accept the living responsibility of daily confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding Awareness, resolving our own childishness (ignorance)! Therefore, no matter what position we attain in the world, in spirit we remain a child.

When we are adolescent our world is adolescence: we want to be an adult (enlightened) but are afraid of taking living responsibility for ourselves (stepping into the Light), so we get caught up in a struggle to discover, or bury, our true identity. That is, we remain too strong in our own pride and insecurity and its need to hold onto the object image of life–and to the cravings and goods that come with it–yet too weak in our living faith and understanding to drop the identification with the past (ego), with the image and personality we think of as ourself.

Thus we suppress the urge to “still the mind” and know ourself as Spirit (Nonego)–and by living an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference toward all things–Be the Love and Compassion (openness) that flows freely through the image self. Instead, we cling to body/personality, wanting “big daddy” (the institution of culture/government/religion, etc) to take care of us. Therefore, no matter what position we attain in the world, in spirit we remain an adolescent.

But when we are an adult our world is adulthood (enlightenment): we see as an adult (Nonsensory Perception), as an Intubeing, open, direct, total…we See (Intusee) everything from Within us and As Us (God)! Even the media of man’s mind, like a reflection in the mirror, just is what it is; there’s no problem with it. We don’t take it for reality; we are not making any personal claims or moral judgments on others; we are not trying to rewrite history, the Bible or the universe, nor exploit the countryside and the people on it–or serve some ideological agenda in order to gain gratification and feed our ego. We intusee things as we Are, as We (God) Are Living/Being them, as everything Is–and having transcended both our childhood and our adolescence–we intusee life (everything) as a Whole, as an Adult! Now the media of man’s mind reflects the Whole (but is not itself the Whole), the innate Light, the Nonliteral Perspective and Totality of Being (Intubeing) that Is Ourself. Therefore, no matter what position we attain in the world, in Spirit we remain Who and what we just Are!