Concepts are not reality, but they are, like reflections in a mirror, extensions of reality. These shadow-entities grab our attention and make us aware that there’s also light, even the light of understanding. Indeed, aware that there’s something (Nonthingness) greater in us than shadows. But, in remaining hooked on the object image of life, man needs constant reminders to help him chart a course straight through his own dark psyche, transforming the ego/personality–and all the concepts (images) that go with it–into Self (Intuself/Nonego), that is, into enlightenment, liberation, the Kingdom of God. Thus concepts are a necessary means of contemplation for the weary traveler in a world beset by many false trails: personal doubts, insecurities, fears, desires, denial, and, maybe, the biggest stumbling block of all, guilt.

Concepts, as precepts, help us to focus our mind on the very energy that the precept represents. Yet the Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) is not the thought but Rests Before the thought (Being greater than), just as the light comes before the shadow–and is greater than the shadow–in fact projects it. But, nonliterally speaking, it may be said that the shadow is also the light (Spirit), like a reflection in the mirror is an extension of the reflector. It’s just that, in the case of human personality, the reflection can’t see the Reflecting (Nonpersonality) and thus doesn’t know it, doesn’t see Who and what we really Are (God). The reflection remains stuck on its own image/duality, sensory perception, ego, the literal perspective, and like a child, is still being manipulated, controlled and exploited by his own childhood (ignorance). Indeed, a child, while still a child, can’t see himself yet as an adult, or, to use another example, a mass of energy–while still centered in its mass–can’t know itself as pure energy.

But when we see (live) through the concept of whatever, even the thought of God, we automatically transmute the energy that is the thought into Self (Intuconsciousness), into the essential Quality that is already ourself as a Whole (Intubeing/Nonessentiality), annihilating any identification with the concept or object image. Thus the reflection, in having died psychologically to itself as a separate entity in space (or mind), selflessly Realizes ourself as the One Soul Reflecting, that is, as the Whole Space (Spirit) or Intuconscious Space (Energy-Consciousness): Nonduality, Nonsensory perception, Nonego (Intuself), the Nonliteral Perspective; and like an adult who sees, knows, lives by virtue of his adulthood, Rests in the understanding Awareness that Is the Totality of Being (God)!

Now, having come Aware, we may give witness to this through the writing and speaking of our understanding (gnosis), of our interior Vision, to others. But language is metaphor, not reality, and we can only do so in speaking by analogy. For what we are speaking of transcends human language! It is not the words themselves (nor the human speakers) that are the ultimate message (Truth) but the Living Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) that comes Before (through) the words (concepts), and cannot be contained by the words! Indeed, we really can’t speak of it directly at all. Being Nonliteral, Such Quality and Dimension of Perception Is greater than any thought; thus Suchness remains the very Life of all that can be known and lived, as Suchness Is Life…Ourself as a Whole!

But, in order that we might communicate (suggest) Suchness to another we first need to give Suchness a name, though, interestingly, Suchness is itself a name, literally speaking. So we may call That which remains Before any name God, Jehovah, Christ, Holy Spirit, Light-Conscious (Living) Energy, Liberation, Truth, Love, Compassion, understanding Awareness, the Nonliteral Perspective, the Presence, the uncarved Block, the Tao, the Principal of Life, the Word, Allah, Intuconscious Space, Intuconsciousness, Intubeing, Nonthingness etc. Suchness has many names…but Suchness, Being Nonliteral, is not any of these names, though in and through these names Suchness Lives! And in and through these names we Live and have our Being, Intubeing! For Suchness and We and the Word Are One Who Is Awake, Alive, Aware In Suchness…In Ourself As A Whole!

So when we speak of God as Jehovah, for example, we are not speaking of another being that’s outside of ourself, up in the sky, perhaps, but of Suchness, our innermost Being, That which Is Before (Within) the name, concept, image or thing-event experienced with the material senses, that is, experienced outside the Center (Wholeness) of Intubeing. Thus God, as a concept, may be said to be a deity, but remain as Suchness a Nondeity. And thing-events, as concepts, may be said to be actual, but remain as Suchness Nonactual.

So, too, in naming the concept, we don’t mean to suggest that the entity named is the essential quality (reality) but only that it is a means of entering into Self, into Being the very Suchness that all things Are (Absolute Relativity).