O deep, dark void inside me,
I stare directly into you, into now…
and the emptiness I feel penetrates me,
taking root in my brain as a thing-event
tho’ still remaining empty.

Is this void, then, only the nothingness that I am,
stalking the landscape like an arbitrary phantom?

Is this seeming reality
only the shadow of my mind’s play
spun upon a dank consciousness who,
containing his life’s energy in the concept, even now
packages the image like a solid product to be sold
to his grasping intellect as the world outside?

So who and what is this void inside?
Shall I ever know?
Is existence just a projection/sensation of mind?
The world outside just my own partial view?

Indeed, behold the play!
The play is the thing, or so it has been said;
but everything once thought lies in the past…
and the past is dead!

But what if I no longer contain my life’s energy,
the thing?
Rather, I just let be,
ceasing to identify with the thing,
the void?
Is not pure Intelligence more than the mind?

Yes, even the void can be seen thru
with the mind as a Whole;
and just as light penetrates darkness,
fullness liquidates emptiness
and mindfulness permeates every thought,
I am living Spirit!

Still, without first seeing directly into the void
and ceasing to hold on, letting Be,
I couldn’t Know the Word
Being at the very Heart of me,
the Living Spirit and understanding Awareness
that Breathes the Totality that’s every one of us!