I’m so tired of running,
of chasing shadows…and then,
like being caught up in a dream,
of getting chased by one
fragment of my brain!

I’m so tired of running,
of spinning away from here and now…and then
of getting intimidated by that great spook called ego-satan,
who would huff and buff and blow my house in
if I didn’t gratify the immediate desire…the innate fear
that must have its own way even at the expense of another.

I speak now of my own shadow, the other,
the split in my consciousness reflected in another,
who is the only enemy I’ll ever know–
even as I deny my inmost self to make it so.

Still, with a little wholesale knowledge,
I may purge this ego-satan thru my own family,
community, country and the world at large;
but in the end it always comes back to me,
to my own personality, psyche, soul,
duality and sensory perception…
back to the literal perspective, the ego
and its fundamental interpretation.

Yes, back to the one I know–yet constantly
trying to escape from having any direct knowledge of–
as this would, for a certainty,
nail the very sense of self, of life,
to the cross of my own separate identity.

In the end, then, I can’t escape the other,
even my own karma and pattern of behavior;
for what goes around comes around
’til finally confronted and understood,
I see thru this very concept of me and mine
and make naught that spook I am.

Indeed, this moment appears to be all there is,
but in diminishing the sense of time
Rests moment’s Eternity, that is,
if I psychologically die to this partial me–
to that which ever seeks to flee.

I’m so tired of running, of spinning,
so very tired of chasing shadows…and then
getting chased by that great spook called ego-satan.

Let him blow my house in!
Like the samurai said in old Japan,
“A man’s fate is a man’s fate, life is an illusion.”

Indeed, this illusion appears to be all there is,
but in diminishing the spook lies moment’s Eternity,
the Sole Reflecting Wholeness
who waits for His/Her temporal reflections to just let Be…
to stop running from, and remain intimidated by,
anyone or anything outside the Whole.

O my God,
Now everything seems so very Still;
and Stillness Being the Whole of me,
I’m not running anymore!