When we prejudge or project a preconception onto any subject matter, we are suppressing our own consciousness, attempting, even unconsciously, to contain our very life’s energy with the concept, to hold onto it, as it were; thus we entrap ourselves with the projection. Worse still, if we then “identify” with the subject matter, we become hooked on it, that is, it becomes part of our self-image, even unconsciously, and the energy rebounds on us, creating a condition of self-victimization.

Mankind is turning in on himself! On the very energy that he has contained with the universal conceptualization of himself (ourself) as separate entities in space and mind (collective self-image), and thus being centered in the physical body (outside the spirit), remains hooked on the same. And since, out of fear and insecurity, and a low esteem of himself (seeing the world in himself as less than divine)–all of which constitute his “guilt” (sense of separate selfhood)–he would rather “cut and run” from any confrontation with his own projection instead of meeting this intimidation head on, and by Way of the cross, transmute the energy unto God (our innermost Being),  freeing his members from their own ego-satan. Mankind has, in effect, learned emotionally to hate himself for his own moral cowardise!

Of course, man will not consciously admit this to himself, and so, by remaining centered in a state of denial, he waxes hostile in relation to anyone or anything that seemingly brings up this estranged emotion (energy), whether only in thought or by interaction, that rages in his heart. But others are only a mirror unto himself, and when he condemns others, even lashing out at them for what he is seeing in himself, man is condemning himself (ourself) collectively! In time the pattern of his behavior becomes obsessive-addictive, as the repetition takes him (us) further out of control. Thus it’s the energy that drives him…he does not drive the energy.

But hypocrisy is a crime against the soul, and against each other, thus against God, our innermost Being. In living the image of life as reality, by containing the very energy that is life (ourself) instead of allowing such to flow freely back into God, we are manipulated, controlled and exploited by it, that is, by our own projection (ego)! We have turned the same into satan, so-called, and ego-satan judges us guilty! So we must suffer our own ignorance, nailing Jesus to the cross again and again! Indeed, our hypocrisy, and the struggle that goes with it, rules the world, and is the suffering that defines and frames the human material condition. And it’s all coming to a head! Because mankind (and that means each of us) cannot escape himself (ourself). We are the pattern and character of our behavior: as we live so are we!

Now, if we were to study alcoholism, and see it as a pattern of behavior or process of living, we would come to realize its self-destructiveness. Likewise, if we observe and study mankind in the world outside as a collective pattern of behavior or process of living (egoism), we would come to realize man’s (our) self-destructiveness. The human material condition is out of control; it always has been. But what’s different now is that the world outside (sense of spaciousness) is shrinking, and there’s nowhere outside to go anymore to escape ourself as ego-satan. So, with the expanded development and heightened sensitivity of modern culture (bigness), there’s a constant encroachment of our space, even of ourself. Thus, if we want to be free of our own self-victimization we will have to confront, penetrate, understand and resolve our own attachment to and conflict with the ego/personality, and the image (individual and collective) that we think is ourself.

For there is no deliverance from our guilt, and our sense of a separate selfhood, with any agency outside our innermost Being! Freedom from want can’t be given to us or guaranteed by another, not by governments, organized religions,  social institutions and groups or persons of any kind. Even man’s law is only as good or as evil as man is himself. Freedom from want is living Free, Free of our own self-destructiveness and suffering (ignorance). If we are not living Free, Freedom from want is not happening!

Thus I often speak of the Way of the cross as a Way of living, not as a single historical event or a single historical person. The Principal of Life or inner Christ (Buddha, Krishna, Tao, Word, etc) is the Living Potential Within all of us. In the gospel story the man Jesus (even as a myth) represents a living example of one who is fulfilling through his own existence on earth the Way of the cross, of living Life, not the image of life (living death). He has seen through the image (creative projection), and selflessly Realizing ourself as a Whole, transmuted his (our) very life’s energy: I am in you and you are in me and we are in ourself as a Whole. Life Is One…Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

We cannot escape ourself! The pattern of our individual and collective behavior is coming full curcle, as it must, to be transformed. In time we will have to face ourself, and what we see will be mankind’s judgment on himself (ourself)! For we are what we see, what we are living: that’s who (pattern/character) and what (process/condition) we are. And there’s no escaping that!