Across the planet earth mankind is turning in on himself, but remains, for the most part, unconscious of the fact. Like an alcoholic intoxicated with (hooked on) his condition (willful ignorance), he (we) simply doesn’t realize! Nor does he particularly want to. Indeed, having been well-programed by culture to fixate on the image of things, and by acquiring the product he desires–thus escaping into the gratification that comes with materialism/egoism (like an alcoholic escapes into booze, a drug addict into the bodily sensation or a propagandist into his own spin)–he sells himself on a way of life that can be best described as “cut and run”, refusing to deal directly with the energy (pressure) that afflicts him–but which is his (our) life. Mankind will not take the “heat” or living responsibility for the patterns of his own behavior…for the way in which he sees and projects himself at this moment. And he always has an excuse: mother looked cross-eyed at me when I was three, or whatever. I speak now of the human material condition, of duality, sensory perception and ego by itself alone.

The human ego/personality is an escape artist and a pretender. Cut off from the Whole self, remaining a split-personality, so to speak, he blames the “other” for what he sees but cannot accept in himself. Like the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a conflict naturally develops (and is not all conflict some form of guilt stemming from believing we are a separate entity in space?) projected by the human psyche. But instead of investigating the matter internally, understanding what’s actually coming down inside us and resolving it with compassion, the two rival factions in our psyche, each blaming and hating the other in an attempt to escape their own culpability, continue to make war on each other until the human psyche is permanently damaged–as neither side can win this war without destroying itself in the process. See a parallel here, perhaps, between Arab and Western cultures, not to mention, between republicans and democrats?

Indeed, when culture, to feed its collective craving for whatever, gives sanction to immorality destructive things start to happen…and these thing-events get worse as they become reinforced patterns of behavior over time! Moral authority collapses throughout the culture (the gods lose their magic, so to speak) and society compacts into a mode of “collective self-undoing”, packaging and spinning a perverse (or is it progressive?) behavior or perpetual state of self-victimization (perpetual madness). And, with the politicalization of this state (mentality), the conflict–and the guilt associated with it–in having become politically correct, increases, until, finally, after doing much violence to himself, the victim (us), like an alcoholic, bottoms out. And so it is that this way leads in the end to ruination and oblivion: to disillusionment, despair and death, the final fruits of empire.

The 20th Century is on record as the most violent century in history, and there’s no reason, considering man’s past behavior, not to believe the 21st will be even more violent. But will mankind pay heed to any such warning? Can he (we)? The alcoholic is out of control…and so is mankind as a selfoholic (materialist/egoist)! And, as most alcoholics have to bottom out first, losing everything, before they will accept help, will not the same be true for mankind as a selfoholic? Will not cultures fall like dominoes before this century is over? Alas, this is not about spouting idealism or painting pretty pictures of positive thinking but recognizing generations of reinforced patterns of human behavior! Mankind will need to face his “darkside” before it’s too late, and discover Who and what we really Are. So, what is a person to do?

Face his (our) darkside, of course, now! Confront, penetrate, understand and resolve it. Instead of continuing to play the “image game”, pretending to be what the ego/personality is not, and in actuality can never be, any person who has his or her mind set on liberation (Dr. Jekyll/”white hat”) needs to stare directly into his darkside (Mr. Hyde/”black hat”) and annihilate the conflict (attachment) by seeing through himself…seeing/being through (Before) all the images, emotions and actions projected by the ego/personality!

Mankind lives the image (media) of life, not life as a Whole…as Whole Consciousness.  This is because he identifies with the body/personality as himself instead of with his Spirit/God, our innermost Being. But we Are that Energy-Consciousness or pure Intelligence which gave rise to this very moment, not the form it takes which, like a reflection in the mirror (mind), is an extension (shadow) of Us but is not Us, not the Center (Source) of Awareness! But when we identify with the reflection (image of life) in the mirror (mind) as ourself, then that becomes the center and we are cut off from our Soul (Sole) Reflecting and Intubeing! In our isolation we see everything as existing outside of ourself in space and mind instead of from Within us and As Us, the Whole Consciousness (Intuconsciousness)!

Thus, to the ego/personality the universe is relative, subjective (though appearing objective), partial and temporal (maya). This may be referred to as the “literal perspective” or, if you prefer, ego-satan, the very enemy that mankind faces in himself…and as himself! However, an enemy that ultimately has no real power, life or cause. Therefore, only by passing through himself as the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) will man see God, the “Nonliteral Perspective”, that is, ourself as a Whole (Intuself/God in man/Christ Jesus)! Such Is the true Resurrection! Not a resurrection of the material body, which would be a continuation of all the suffering that comes with it, but of the Holy Spirit (Nonego), man’s true Self–who Is Selfless–and Intusees through the universe in ourself that all things are nonthings, that is, Nonthingness, Complete in Ourself as a Whole (God)!

But mankind has entered into a dark night of the soul, his world view will crumble into dust, as it must, for ego/personality/satan is not the real doer of anything but its own undoing. Its willfulness (pride) is not God, but an escape artist and a pretender, and as such a living death! Thus mankind goes before a fall, as he (we) must! The spiritual-minded (nonliteral perspective) among us understand this from Within, but the worldly-minded (literal perspective) do not. Like a selfoholic, they don’t see through their need for gratification as an end in itself, as a false absolute. They live the image/form/concept, the media of the senses, losing themselves in it. So the material, literal, personal perspective dominates them, as it must!

Thus, fashioning a mind (world) dominated and continually victimized by their own projections/sensations, the worldly-minded breathe not the Energy-Consciousness (Spirit) behind the image and Within themselves, That which Breathes Ourself as a Whole (Nonliteral Perspective). It is not in the province of ego/personality to do so as the Totality of Being cannot be structured nor manipulated, controlled and exploited by the ego/personality. Suchness Rests “through” the psyche as an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, totally open, direct, spontaneous, free and nondependent. Therefore man alone will never literalize the Nonliteral, never materialize the purely Spiritual, for the Totality of Being (Intubeing) cannot be contained by the partiality of being.

But when man’s center of awareness is the Principal of Life (Nonego/the Tao) then the Word Is Lord, as duality/sensory perception/ego are no longer a problem–for we Are Seeing/Being through (Before) the image (concept/form) and projection/sensation the One (Whole) Reality or uncarved Block, as We Are the Totality of Being or Living Light that everything Is! The ego/personality cannot see (be) this, and never will. But in Spirit (God) we Are what We See, there being no division, no conflict (guilt), no attachment in Us.

So, mankind is turning in on himself and entering a dark night of the soul: what do we do? Certainly not cut and run, nor make war on a supposed enemy outside ourself–but turn In and face our darkside directly–taking up our cross and thus accepting full responsibility for our actions (behavior)…and not resorting to any excuses for that behavior nor blaming anyone for it, not even ourself. But seeing things just as they are, and seeing/being through them in ourself, understanding the pattern of behavior and psychological process behind our own (collective) self-victimization, behind the human material condition. The Truth shall set us Free!

Mankind is coming undone, his worlds will collide and crumble, his myths will be shattered, his fears and insecurities (guilt) will be exposed; thus he (we) will stand alone before God, before the Living Energy (Spirit) that Is our Life! At last, in the psychological process of our own self-undoing, mankind will know the truth about the human material condition and that will either lift us into Heaven (Intubeing) or bury us in hell, so to speak…either Free us from our own ego/personality/satan or wrap our body-life in oblivion. The final judgment and determination is ours!