Sand Dune

When I stare deeply into a grain of sand,
as into my own mind,
I see ourself as a Whole.

When I feel deeply the emptiness that is the grain,
as it is my own mind,
I touch ourself as a Whole.

When I hear the soundless Sound that bears the emptiness,
as Such bears my own mind,
I ground ourself as a Whole.

When I sense the pure Intelligence that knows the soundless Sound,
as Such knows my own mind,
I breathe ourself as a Whole.

But this personal I is only the perceiver of That which we call God,
as is my own mind,
and by itself breathes conceit;
but when seeing from Within thru the I now completely open,
as thru the concept,
this seeming shadow dissolves into clarity,
Intuseeing the Living Divinity Within all…
Intubeing Ourself as a Whole.