Things are just what they are, literally speaking. If we see things just as they are, without projecting any preconceptions onto them–and without identifying with them–these images/concepts/forms remain as an extension of us (of our perception) but not as Us, not as the Center of Awareness (Wholeness). However, if we see things as ends in themselves (false absolutes), even as we are seeing ourself the same, then we feed them our life’s energy and they become more than what they are (delusion)–and so do we. Thus in projecting (preconceiving) things as positive or negative, right or wrong, we make a big deal of them even as we make a big deal of ourself in the process, having become attached to, and, often, in conflict with, our own preconceptions.

But things just are what they are: a tree is just a tree, the sky is just the sky, a person is just a person, the concept is just the concept. If we see things just as they are, then they are neither right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative, this or that in themselves. Rather, it is we who make them so by the way in which we see them, which is an extension of the way in which we see ourself! Nothing can be clean or unclean in itself, but we make it so when we see ourself that way! Like a dishonest person might see dishonesty in another even if it is not there, or a honest person might see honesty in another even if its not there. Thus we project our preconceptions (even delusions) onto other people, places and things. Indeed, we can only project who and what we are, as all projection is an extension of the way in which we see ourself at the moment.

But every time we identify with and give into our thoughts and emotions as ends in themselves (the energy that is our life rides us instead of us riding the energy), we feed our ego-satan, reinforcing the split in our own consciousness from God, the Totality of Being (our innermost Being). In understanding this and choosing not to indulge the ego/personality any longer, that is, choosing to let go of it or “let be”, we may release ourself from any attachment to the image/concept/form that we have identified with, entering into an intustate of nonattachment and holy indifference (Nonego) in relation to things, even to our own ego.

This understanding Awareness or Enlightenment is not a possession of the intellect or our own ego, as Such cannot be given to us by anyone or anything outside the Nonego, our true Self, who Is Selfless (God). So we continue in this world to manifest conflict, and even wage war on each other, because we continue to see ourselves not only as separate entities in space and mind but believe those images/concepts/forms to be the center (source) of awareness (reality), and thus we project all manner of preconceptions on each other even as we remain stuck on ourselves (self-images) as ends (false centers) of awareness. Therefore, deeply insecure concerning things that appear greater than ourself, we fear the very energy coming up in us that is our life…but now disguised as things! We live the image of life, not life as a Whole, seeing (projecting) the image apart from our own energy (spirit)!

NOTE: Mankind is turning in on himself (ourself) as separate entities in space (as things), and if he doesn’t learn to see through himself as ego/personality/psyche, selflessly Realizing that the Center of Awareness Is Before (through)  images/concepts/forms, in fact, Is his true Self (Spirit), he (we) will “bottom out” as a materialist or collective ego (selfoholic), and may even destroy his collective life! There is no longer the “new world” to escape to, the planet is becoming (via population and modern technology) very close. Mankind will finally have to face himself and his (our) collective projections! Thus it will be up to each individual to “turn In” and confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness, resolve his own attachment to and conflict with “things”, that is, with his own ego-satan!