Who is ever spinning away from his true Center, and like a wandering star, remains outside the Core of our very Being?

Who is ever lying to himself about what is happening right now, and like a political ideolog, proclaims as truth his own preconceptions formed in the past?

Who is ever pretending to be what he is not, and like a popular actor, turns his life into a comedy-drama of make-believe?

Who is ever denying the actual cause for this pretentious display, and like a cultural critic, blames others for his own hypocrisy?

Who is ever escaping from taking living responsibility for his own actions, and like a dedicated con artist, tries desperately to fool himself, as well as others, that he is?

Who is ever packaging and selling himself as a commerical product in order to gain fame and self-gratification, and like a super, but grasping, salesman, pays the price for his own craving–which is death to the spirit?

Who is ever thinking that he is someone solid, and like an isolated body in space, suppresses the emptiness that plagues his quiet moments?

Who is ever believing that someone is good or bad, right or wrong, positive or negative, this or that, and like a leading authority on the subject, traps his object self in a cycle of conflict and hostility?

Who is ever experiencing whatever as being outside himself, and like an unconscious observer, never sees its essential quality as being within himself and as ourself?

Who is ever projecting himself but never being or understanding ourself as a Whole, and like a partial witness, gives evidence against our very Being?


Why, our own ego, that’s who!