It’s not so much that body-consciousness or egoism vanish but that one, in realizing that we are not our personal thoughts, emotions, beliefs and experiences but Awareness in itself (pure Intelligence/Spirit), lets go of (ceasing to identify with) the literal sensation (solid sense of being a separate entity in space or mind) and sees/lives (from Within) through it.

But how does this happen? Actually, how (ego) has nothing to do with it. Rather, one follows the Way of the cross, the Eternal Principal of Life or Tao (Nonego), and by the grace of God, our innermost Being, becomes Aware that We (Living Jesus/Krishna/Buddha, etc) Are already there.

Everything we experience as being outside (other than) ourself as a Whole is a conceptualization of consciousness, and thus by seeing/being through the conceptual sensation instead of remaining stuck on it, one’s center of awareness is not the thing-event in space or in mind but the space/mind in itself (ourself as a Whole); that is to say, we intuconsciously (selflessly) Realize (Intuperception/Nonsensory Perception) Before (through) the concept or thing-event the basic, pure Intelligence that we Are and that everything Is (our innermost Being/Intubeing).

Thus duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective) are no longer a problem, as all are insubstantial (void) to the seer, whose Center (Intustate) of Awareness, remaining nonattached and holy indifferent, is everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking. So Rests Energy-Consciousness (Intuconsciousness) without (through) an object: the One (Ourself as a Whole) purely Spiritual, transcendent/immanent, Intuconsciously Streaming Totality of Being (Nonliteral Perspective) that Is (God).