By seeing (being aware) through one’s own ego/personality/selfhood that all personally based (ego-centered) beliefs and concepts are, at their root, insubstantial. One may see this by living meditation: the daily discipline of consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving any attachment to and conflict with the subject matter (thought/emotion/action) that one experiences.

Thus by turning In and stilling (centering) the mind, paying constant attention to what is actually going on at this very moment (seeing it as it is), one will “open up” the ego/personality. And then having rediscovered the spaciousness of soul, in choosing to drop the preconception of a separate self isolated in space, like a staring scope of spiritual discernment,  one will receive penetrating insights into our innate Being, as Such is our true Center (Ground). Character transformation follows automatically as one consciously realizes the self actually living/being what before the mind was only thinking (conceptualizing).

Therefore one doesn’t have to hold onto any beliefs (the past) per se, just live Life…as Such is ever-present: the Center of Awareness Being Awareness in itself (Ourself as a Whole) rather than the conceptual sensation/sensory perception of the thing-event. Thus does one Realize the self as selfless, that is to say, one’s Center is the very Quality (Nonessentiality) that Awareness itself Is (Intuperception/Nonsensory Perception) and not the thing-event outside. Indeed, living is believing!