Feel, but don’t watch yourself feeling;
think, but don’t watch yourself thinking;
act, but don’t watch yourself acting;
be, but don’t watch yourself being.

Drop the watcher
and everything becomes Whole;
everywhere and nowhere Intubeing the Center,
knowing in itself Breathes All.

Drop the watcher
and your focus is ever-present;
and tho’ the past is a worthy contender,
it can’t hold onto the moment.

And it must hold onto something to be in control,
or at least for you to think so;
but the image of life is projection,
it’s seeming reality delusion.

So, drop the watcher
and be Free of whatever,
of duality/sensory perception/ego…
even the partial void still held onto as you.

Drop the watcher
and be Full of whatever:
the Knowing who dwells behind the eyes,
the Nonessentiality the watcher can never realize.