The answer becomes obvious as soon as the mind realizes its own ego (duality/sensory perception) as the projector of the myth, the spinner of the tale (thought), and thus does not do in reality but dreams, that is, projects (manifests/escapes) outward in space and mind. Thus all thing-events in the actual world (maya), being relative, subjective, temporal and partial, are but metaphor (symbolic action) in relation to Spirit (Nonego/Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole) or That which Is…Is the real Doer (Doing) or Totality of Being (God)!

However, though we are not really our personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences, as the dreamer (ego), we are forever projecting our preconceptions onto people, places and things in order to live out on earth the psychological myths (images/forms/concepts) that our psyches identify with–and hold onto. These myths, and the cultural context that accompany them, though symbolic, become necessary as a means of dealing with the energies that have been drawn up through the body from the center of our being. This is instinctual, of course, for without the energy to realize something, nothing would ever be possible in a phenomenal world. There would be no development. And, without any development in a phenomenal universe, there can be no Liberation, no Resurrection of the Spirit. Thus before the mind can come fully Awake, it must dream (conceptualize) in order to comprehend the possibility and potential Within it (power of suggestion).

But often life’s energy becomes trapped in the body, whose organs and cells may block the natural flow with our resistance to it (the fear of being overwhelmed by life’s direct flow), the fragmentation having been caused by the conscious suppression of our very being. Thus the greater need to identify with the Flow (Energy-Consciousness/Intuconsciousness/Awareness in itself) as ourself rather than with the body/personality. Then the events of our lives are seen through as we absorb life’s energy Into Ourself (inverting the mind) instead of projecting the same onto peole, places and things outside, selflessly Realizing Nonego (Ourself as a Whole) as the real Self…as the One innate Life, Power and Cause behind (Within) everything. Indeed, the myth (thing-events) becomes a ritual means of dying a “psychological death” to duality (ego/partiality of being) and intuconsciously Realizing Ourself the as Resurrection (Principal) of Life, as Awareness in itself, in God (Totality of Being)!