Want to overcome evil in the world? Then you need to overcome good as well. Want to overcome wrong in the world? Then you need to overcome right as well. Want to overcome negative in the world? Then you need to overcome positive as well. Want to overcome “this” in the world? Then you need to overcome “that” as well. So long as we remain bound to duality, then along with success, gain and life, failure, loss and death will be our reckoning as well. For you cannot have one without the other.

But, of course, we deny “this” and say “that” will prevail, because we still identify with that…and thus feed it our life’s energy. Yet, this and that are two sides of the same living principal–and the Eternal Principal in ourself Is a unified Whole, not partial (incomplete) in any way. But again, we deny this by our actual behavior rather than see through our self-created attachments and preconceptions. So we continue to suffer the pain (and karma) of our own blindness and ignorance. Dr. Jekyll saw himself as good and therefore denied the evil aspect (dark side) in his human nature when it arose–and Mr. Hyde was born.

Likewise, most of us play the image (media) game in life and feed that very image/concept/form the power which appears to overwhelm us emotionally at times, and so we choose to flee from the confrontation with ourself (our life’s energy). But no one can escape the self! Ultimately, the self is selfless and a liberation. But, to know the selfless is to Be Selfless! Free of our attachments  and conflicts with the images/concepts/forms of life.

Such is a Way of Being, not just thinking. And as the self is the true cross, the Way of the cross is to consciously confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness coming from Within, resolve our attachment to and conflict with whatever comes before us in space or in mind. Such is a living/being meditation, ever constant, activated by and through every thing-event of the day.

Therefore, to the degree that we consciously accept ourself as we are this moment, and without morally judging, take up our cross and see through our own duality, sensory perception and ego–thus nailing to the cross all that goes with it (absorbing life’s energy and automatically transmuting it)–we will no longer continue to haunt the mind and be victimized by our own ego-satan! Freedom from suffering is not a gift (understanding) from outside of us, but from God, our innermost Being!

If there is ever to be a real peace in the world, we will need to Be that Peace! A living/being Peace. And Such can only Be when we selflessly accept the true cross of forgiveness and thereby overcome our identification with duality, sensory perception and ego (the literal perspective). Then both the quality and perception of good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, this and that, are no longer seen as opposites (being outside of, and in conflict with, each other) but, in having changed their quality and dimension of perception (the Nonliteral Perspective)–as a unified Whole (Being wholly Within)! And in being no longer attached to the image/concept/form (partiality) of life, we remain Free to use whatever to express the Love and Peace of our innermost Being (Wholeness).