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There’s So Much Beauty In The World


There’s so much beauty in the world,
even in a grain of sand,
when one sees with the Heart…
with the inner Knowing that stands not apart
from what one sees, but is
completely open to this very moment.

Indeed, diving deeply into the mystery of life, of self,
one sees everything as we see ourself as a Whole:
beautiful without compare,
moving without departing from Now,
filling the consciousness that’s us without measure,
as radiant light goes Into radiant Light
even without watching the show.

O God, Thou Art Living Light
when one sees with the Heart!
Just Being completely open to this very moment,
first Seeing from Within the shadow
that gives soul witness to the Light,
we as a Whole Are so very beautiful!




at this very moment swimming
thru the constant flow of images,
thoughts, feelings and assorted things,
like particle-waves in an oceanic mind
riding the tide of Energy-Consciousness, of God,
coming in, going out to sea;
that is, ’til identifying with what I see
catches myself holding onto every sensation…
falling for this revelry isolating the mind’s possession.

O how I spin! and spinning,
go down into the swell of the wave, spiraling
away from the ocean as a Whole,
which is Still Streaming…but now without me!

Now submerged in whirling darkness, I am chaos
centered in the phenomenen instead of thru the sensation,
attached to the form instead of letting go…
and thus remaining outside the Whole,
streaming not with Us but only with me.

But in Spirit we Are One!
Even seeing myself in part, I may return
to that Stillness ever-ready to once again
lift up my heart Into Being, Whole Being!

Indeed, as every thrust of the mind’s desire
takes me for a spin into the fire of my own gratification,
I sense this outer attraction getting lighter,
its clinging memory growing weaker.

All I need do is absorb the fire
and Be that Intuconsciously Streaming
which transmutes every desire Into Being…
Into Who and what we already Are,
and always have been tho’ lost in self-consuming.

Yea, I go into the Presence of God,
or what I think of as God;
for as every thought becomes naught,
its energy transmuted into Living Light,
I am first Seeing–even as We Are just Being–
that Energy-Consciousness Now Streaming
thru every form…all thru the night!

A Way Of Being


Want to overcome evil in the world? Then you need to overcome good as well. Want to overcome wrong in the world? Then you need to overcome right as well. Want to overcome negative in the world? Then you need to overcome positive as well. Want to overcome “this” in the world? Then you need to overcome “that” as well. So long as we remain bound to duality, then along with success, gain and life, failure, loss and death will be our reckoning as well. For you cannot have one without the other.

But, of course, we deny “this” and say “that” will prevail, because we still identify with that…and thus feed it our life’s energy. Yet, this and that are two sides of the same living principal–and the Eternal Principal in ourself Is a unified Whole, not partial (incomplete) in any way. But again, we deny this by our actual behavior rather than see through our self-created attachments and preconceptions. So we continue to suffer the pain (and karma) of our own blindness and ignorance. Dr. Jekyll saw himself as good and therefore denied the evil aspect (dark side) in his human nature when it arose–and Mr. Hyde was born.

Likewise, most of us play the image (media) game in life and feed that very image/concept/form the power which appears to overwhelm us emotionally at times, and so we choose to flee from the confrontation with ourself (our life’s energy). But no one can escape the self! Ultimately, the self is selfless and a liberation. But, to know the selfless is to Be Selfless! Free of our attachments  and conflicts with the images/concepts/forms of life.

Such is a Way of Being, not just thinking. And as the self is the true cross, the Way of the cross is to consciously confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness coming from Within, resolve our attachment to and conflict with whatever comes before us in space or in mind. Such is a living/being meditation, ever constant, activated by and through every thing-event of the day.

Therefore, to the degree that we consciously accept ourself as we are this moment, and without morally judging, take up our cross and see through our own duality, sensory perception and ego–thus nailing to the cross all that goes with it (absorbing life’s energy and automatically transmuting it)–we will no longer continue to haunt the mind and be victimized by our own ego-satan! Freedom from suffering is not a gift (understanding) from outside of us, but from God, our innermost Being!

If there is ever to be a real peace in the world, we will need to Be that Peace! A living/being Peace. And Such can only Be when we selflessly accept the true cross of forgiveness and thereby overcome our identification with duality, sensory perception and ego (the literal perspective). Then both the quality and perception of good and evil, right and wrong, positive and negative, this and that, are no longer seen as opposites (being outside of, and in conflict with, each other) but, in having changed their quality and dimension of perception (the Nonliteral Perspective)–as a unified Whole (Being wholly Within)! And in being no longer attached to the image/concept/form (partiality) of life, we remain Free to use whatever to express the Love and Peace of our innermost Being (Wholeness).

Being Right Here, Right Now


What most of us call life is only the image and media of life (sensory perception), and thus is an illusion (maya). Something which is actual but not Real, something which has been created (projected) rather than just Is. That is to say, it is not lasting, or absolute, as whatever has a beginning also has an ending. Yet, one can have a direct perception (nonsensory) right Now, the understanding Awareness that just Is in itself, even in ourself as a Whole. But, as soon as a concept of That is formed in one’s mind (the other), That (Reality) is seemingly lost, and right Now becomes the past (literal perspective).

All concepts, then, are “projection” in relation to right Now. Yet, if one sees (lives) through the concept, that is, intusees Before one’s own projection, then right Now is regained. Basically because Such was never really lost, only forgotten, so to speak, in the same way that when one falls asleep, Wakefulness in itself is not annihilated: one has only to wake up and the Fullness of Being is restored (resurrection). Such is enlightenment.

Enlightenment, then,  Is the Nonliteral Perspective: an interior Vision or Intuperception (Nonsensory Perception) where all concepts, images, forms, being shadows of Andro-Cosmic Light/reflections of the universal Reflecting/creations of the pure Intelligence who Rests right Here, right Now, are but extensions of a unified Whole (Nonthingness), an Energy-Consciousness Continuum (Spirit) Complete in itself, Being wholly Within (Before) our collective, literal self [collective unconscious? Remember, everything being said here is not fully awake, but only concepts incomplete in themselves, and not the Totality (Quality) of Being, which can never be spoken of directly]. So, thing-events just are what they are; they have no power, life or cause by themselves. And if one remains nonattached to one’s own projections/sensations, the thing-events we experience in space or in mind are no problem.

Ego/personality therefore is not capable of Reality in and by itself. Of actuality, yes, as this moment we are experiencing is actual. But ego/personality is a conceptualization and thus a partial perspective, not the Totality of Being, not the pure Intelligence who Is right Here, right Now. As persons, then, all that we think, even that which we believe ourselves to be, is merely a projection of that partial perspective which we are still holding onto as our identity, as the center (ground) of our awareness. But this center is outside of right Now and thus our awareness has become seemingly solidified and attached to the “thing”, to the object or body in space–and to the concept or image in mind that goes with it. This is ego/personality, the world most of us live in.

Yet, when this world is seen (lived) through, when the ego is dropped, Nonego or the Nonliteral Perspective remains: Such has always been there! Even when an object in space is annihilated, the space is still there, for the space is the true ground. Thus Suchness Is our true Center of understanding Awareness, Intubeing always right Here, right Now, Before (behind) the concept and Within (through) us as persons, just Being in ourself as a Whole (Nonthingness/pure Intelligence).  So the question is: if we are at our very Core pure Intelligence or Wakefulness (Whole Consciousness), then how do we wake up from the dream or illusion of self-consciousness (selfhood), of seeing ourselves only as separate entities in space? How do we see (live) through the shadow of our own light? the projection/reflection of our own partial perspective? the extension and concentrated point in space and mind (image of life) of our own energy-consciousness?

Self-consciousness (ego) may be likened to the dream self: being partial, relative, subjective and temporal, it can only come into existence (actuality) when full consciousness (intuconsciousness) is lost, like when we go to sleep: finding ourself unconscious, though still mentally active, the subconscious and dream state rolls in and takes over control of the entity. At this point, we are driven by our life’s energy, we do not drive the energy. This is called chaos, and is the universe outside the very Core of our innermost Being. In this condition of partial/literal being, the energy often becomes too much for us to absorb, as we are concentrating so much on ourself as an object that we block the natural flow, thus the pressure becomes too great, and we (as the object) give in to it, becoming captured by our own projection. We flee the fire and icon of our life’s energy in order to save our ego’s sanity and survive the build-up of pressure going on inside us, which we unconsciously have created. Thus we think this behavior is liberation, and quite natural,  so our split in consciousness and division in mind not only manifests as duality, sensory perception and ego but remains hooked on itself, often increasing with repetition (need to escape), moving from neurotic to obsessive-addictive behavior. This is the human material condition.

Again, when we think a thought, the mind focuses and concentrates itself to the point in space, and that point becomes polarized; thus we too become polarized. Our energy sustains the thought and it comes alive as we are alive, being the essential quality of the thought. Likewise, all things in the universe, and the universe itself, are but the processes of thought in the universal subconscious. Nothing exists by itself alone. The life energy (spirit) that sustains us is the essential Quality that sustains everything in the universe. And that Nonliteral (hidden to the ego) Quality or Nonessentiality Is the pure Intelligence or Intuconsciousness who Rests right Here, right Now, even Ourself as a Whole (Totality of Being)!

The problem then with ego/personality (selfhood), being literal-minded (worldly-minded), is that it only sees and believes the thing, shadow, reflection, image, concept, without seeing (living) the same in relation to its, and our, essential Quality or Nonliteral Perspective. Ego/personality suffers from a partial perspective believed to be an end in itself, and thinks itself only a separate entity in space, concentrating our life’s energy to that point (egoism). Thus we are not all there, not fully awake to our intuconsciousness. And like the dream self captured in the dream, we are contained by our own energy, and constantly victimizing ourself with the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome. Ego/personality, then, by itself  is self-destructive, and all that it creates must eventually come undone and be annihilated.

However, when one awakes from his own self-containment (self-centeredness), that is, from the partial/literal condition created in and by his own mind, one sees (intusees) that we are not the conceptualization or form which our energy-consciousness creates, but the Whole Consciousness or pure Intelligence Within who sustains the form, Intubeing right Here, right Now! And thus from that point on, the concept/image/form is no longer a problem, as all things Are a unified Whole (Nonthingness), even as the pure Intelligence (Spirit) We Are Is All!

But how do we, as persons, come to know this? Actually, how has nothing to do with it. This would be like asking how do we grow up? Maturity is not a how-to exercise. A more helpful question would be: what is the way to grow up? What way leads, by its very nature, to spiritual maturity and thus to Wakefulness? The way that is offered here is called the Way of the cross. Again, we are not speaking literally but nonliterally. The Way is not outside of us but Within us! The path is not historical but psychological. Thus the Way is a living process of consciously confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding Awareness coming from Within (from God, our innermost Being), resolving every attachment to and conflict with whatever is in front of us in space or in mind. We take up our cross (selfhood)! This is the cross of forgiveness, for without forgiveness one cannot face himself and overcome his hang-ups from Within. But when we do have mercy on ourself, then self becomes the true cross by which we may offer all (our life’s energy) to our innermost Being, in whose Presence all is resolved (absorbed), leading to a release and psychological Rest, not to physical torture.

However, not until we understand the full relationship between the Nonliteral and literal perspectives, mentally discriminating between Being and thinking, the Real and the unreal (though actual), the Totality (Nonego) and the partiality (ego), will we wed and resolve the contraries of our human nature, transcending both as conceptualization. For in living (being) Truth we are not just thinking truth, projecting an it or conceptualization: Here and Now are not outside of us–but the Nonthing Event (Intuprocess) that Is Within us and Is Us. The pure Intelligence (Spirit) who, in giving rise to the conceptualization, always Sees (Lives) through it, returning, so to speak, Into Self, Intubeing the Nonessentiality that Is!

Are The Events Of Our Lives On Earth Psychological Myth?


The answer becomes obvious as soon as the mind realizes its own ego (duality/sensory perception) as the projector of the myth, the spinner of the tale (thought), and thus does not do in reality but dreams, that is, projects (manifests/escapes) outward in space and mind. Thus all thing-events in the actual world (maya), being relative, subjective, temporal and partial, are but metaphor (symbolic action) in relation to Spirit (Nonego/Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole) or That which Is…Is the real Doer (Doing) or Totality of Being (God)!

However, though we are not really our personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences, as the dreamer (ego), we are forever projecting our preconceptions onto people, places and things in order to live out on earth the psychological myths (images/forms/concepts) that our psyches identify with–and hold onto. These myths, and the cultural context that accompany them, though symbolic, become necessary as a means of dealing with the energies that have been drawn up through the body from the center of our being. This is instinctual, of course, for without the energy to realize something, nothing would ever be possible in a phenomenal world. There would be no development. And, without any development in a phenomenal universe, there can be no Liberation, no Resurrection of the Spirit. Thus before the mind can come fully Awake, it must dream (conceptualize) in order to comprehend the possibility and potential Within it (power of suggestion).

But often life’s energy becomes trapped in the body, whose organs and cells may block the natural flow with our resistance to it (the fear of being overwhelmed by life’s direct flow), the fragmentation having been caused by the conscious suppression of our very being. Thus the greater need to identify with the Flow (Energy-Consciousness/Intuconsciousness/Awareness in itself) as ourself rather than with the body/personality. Then the events of our lives are seen through as we absorb life’s energy Into Ourself (inverting the mind) instead of projecting the same onto peole, places and things outside, selflessly Realizing Nonego (Ourself as a Whole) as the real Self…as the One innate Life, Power and Cause behind (Within) everything. Indeed, the myth (thing-events) becomes a ritual means of dying a “psychological death” to duality (ego/partiality of being) and intuconsciously Realizing Ourself the as Resurrection (Principal) of Life, as Awareness in itself, in God (Totality of Being)!

How Do We Die While Living, And Meet God?


By practicing a living discipline of confronting, penetrating, understanding, and by that understanding coming from Within (spiritual discernment, which is to say, Spirit discerning), resolving through every thing-event of the day our attachment to and conflict with the ego/personality (contraries of human nature). This path may be called a “psychological death”, as we are letting go (ceasing to identify with) our object self (image/form) and seeing/being through (Before) the ego or conceptualized consciousness: this may also be referred to as the Way of the cross, for the crucifixion and death of the ego, even psychologically, represents an interior but living process of sublimation and transformation, fulfilled by the “awakened” psyche (soul) and terminating in a “rest” or release.

Thus we are not prejudging or projecting preconceptions onto the subject matter, but trusting completely in God, our innermost Being. Indeed, our Center of Awareness, Being Awareness in itself, is no longer the body but through the body, no longer the personality but through the personality (ego), in the spirit/space/mind/energy-consciousness as a Whole (Nonego). So Rests God in man (Christ Jesus)…not God as man or the personality. For when the person psychologically dies to himself as a separate entity in space and mind, God (Christ) comes Alive in (through) man (Jesus)!

Drop The Watcher


Feel, but don’t watch yourself feeling;
think, but don’t watch yourself thinking;
act, but don’t watch yourself acting;
be, but don’t watch yourself being.

Drop the watcher
and everything becomes Whole;
everywhere and nowhere Intubeing the Center,
knowing in itself Breathes All.

Drop the watcher
and your focus is ever-present;
and tho’ the past is a worthy contender,
it can’t hold onto the moment.

And it must hold onto something to be in control,
or at least for you to think so;
but the image of life is projection,
it’s seeming reality delusion.

So, drop the watcher
and be Free of whatever,
of duality/sensory perception/ego…
even the partial void still held onto as you.

Drop the watcher
and be Full of whatever:
the Knowing who dwells behind the eyes,
the Nonessentiality the watcher can never realize.