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It Is Not You


The universe is out there, it is not you.
Things, being perceived partially,
just are what they are…
they are not you;
thus in not taking things personally,
you remain Whole.

Know whatever happens, it is not you.
Events, being based in what went before,
just occur as they do…
they are not you;
thus in not getting carried away by events of the day,
you remain Here and Now.

Allow whatever to follow its own course, it is not you.
Thing-events, by their very nature,
just behave as they will…
they are not you;
thus in not interfering with thing-events in the future,
you remain Still.

Leave the world outside alone, it is not you.
Images, forms, concepts by themselves are empty
and have no core….
they are not you;
thus in not holding onto images, forms, concepts for security,
you remain Free.

Know when all is seen thru, there is only You,
the pure Intelligence that We Are.
Images, forms, concepts are just projections of the ego…
they are not you;
thus in not identifying with the ego,
you remain Ourself as a Whole.



Enlightenment may be described as being like one who is Awake in a dream: though still dreaming, as a mind (soul) of Light-Conscious Energy (Intuconscious Space/Spirit) one sees through the dream (darkness) and dream self (ego) from Within, selflessly Aware that one Is (as we Are) the Totality of Being (Intubeing) rather than a partiality of being, that is, Energy-Consciousness in itself (ourself as a Whole) rather than a form or body of consciousness outside the Whole in mind or in space. Thus the Center or Ground of Awareness Is the Space (Spirit) rather than an object in space, the Energy-Consciousness (pure Intelligence) rather than a concept in mind, the Light rather than a point (face) of light or separate entity. In this context  the dream self may be likened to one’s ego/personality, which is actually a subconscious form or split-consciousness in relation to the Totality of Being–not fully awake. Enlightenment, then, Is Intuconsciousness, Being Fully Awake, Aware, Alive and Whole, the Nonliteral Perspective (wholly Within).

Therefore,  subconsciously, in still identifying with the body/image/concept/form (dream state) in mind and in space as ourself, we remain unconscious of ourself as a Whole, being contained by our own life’s energy. And still believing the ego/personality to be one’s real self, we psychologically hold onto the same, and direct (project) our life’s energy to the object in mind and space. This projection, as everything connected with ego is projection in relation to the Totality of Being (Nonego), is the beginning of suffering, even as we remain unconscious of the literal fact that as a form or body of consciousness, we are victimizing ourself with own own projection! This is the human material condition, and thus the dream (partial) state may be thought of as original sin.

So, to be enlightenment, then, means to wake up from the dream of duality, sensory perception and ego while still dreaming! This doesn’t mean however that duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective) goes away or disappears forever, but that we see (intusee) through it, so to speak, living an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference. For it is in the living/being an impartial state that allows us to enter into the activity freely, without moral judgment and a sense of guilt blocking our life’s energy. Selflessly Aware, we Are a State (Intustate) of God’s Grace, making no claim on our action or expecting any reward or credit in the doing. We Are Free to just Be (Intubeing)!

Thus, to the degree that one can accept the world outside (duality/sensory perception/ego) as it is, and seeing (living) through it in ourself (the Way of the cross), remaining nonattached and holy indifferent, we breathe the Space (Spirit) and we Are the Space, Intuconsciousness (understanding Awareness/unconditional Love). And, as this is the primary Purpose of creation, may everyone of Us know Ourself as a Whole!

Direct Democracy


Greed, and the cultural programing that promotes it, has become in modern times the American way, just as it has become the way of many other cultures as well. And this mentality, in order to continually sell the “product”, often at the personal expense of others by reinforcing behaviors of self-centeredness, self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immortality (social/political correctness), simply is not sustainable, self-destructiveness being what it is. If it were, the Pharoahs in Ancient Egypt and the Caesars in Ancient Rome, not to mention many other tyrants, would still be at the controls. But superstructured “empires” (big governments) “bottom out” eventually from obsessive-addictive behavior (extreme materialism/egoism), like alcoholics. Indeed, with the politicalization of culture, such excessive behavior takes hold of “secular-progressive societies”, and being self-destructive at its core (power corrupts), collapses in the collective psychological process of its own self-undoing. Thus the “topheavy handedness” of so-called leaders will topple the social/political/financial structure (empire) if we the people don’t recognize this potential danger (behavior) in ourselves, and confronting the same–without moral judgment but with a firm resolve to right (balance) the ship (collective psyche)–penetrate, understand and resolve the patterns of our present behavior, transmuting our life’s energy and moral character before it’s too late!

One way of collectively doing this, I suggest, at least in America, is to move the culture from a representational democracy, where a special elite can get rich and powerful at the expense of those they represent, to a direct democracy, where we the people run the country as a whole instead of the politicans and wealthy financers supporting them!  There’s no reason why we the people could not vote on all laws and legislation written at the local, state and federal levels. We have the technology today to establish this. We could even designate one day a week (if we need to) as “official voting day”, and decide those measures put on the ballot for that week. Congressmen and senators can still write the articles but they will have only one vote like the rest of us…and no more power than anybody else. Congressional committees can only recommend, not force, any action. And when a law or legislative measure is passed, it cannot be repealed unless we the people repeal it at a later vote. None of the backstabbing the people’s will (which can happen when those in power don’t like the people undermining their political agendas) by taking the measure to the courts and having some judge, for politically self-serving reasons, declare it to be unconstitutional. All measures shall be made constitutional before being placed on the ballot for vote!

I believe the only cultures or communities that may survive a future wrought with man-made wars and natural disasters will be governed by its people as a whole. And if there is ever to be true freedom and peace on this planet, we the people will need to make it happen by taking responsibility for our collective behavior, recognizing the potential in each of us to live life directly–and not by having any special elite remaining superior over us. These so-called leaders simply can’t know what’s best for the rest of us–so we need to stand up for ourselves and Be the Freedom and the Peace! There’s no other way to actually guarantee it! If we are not living/being Such…Suchness is not happening…as we are only still pretending.

What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Human Sexuality?


Ultimately, sex can be one’s complete surrender to That which is greater than oneself, that is, if one still sees That as the “other” and thus needs to humble his/her pride before God, transmuting life’s energy from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal. Psychologically one steps into the fire (spirit) of God and burns away the “dross” still being accumulated over time by the soul centered in duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective).

Thus in using sex, as with other things (concepts), as a ritual sacrifice and personal offering to God (our innermost Being), the activity (being totally spontaneous/giving) can be, if perfected in practice (with or without orgasm), a purifying and liberating experience, even a blessing (or healing) from God as all paths may lead to enlightenment if one’s going that way to begin with. Indeed, one who is truly devoted consecrates (spiritualizes) every activity entered into–for one finds God already there.

Such is the true Way of the cross, of the living cross or path of action…even as the Living Principal (Tao) or Word (Christ Jesus/God in man/Atman) Rests Within us (Nonliteral Perspective) and Is Us as a Whole (Nonaction). Thus action and Nonaction Are One!

Can Understanding Only Be Achieved Through Words And Language?



Words are concepts and thus only metaphor (symbol/myth): a means, not an end in itself or reality. But metaphor can be the point of concentration where, by the power of suggestion, we may dive into and pass through the thought to reach an understanding that is ourself. Understanding Awareness, then, is like a hidden gem discovered deep Within is. Such has been there all the time because we Are that understanding in Principal (the Word/Logos), in Ourself as a Whole, but until the moment of discovery had not realized ourself as Such, as the essential Quality (Nonessentiality). Now, upon selflessly Realizing, we may express this through language (including all of the arts) and have it speak back to us.

So, understanding Awareness is not something that’s achieved or acquired, but rather acknowledged, like a precious gem newly discovered.

Does The Truth Need To Be Proved?



There is truth as in a fact and there is living/being truth. One can demonstrate (prove) a fact in nature, as science does, because such, being relative, has limitations; but living/being truth requires that one go beyond (through) the literal aspect to the Nonliteral (Spiritual), as Such Rests Complete (wholly Within) in itself (Ourself as a Whole), and thus Intubeing, requires no watcher or outside witness for gratification (ego): we Are what We See.

The world outside, being ego, demands gratification (the watcher); the Spirit, Being Nonego, demands nothing, making no personal claim on anyone or anything, but just Is! The world outside is a fact (actual), which requires a demonstration (sensory perception) to validate it; but the Spirit (pure Intelligence) Is Living/Being Truth (Nonsensory Perception), which knows Ourself as a Whole (Nonactual/Real), that is, Energy-Consciousness Knowing in itself without (through) an object or validation, and may be called Absolute Relativity (Totality of Being/God).