There is truth as in a fact and there is living/being truth. One can demonstrate (prove) a fact in nature, as science does, because such, being relative, has limitations; but living/being truth requires that one go beyond (through) the literal aspect to the Nonliteral (Spiritual), as Such Rests Complete (wholly Within) in itself (Ourself as a Whole), and thus Intubeing, requires no watcher or outside witness for gratification (ego): we Are what We See.

The world outside, being ego, demands gratification (the watcher); the Spirit, Being Nonego, demands nothing, making no personal claim on anyone or anything, but just Is! The world outside is a fact (actual), which requires a demonstration (sensory perception) to validate it; but the Spirit (pure Intelligence) Is Living/Being Truth (Nonsensory Perception), which knows Ourself as a Whole (Nonactual/Real), that is, Energy-Consciousness Knowing in itself without (through) an object or validation, and may be called Absolute Relativity (Totality of Being/God).