Greed, and the cultural programing that promotes it, has become in modern times the American way, just as it has become the way of many other cultures as well. And this mentality, in order to continually sell the “product”, often at the personal expense of others by reinforcing behaviors of self-centeredness, self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immortality (social/political correctness), simply is not sustainable, self-destructiveness being what it is. If it were, the Pharoahs in Ancient Egypt and the Caesars in Ancient Rome, not to mention many other tyrants, would still be at the controls. But superstructured “empires” (big governments) “bottom out” eventually from obsessive-addictive behavior (extreme materialism/egoism), like alcoholics. Indeed, with the politicalization of culture, such excessive behavior takes hold of “secular-progressive societies”, and being self-destructive at its core (power corrupts), collapses in the collective psychological process of its own self-undoing. Thus the “topheavy handedness” of so-called leaders will topple the social/political/financial structure (empire) if we the people don’t recognize this potential danger (behavior) in ourselves, and confronting the same–without moral judgment but with a firm resolve to right (balance) the ship (collective psyche)–penetrate, understand and resolve the patterns of our present behavior, transmuting our life’s energy and moral character before it’s too late!

One way of collectively doing this, I suggest, at least in America, is to move the culture from a representational democracy, where a special elite can get rich and powerful at the expense of those they represent, to a direct democracy, where we the people run the country as a whole instead of the politicans and wealthy financers supporting them!  There’s no reason why we the people could not vote on all laws and legislation written at the local, state and federal levels. We have the technology today to establish this. We could even designate one day a week (if we need to) as “official voting day”, and decide those measures put on the ballot for that week. Congressmen and senators can still write the articles but they will have only one vote like the rest of us…and no more power than anybody else. Congressional committees can only recommend, not force, any action. And when a law or legislative measure is passed, it cannot be repealed unless we the people repeal it at a later vote. None of the backstabbing the people’s will (which can happen when those in power don’t like the people undermining their political agendas) by taking the measure to the courts and having some judge, for politically self-serving reasons, declare it to be unconstitutional. All measures shall be made constitutional before being placed on the ballot for vote!

I believe the only cultures or communities that may survive a future wrought with man-made wars and natural disasters will be governed by its people as a whole. And if there is ever to be true freedom and peace on this planet, we the people will need to make it happen by taking responsibility for our collective behavior, recognizing the potential in each of us to live life directly–and not by having any special elite remaining superior over us. These so-called leaders simply can’t know what’s best for the rest of us–so we need to stand up for ourselves and Be the Freedom and the Peace! There’s no other way to actually guarantee it! If we are not living/being Such…Suchness is not happening…as we are only still pretending.