Enlightenment may be described as being like one who is Awake in a dream: though still dreaming, as a mind (soul) of Light-Conscious Energy (Intuconscious Space/Spirit) one sees through the dream (darkness) and dream self (ego) from Within, selflessly Aware that one Is (as we Are) the Totality of Being (Intubeing) rather than a partiality of being, that is, Energy-Consciousness in itself (ourself as a Whole) rather than a form or body of consciousness outside the Whole in mind or in space. Thus the Center or Ground of Awareness Is the Space (Spirit) rather than an object in space, the Energy-Consciousness (pure Intelligence) rather than a concept in mind, the Light rather than a point (face) of light or separate entity. In this context  the dream self may be likened to one’s ego/personality, which is actually a subconscious form or split-consciousness in relation to the Totality of Being–not fully awake. Enlightenment, then, Is Intuconsciousness, Being Fully Awake, Aware, Alive and Whole, the Nonliteral Perspective (wholly Within).

Therefore,  subconsciously, in still identifying with the body/image/concept/form (dream state) in mind and in space as ourself, we remain unconscious of ourself as a Whole, being contained by our own life’s energy. And still believing the ego/personality to be one’s real self, we psychologically hold onto the same, and direct (project) our life’s energy to the object in mind and space. This projection, as everything connected with ego is projection in relation to the Totality of Being (Nonego), is the beginning of suffering, even as we remain unconscious of the literal fact that as a form or body of consciousness, we are victimizing ourself with own own projection! This is the human material condition, and thus the dream (partial) state may be thought of as original sin.

So, to be enlightenment, then, means to wake up from the dream of duality, sensory perception and ego while still dreaming! This doesn’t mean however that duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective) goes away or disappears forever, but that we see (intusee) through it, so to speak, living an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference. For it is in the living/being an impartial state that allows us to enter into the activity freely, without moral judgment and a sense of guilt blocking our life’s energy. Selflessly Aware, we Are a State (Intustate) of God’s Grace, making no claim on our action or expecting any reward or credit in the doing. We Are Free to just Be (Intubeing)!

Thus, to the degree that one can accept the world outside (duality/sensory perception/ego) as it is, and seeing (living) through it in ourself (the Way of the cross), remaining nonattached and holy indifferent, we breathe the Space (Spirit) and we Are the Space, Intuconsciousness (understanding Awareness/unconditional Love). And, as this is the primary Purpose of creation, may everyone of Us know Ourself as a Whole!