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Love God, And let The Pieces Fall As They May


Whatever happens in this world, love God (Totality of Being), and let the pieces fall as they may. For with the coming of Barack Obama and the undoing of America, comes the undoing of the rest of the world as well. Obama is indeed an agent of change, and the change he is bringing to America (actually mankind is bringing to himself) and the world, if successful, will institute the disillusionment, despair and death of the so-called “free world”, which was never free. And, as mankind continues to turn in on himself, modern culture being out of control (as it has always been), will continue to collapse from the structural weight of its own collective self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immorality, as millions will suffer the dark fate of their own protectionism, materialism and egoism, and its excessive-addictive (compulsive) behavior. Consequently, wars and violent conflicts will break out across the planet in an ugly struggle to survive and conquer the poverty and fear of life at any cost–as this is what mankind perceives as reality. No singular nation will be strong enough to police the chaos and the carnage of it all.

But, as always is the case with the struggle for freedom, some who still believe in liberty over tyranny, will not accept the “rule” of Islamic, and other ethnic, terrorists lying down. Israel, for one, will put up a gallant fight against all who would devour it. And even in America many will band together in various concerns to battle the new fascism, in whatever form, that wants to control the world. However, violence only begets more violence, and the terrible price paid for this destructive behavior will be more death and destruction. Yet, even when tyrants appear to be winning, they are losing; like the Nazis, their own hatred, violence and self-destructive behavior will destroy them in the end. Even so, in the end the world, as we now know it, will perish–and mankind will have to begin again. Call it deja vu. But maybe this time, after the pain of rediscovering our sanity, we will begin in a new form and vibration of existence, sharing a new perspective (nonliteral)? Indeed, let us pray!

The dinasaur must have thought he was a big deal at one time? And that he would last forever? But the dinasaur was only a phase in the evolution of life on this planet–and so is homo sapien! The truth is: we are spirit, not flesh. The material world is maya (creative illusion), not reality. And Life cannot die or go extinct, for Life Is Spirit/God/Ourself as a Whole and therefore Eternal. Only death dies, that is, the image of life: what has a beginning and an ending. So mankind has turned in on himself and eventually must face his true Nature, that which is his Life, his Spirit, even his God (innermost Being). Such is the purpose for creation: to know ourself as a Whole, to Be the Realization (Revelation) wholly Within Ourself (Nonliteral Perspective), knowing the other, the subject matter, to be only our shadow and reflection in the mirror (mind).

So whatever happens in this world, love God, and let the pieces fall as they may. Turn your life completely over to God, our innermost Being, and trust our real Self, who is Selfless, to show the Way Within. Turn every thought, every emotion, every thing-event inward, and waiting patiently and obediently in an attitude of nonattachment and holy indifference, allow our innermost Being (Intubeing) to answer the moment, to resolve the obstacle in our mind (world), whatever it may be. Then whatever happens will be faced without fear…and overcome from Within.

As ego/personalities, we only undo ourselves in the end, for like the dream self, ego is only a projection/sensation of mind, and has no lasting existence. In the end, as ego, we become as if we never were. But, as nonego/spiritualities, we Are wholly in God, and remain Life Ourself! Life In Life (Intulife), so to speak.  So don’t worry about how the pieces will fall…they fall for God! And as our innermost Being Is All, We Are the Love (Quality/Dimension of Perception) that Is Life itself!

A Spiritual Insight


Spirit (Comforter) has been showing me, at a deeper level than before, that what I often still think of as myself is an illusion…and a self-deception. My god, ego runs deep; it seems like a bottomless pit! Yet the Way to Depth is Compassion: the more compassion that is me, the deeper I see…and Am.

It is a misconception to blame others for anything; we only do a reverse number on ourselves. The world (ego) is imperfect (partial), and always will be by itself (ego-centered). But we are really Nonego, the Totality of Being, that is, Being wholly Within Ourself, Nonliteral, purely Spiritual, and thus nothing remains permanent outside the Totality of Being. Therefore Such (Wholeness of Energy-Consciousness) Is the innermost Being of all that is, and to the degree that we confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness (Spirit discerning),  resolve the attachment to and conflict with our own separate identity, we Are Free!

This psychological process, which I call the “Way of the cross”, was taught as far back as to the beginnings of ancient Egypt, and is older than the stories in the Old Testament of the Bible. And it was understood, even back then, that we are all potentially Christ Jesus, called in the Osiris cult the “Double Horus” or God in man.

The character of Jesus in the gospel story symbolizes the need for each of us to come Alive in Spirit (Christ/Horus), and fulfill this living process (Principal of Life) through our own existence on earth, entering fully Into Self  (Intuself), Intuconsciousness, Into the Oneness (Wholeness/Totality of Being) that we Are. In this sense, we psychologically die for the sins of the world (mankind), that is, to our own collective ego. Only then does the outside world mirror the inside Reality (Nonego) that Rests as our true Nature and innermost Being.