With the administration of President Barack Obama, we are witnessing right before our very eyes the institutional and methodical dismantling of America, and possibly the rest of the world as well. For this false messiah won’t be satisfied until the whole planet reflects his glorious vision, which is in actuality extreme naivete and willful ignorance.

Fundamentally speaking, the domestic and foreign policies of Obama are a political prescription for disaster. His secular progressive philosophy is clearly self-indulgent, arrogant, irresponsible and immoral, reflecting the “delayed adolescence” of the age and culture in which he was born and raised. The man lives in “lala” land, a world created by his own ego-satan, which must  be controlled by the far-left media and government, or so he is going his damnest to facilitate, and is totally disconnected to the actual world and what is going on there. He will even use the power of the US Presidency to persuade other nations to fall in line with his glorious vision, and is arrogant enough to believe in his own spin and propaganda that it is his destiny to reshape the world in his own image.  

But the regressive behavior of Obama and the “far-left mob” is hateful and vengeful toward anyone who represents to them the authority and responsibility of virtuous conduct, as such brings up in their souls the selfish motives and slick hypocrisy characterizing their true behavior. Behavior in which they still feel the need to disguise to themselves, as well as to others, in order to continually “sell the product”, as they play an “image game” with their lives: the actual world being far too scary for their protectionist minds.

Thus explains their instant hostility and need to demonize anyone who they consider to be the enemy. Like vampires, they experience a “psychic fit” when confronted by the “cross” of natural and spiritual attitudes and values, and they immediately want to destroy those persons who reflect back to them, like a mirror, their own self-centered and self-created guilt. Indeed, they cannot be happy unless everyone else behaves as they do, and thus the need to manipulate, control and exploit the countryside, and everyone on it, to appease the guilt.

Their method becomes tyranny, as this is what they do to themselves psychologically, using political correctness and personal threats to control the masses, and when that no longer works, they will use force of arms. It is only a matter of time before the first leads to the second, as others will surely rebel at some point once they feel the sting of these “new Bolsheviks”. However, in the process, Obama, like Jekyll and Hyde, will lead himself and all who follow him into oblivion, as the self-destructive behavior of secular progressism leads to its own collective self-undoing…America Lost!