I have been aware of my dreams for years. And though most dreams might not seem particularly significant, in fact quite zany, some not only tell me symbolically what is presently going on in my subconscious but have revealed past incarnations, out of body experiences, direct insights into the human psyche and, on very rare occasions, a revelation from God, our innermost Being. I even dreamt verses of poetry which became part of my first book The Heart Speaks.

Thus dreams have been a very important part of my life: an avenue into self…into what lies so deep as through self-consciousness (ego). Sometimes my dreams are like movies, mostly adventure, and often I am the hero facing some dread and conquering it or saving a damsel in distress. At other times, I am a superman doing incredible feats and know myself to be immortal. Indeed, at times I am even aware of myself being everyone and everything in the dream; that there is only the “happening”. I look forward to going to sleep at night because some dreams can be so vivid and exciting. But I also look forward to waking up in the morning because I can take that same spirit with me to meet the day.

The insights that have come to me in dreams have changed my life. They have not only shown me hidden attachments and conflicts but what is going to happen because of them…only later to realize that they came true. In fact, no dream has ever lied to me. In some dreams I am even aware that I am dreaming, but have no fear because I know we are more than the dream, that the dream is only a context through which our Spirit (innermost Being) communicates with the shadow us, the dreamer. 

I am always contemplating something or meditating just before going to bed, so that probably sets my mind in a proper mode for remembering my dreams and allowing me to be receptive to them. Acceptance and trust is most important. If I want an answer to, or an insight into, something, I will think deeply about it before retiring and then drop the thought completely. Often the answer or insight will show up in a dream, the discernment unmistakable.

I cannot suggest too strongly the need to remember our dreams. This is something we can do for ourselves that will not only help us to better understand what we are thinking and feeling but actually improve our well-being in giving us a creative, confident and healthy attutude to meet the day. Dreams can change our life!