Think of yourself not as the doer but as the doing (happening), the doing itself or in itself. When you see yourself as the doer, there’s you and what you are doing, but if you see yourself as the doing, then there’s only the doing, seeing (being) through your own duality, sensory perception and ego (the literal perspective). Thus you, as the soul, Are One with the Happening, the Intustate of Nondoing, the Totality of Being (Intubeing).

Interestingly, the universe, as such, doesn’t see itself as the doer, it just does, even as the Energy-Consciousness Within all thing-events Does without watching itself Doing. Such just Is. So make no claim on the phenomena that is the universe and there’s no thought of yourself as the other, no split in your consciousness…and no suffering (guilt) when your personal claim leads to actual mistakes, losses and failures.  When there’s no sense of a self apart from what’s happening, no attachment is possible, then Love, Peace and Harmony abide through the activity–as Such remains the Real You, the Real Us (Wholeness of you) that Is just Being, Intubeing (God). Thus even the Creator would be better understood as the Creating, as there is no past tense in the Now or ever-present.

To first See (just Be) yourself as the soul, that is, Ourself as a Whole, Is Enlightenment. And Such requires no recognition from outside, seeks no gratification as an end in itself, and thus remains Free through the moment. Suchness, then, Is everything in Essence, every happening in itself, as everything gets done, for every happening Is Now, Is You, Is Us, Is God, the Totality of Being…and there’s only the Doing (Nondoing)!