Welcome to being fully Alive, that is, to be Knowing without needing a witness or secondary consciousness (ego) to tell you that you know: to see, to feel, to act in a stream of Consciousness, ever-present as the Oneness and Unity of all things…as the Wholeness Within and Before (behind) all things, whose Nature Is Now and whose Life Is Love.

You may call That Divine, but the concept of That is not That; nor can ego-awareness achieve That, for by its very nature of remaining a separate entity in space and mind, selfhood can never be Enlightenment, can never be Complete As the Knowing, the Being in Ourself as a Whole (Intubeing). Indeed, you by yourself cannot know/live Liberation and thus remain a pretender or dark shadow to Ourself, bound to the particular image and form that stands apart from the Principal of Life, whose Word (Tao) encompasses all in Spirit everlasting.

But when you let go of your own separate self-awareness, the ego-block to happiness is removed and Knowing reigns supreme, even as Selflessness Grounds Our Nature and the Love of just Being Breathes Our Life. There is nothing outside Ourself as a Whole; what seems outside is only phenomena, maya, creative illusion or projections/sensations of mind. Therefore do not mind (identify with) what seems outside, but see/live/pass through the media (senses) of life, inverting your mind to That Center/Ground of Being Within all…to Who and what We Are.

Intubeing Who and what We Are, you do not think (project) what is happening outside to be to one’s advantage or disadvantage, neither to one’s gain or loss; you do not see anything outside to be good or not good, to be right or wrong, positive or negative by itself; and regardless of what happens, you do not divide this from that (opposites) but live the Unity Resting Within all things, intuseeing through all things Ourself as a Whole.

Thus there is no knower, only the Knowing, no watcher, only the Watching, no doer, only the Doing, only the Streaming of Energy-Consciousness (Intuconsciousness) ever-present: indeed, you are One with That which Is…Is Selflessly Realizing As That understanding Awareness In Ourself. Welcome To Being Fully Alive!