Drawing on Hindu scripture and the writing of Alan Watts, I liken the mental/material universe outside to a universal subconscious (literal perspective); and thus similar to a dream, play or movie, the action or stream of thoughts, images and thing-events occurring mentally and materially interact in a cosmic comedy-drama (creative farce), often chaotic and subject to the principle of uncertainty. All of which is to say that though what happens in the universe maybe literal and actual, the play of energy itself is illusion (maya), incomplete, therefore not reality. Reality, being here understood as the Totality of Being/Intubeing, by its very Nature, fully Awake, Aware, Alive and Whole, not partial or outside the Nonliteral Center/Source/Ground of Energy-Consciousness in any way.

Thus God in God, so to speak, the innermost Being of everything that is, and Resting completely Selfless, Formless (the Center of Energy-Consciousness Being everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking), is not the dreamer or universal subconscious. But the literally perceptive and conceptual aspects (images/forms) of God are, which is to say, they mask God, thus distorting the same in (through) phenomena. Therefore phenomena or thing-events in the dream (creation), that is, the forms dreaming (identifying with matter), are by themselves perceptual/conceptual sensations (manifestations) of the dreamer (mind) or collective self, in this case, the universal subconscious who, though being the essential quality behind the forms (masks), is actually (though unconsciously perhaps) playing every part in the comedy-drama (universe)–indeed, while being caught up in the sensation of the dream, sees each thing-event separate from and outside of himself (center). Again, no image/form is God, no conceptualization can be, but nevertheless as a icon can be used by the individual consciousness to see through its own ego-projection and return Into Consciousness, Into the Center/Source/Ground (uncarved Block) that Is Life in itself, Ourself as a Whole.

Now, God in God Is Knowing itself, Being in itself the Living Truth (Principal of Life/Intulife), and so the dream (duality/sensory perception/ego/literal perspective) is no problem, like a reflection in the mirror is no problem to the reflector, who knows who he is (the center) and where the reflection is (outside the center). Likewise, with phenomena, being what it is, God does not identify with the phenomena as Himself, and then taking Himself too seriously, allows phenomena to control (consume) Him while projecting preconceptions unto the subject matter.  There’s no attachment. God Is the real Happening or Nonthing-Event (Center of Energy-Consciousness). Therefore the seeming evil and terrible thing-events that happen in a violent and self-victimizing universe are but shadows or projections of the dreamer and thus insubstantial in themselves (nothingness). These thing-events, being partial, relative, subjective, having beginning and ending, cannot occur in the Totality of Being (God in God), which has no past and no future–Resting Complete in Ourself as a Whole.

Thus when the forms dreaming wake up in the dream, even while still dreaming, the self (dreamer) is seen through from Within, and understanding Awareness (God’s Presence), our innermost Being, comes Alive through the form (person): personhood has psychologically died to itself, the dream becomes as if it never was, and Energy-Consciousness (Intuconsciousness) Is regained! Actually Such was never lost. The self, even a universal subconscious, has become the icon being used individually to confront, penetrate, understand and resolve the contraries of human nature (one’s own separateness). If one knows the icon for what it is, then there’s no problem with it, like a reflection in the mirror, the reflection is not the center of consciousness, and has no power, life or cause by itself. Likewise, personhood lies insubstantial (nothingness). The only Power, Life or Cause That Is…Is Selfless/Formless…the pure Intelligence (Spirit/essential Quality) behind and Within all experience, the Totality of Being, Ourself as a Whole (Nonliteral Perspective)!