It’s a living discipline watching the mind…a daily conscious exercise. And as the mind becomes still in watching itself, one may follow the perception of this very moment rise up out of nothingness, its conceptualization (ego-projection) coloring (spinning) the thing-event in front of us, as if the mind and its ego was all there is. But every thing-event, having a beginning and ending, is phenomena and just is what it is. Even ego, regardless of its behavior, just is what it is. Ego cannot really add anything to the subject matter, or take away, tho’ it never ceases pretending to. Thus is ego an illusion…and if taken for reality, self-deception (delusion). Fortunately, it’s just this clarity that comes when seeing through the ego that frees the mind from its own clouded ignorance.

In watching the mind, then, whatever the thought, emotion or experience coming up, ego starts to run, to spin away from right now. Thus it will either attach itself to the thing-event pretending to be the real thing-event or, if the mind cannot, or will not, face the phenomena, deny any relationship (attachment) to the phenomena thereby suppressing consciousness. In either case, the mind thinks that its ego must act, to make a personal effort to run (escape), to spin away from now…unable to fully accept what just is. It makes no difference what the rationale is for the action taken, ego must seek gratification with the action (identifying with) in order to be in control of the situation. That is its nature, as ego sees itself outside of the phenomena and thus seeks security–which exposes the fact in us that ego is fundamentally insecure and out of control.

However, by living meditation, just watching what comes up in the mind, and not making any effort to run from right now, the ego-projection exposes itself to the intelligence (spirit) that we are. And when this living discipline is firmly established as the mind’s focus, eventually the projection loses its hold on the mind and fades out, as the intelligence that we are ceases feeding the ego the energy it needs to dominate the situation…and ego (the watcher) psychologically dies. Even when the mind is disturbed and wants to escape confrontation with the thing-event, if the intelligence that we are refocuses (centers) on right now and remains still, absorbing life’s energy into ourself, eventually the impulse to run will pass and the subject matter can be faced without fear rather than suppressed. Thus whatever action taken next will be spontaneous, in line with our innate self.

Thus when the intelligence (spirit) that we are becomes the Center of Awareness, this Center (Ground) Being everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking, Lives through every thing-event, for by having inverted the mind and absorbed life’s energy Into Ourself, which Is Selfless, We–the Watching in itself–Are Before the subject matter (watcher)–Intubeing the very Quality or Essence of Perception (Intuperception). And though all phenomena, including our thoughts, emotions and experiences, are just what they are, the pure understanding Awareness/Intelligence that We ultimately Are remains nonattached–and Free to just Be (Intubeing) even Before (through) the mind and its ego.