Whenever I speak of confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving the contraries of human nature, I’m referring to a living process that has been known down through the centuries by the spiritual-minded who, in coming aware, have dared to fulfill this Truth and Principal of Life through their own existence on earth. This living discipline is a no-nonsense approach to spirituality and, by its very nature, goes directly to the heart of the problem (ego) that has plagued human beings from the very beginning of time. I believe that many are called to it, but few answer the call, and fewer still become the very process itself (ourself as a Whole), The reason for this is FEAR…THE FEAR OF LIFE.

It’s like allowing yourself to be captured by the enemy (the enemy in this case being life’s energy that comes up in you, especially when you must face that which you dread), then choosing to absorb the moment, that is, to totally accept it–thus becoming the energy-consciousness itself rather than experiencing such as the “other” (the dread). I call this living discipline the Way of the cross, and believe this is what is really being communicated through the gospel story in the Bible.

In identifying with the body/personality we are contained by our life’s energy, and the sense of selfhood (ego) remains ever with us in that state. Liberation is release from this containment. Thus it is said: the Truth shall set you free! But there is no release without understanding Awareness, and there is no understanding unless you are willing to fully absorb life’s energy and allow the same to reveal the Truth through the psychological process unfolding Within yourself–thus realizing that we Are that Truth, the very Light of our innermost Being (God)!

So, when we deny, out of fear, the openness of our true Nature and Energy-Consciousness, we oppress ourself (and continue to do so even when attacking others), becoming both the victim and the victimizer. But if we first accept our cross and selfhood (ego) without judgment, and absorbing the vital energy (with the struggle going on inside us) into ourself instead of dispersing (projecting) the same on others, we transmute the energy from literal (matter) to Nonliteral (Spirit)–for we Are Living Light (Nonego), and always have been!

Yet one of the difficulties in following this path is that others see you as being selfish, not just self-centered. And, of course, you are. But so are they…and they don’t want to admit it! They are playing an image game (sensory perception), and by wanting to believe that they are above the image, superior to it in fact (especially if the image is selfish, sinful or hypocritical), they will attack that reflection seen in the mirror of their own mind…though cast in the shadow-body of the other person. Thus they are really attacking themselves!

This is why so many in religion and politics fall from grace after selling themselves on the notion that they are above the image. They set themselves up for failure because no one is above the image. What is needed however is to see (live) through the image, and absorbing the energy (thus transmuting it from Within), find release from one’s own self-containment. Like a bad habit, it is not enough just to change the habit, you need to transform yourself in the process so that you don’t again fall back into the past. And, of course, this is not possible unless you are willing to go through the process! But so many FEAR the image (perception) of looking bad or guilty. Indeed, they FEAR LIFE!

So I repeat: we are not above the image, literally speaking. But, as understanding Awareness (Nonliteral Perspective), we Are through (Before) the image, Being the Living Process (the Word) that Is right Here, right Now! Some refer to this as the Logos or Christ Principal that Rests Within us and Is Us, Ourself as a Whole (One). Thus the character Jesus in the gospel story points the Way (the Way of the cross) and fulfills, by his sacrifice (total acceptance), the Principal of Life through his own existence on earth. He lives completely Within (through) the moment! He breathes the Space (Openness) and Is the Space (Spirit), Ourself as a Whole (Christ Jesus/God in man or the Son of man). What started out as a myth becomes Reality!

But for this to be possible one must first absorb the ego, and realizing that it’s only an image (a projection/sensation of mind and containment of life’s energy), release the same from the conscious hold we enforce on it, that is, on ourselves! And this cannot come to pass if we still believe that we are above or superior to the image…if we continue to pretend life, living the image of life instead of living Life directly and totally. Ultimately, there is really only one meditation, or attunement, and that’s living/being meditation, living/being the attunement that Is right Here, right Now! Because if this isn’t you, if you are not living/being Such, then Suchness isn’t happening…and you are still pretending!

Therefore, if one is not willing to be selfish and confront, penetrate, understand, and by that understanding Awareness (spiritual discernment, that is, Spirit discerning), resolve that attachment to and conflict with the contraries of his own human nature, then one continues to deny (no matter how skillfully he presents himself otherwise) Who and what we really Are: that is, the Light-Conscious Energy/Living Truth/Word/Tao/Process/Principal of Life that Is Liberation itself, Ourself as a Whole! Thus the soul purpose of our lives is to overcome the FEAR OF LIFE by living Jesus!