Recently my mother passed away. I was holding her hand when she breathed her last breath. And, as I observed her grasping for breath at the end, it seemed to me like the whole struggle to survive, with all its desires, fears, insecurities, doubts, the entire vanity of life on earth had gone out of her, and in accepting the moment fully, a final peace and liberation had become her. Still, the emptiness and loss I felt at this moment pierced me emotionally to the core, yet there was also a beauty in her death. Her breath and spirit had left the body but now her spirit was free of the pain and suffering that marks our time in the body and as an personality/ego.

Even most Christians do not like to talk about this, but in the gospel story the man Jesus, when arrested by the Romans, does not attempt to escape capture. He puts up no struggle, blames no one for what is happening to him, and continues to live totally in the moment, as if this moment is all there is or ever will be. Accordingly, his ego may be arrested but his spirit remains free, having already died psychologically to the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego). And nothing that happens on this earth can touch such pure Awareness (Intubeing) or overpower it: the spirit, like a current in the Ocean of Divine Breath, continues as that Ocean which is Life in itself continues unimpeded by external events.

So the life that is my mother never really died, only her image (ego) and bodily form, as life in itself (spirit) remains free to return to the Source and Center of Being, ourself as a Whole (God). In death, then, there is Unity in all contrasts and opposites, behind and Within all that appears to the ego as positive or negative, as good or evil, as this or that. For though events seen by themselves may be maya (illusion), in seeing through the same with the Nonliteral Perspective, the underlying Unity remains Complete in itself, just Being (Intubeing) a Positive-Negative, Life-Death Continuum.

Now think about this: death appears to the ego as anti-life. Who, especially in being arrested and facing possible death, would not try to escape his fate? Would not struggle in order to survive? Indeed, even on their death bed, some will not accept what is happening to them. They may even curse God? But those who advance on the spiritual path do so to the degree that they have reached an understanding Awareness about the struggle of life, and no longer need to hold onto it. They can now accept this moment and enter fully into it (intuconsciousness), being right Here, right Now. Yet, for most of us, it is as if we spend our lives on this planet struggling to survive, until finally forced by death to give it up. But Jesus was not forced to give it up. He chose to give it up! He consciously chose, even before being arrested by the Romans, to surrender his ego to God, our innermost Being (Nonego), and remain Free in relation to whatever the world brings to him.

At some point my mother had chosen to die, to surrender her image life and give up the struggle to survive. Many will see this as anti-life, and ask, why did she surrender? But I see in this an inner truth. Ego, by itself, can never know complete peace and liberation. But once ego/personality gives it up and selflessly Realizes the Unity (Nonego) behind and Within all events on this planet, then in death the spirit lives! Thus we may choose to die on the cross and image of life but live spiritually as Life in itself (ourself as a Whole) Lives Totally right Here, right Now! What is called Resurrection is simply the return to the Source of Who and what we really Are, to That which was never born and will never die, our innermost Being, Ourself as a Whole.

In death the spirit lives. Spiritually speaking, this may be a psychological death, as it was with the man Jesus. He consciously chose to accept this moment in its totality, to live life completely open and direct, without any thought of being separated from being right Here, right Now. Such is moment’s Eternity and our true Intustate of Being. For in death ego is annihilated and Nonego, Intubeing Life in itself (ourself), remains that understanding Awareness and Unity which Lives behind and Within all thing-events.