Consider the beauty of a sunset. If this beauty were your conscious awareness right now, it would be because you are the beauty, the very quality itself (ourself), not the sunset, as such, not the form the awareness takes in symbolizing the beauty, but the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego). Likewise, such pure Awareness (our innermost Being)  expresses our Nonessentiality in many essential forms, but Suchness is not a form–and neither are we as a Whole.

In dropping the watcher (ego), the witness, in not conceptualizing the moment and then holding onto (identifying with) it as an end in itself, we remain the Nonliteral Perspective, the Seeing in itself, and intusee (live) ourself as a Whole…as the Totality of Being (pure Awareness/Intubeing). For even as beauty is the essential quality of the sunset, ourself as a Whole is the essential Quality or Nonessentiality of beauty. And thus throughout the day as thing-events come and go in our lives, even so the forms that pure Awareness (God) takes arises and passes away in our minds, but we remain as a Whole that very Awareness which Is.

We Are moment’s Eternity, the innate Being and Center of understanding Awareness that sustains every experience, the ever-present Reality that Rests Within every form of experience, the Living Truth that transcends every attempt by the ego to reach it. But the only way to know this ultimate Truth Is to Be the Truth, living Truth…and That is no conceptualization, no it, just pure Being. In Truth, then, Being all that We See, there is nothing to hold onto, no it to grasp; for in Being (Intubeing) Complete, the literal is Nonliteral, the material is Spiritual, the partial is Total, as all things are nonthings (Nonthingness), and we Are That!

So how do we step out of the ego, the void, the emptiness that is form (literal perspective), Into Being? Thus selflessly Realizing the Fullness (Suchness) of Life, that is, moment’s Eternity? We don’t…for there is nothing to step out of. There Is only Now! In the total acceptance (trust) of, and surrender to, our innermost Being (God), We already Are the direct Perception (Intuperception) or Reality (Realization) that just Is, Being Complete in itself, that is, Ourself (Totality of Being); and thus the split-consciousness, the watcher, the conceptualization, the partial/literal aspect of being is dropped as an end in itself (attachment). Now We See Ourself as all, as Whole Consciousness, Living/Being through the literal into the Nonliteral–and the seeming paradox is resolved.

It is therefore by the grace of God, our innermost Being, that we may Be both that Realization Within ourself and As Ourself; for both Are One Wholeness. And when we are ready, so too the possibility and potential for Nonsensory Perception (Nonliteral Perspective) lies ready Within each of us who opens his/her heart completely to Who and what we already (Intuconsciously) Are. It will happen. Bless each and every one.