Are you ready to lift the veil on your self-consciousness (ego) and reveal the emptiness behind that mask (person) who pretends to be real? Do you even recognize your self-consciousness being centered in the past? And can you acknowledge that the past is insubstantial? For though you may appear to be solid stuff, you too are illusory. Try bringing a single past event back into the present. You can’t. The past doesn’t create the present…and it certainly can’t hold on to it. O, you may try to repeat the past, but that’s another event, another matter. And as matter is always changing into something else, even as you are relative and temporal, are you ready to see (realize) that ultimately there is no matter..and no you as self-consciousness?

Self-consciousness can be likened to a dream. When dreaming, you think the dream, and the dreamer (duality), is real, because, having lost wakefulness, your subconscious mind has bought into the subconscious sensation that is the dream (literal perspective). You have identified with it and thus are consumed by it, being possessed (contained) by your own concept (projection) of the experience. You are not living Now…you are living the past, your own witness (sensory perception).  Indeed, you are living a secondary consciousness! Thus you need to ask yourself, “Why do I identify with the past and allow what I have done in the past define me? Hold on to me, and tag me, as it were, like a possession? And why do I allow this unstable captor (drive) to tell me who I am or am not, and what I know or don’t know? My god! is this not the cause of suffering?”

What is your answer? Can’t find any? Are you finally ready to fully accept and trust your innermost Being and live Now (Nonliteral Perspective), no longer holding on to, or blaming, some event in the past as being the cause of why you haven’t lifted the veil on your self-consciousness? In truth, everything starts Now. There is only Now! The past is dead, and the future is only an extension of the past. So it doesn’t matter.  What matters is right here and Now. Are you ready to face right here and Now without losing yourself in the matter? Have you made up your mind to define yourself by what you do Now? If so, then you are not defining yourself at all.

When you Awake in the dream, though still dreaming, as the body-mind must, you are no longer having a dream…you are the dream, the Whole Consciousness! Everything in the dream is Within you and Is You. But this You, being pure Awareness, is not personal but Intupersonal, not partial but the Totality of Being: the Self that is Selfless, the Form that is Formless, literally speaking. Thus you have no sense of yourself as the doer…and no need to define what is done, or discover an answer for it. It’s as if everything does itself. That there is only the Doing.  You Are Intubeing.

Now, are you ready to face the truth that your ego is only a projector, a dreamer? And that you, as ego or a secondary consciousness, do nothing…and have never done anything but project the dream. Thus transcendence is not an act of your ego. Ego cannot achieve it or possess it, cannot make it happen. Cause and effect does not apply when there is no duality. So let go of that separate entity in space or subject in mind…and just let Be. If you don’t identify with your self-consciousness, there’s no attachment to it, or to anything else. You are Free to live Now through whatever…and not worry about what becomes the past.