How is it that the Divine, not to mention the universe, as well as, ourselves, remains an eternal mystery to the human material condition or literal mind? And once realizing, as science already has, that the literal mind is partial, which is to say, being not all there (not Whole Consciousness), and projects its own preconceptions onto thing-events, is not the problem, then, but a holding onto, and identifying with, a literal interpretation of the Divine, the universe and ourselves?

When one views the actual world with the eyes and intellect alone, one remains literal-minded, being caught up in the quality of a secondary and thus suppressed consciousness (ego). And, in so following an outside course, also experiences and interprets literally whatever is seen and thought, as that is where the mind remains centered…centered in the image, form, concept (thing-event) as an end in itself. Therefore, remaining literally stuck and complacent, one fails to penetrate beyond the object in space or subject in mind, not to mention, the actuality of cause and effect or lines of continuity. And when one identifies with, or seeks security in, what is seen and thought outside (sensory perception), not only is a false absolute created to whatever is experienced but one remains blocked off (blacked out) to the infinite Stream of Energy-Consciousness and understanding Awareness that is one’s innermost Being and Source (Intuconscious Center). What here is called the Divine, the primary (but Nonliteral) Universe and Ourself as a Whole.

Yet, are We not already (and always have been) as a Whole Consciousness, the Buddha, the Christ, Krishna, or whatever Name for this that one prefers? The mystery seems to entail being both Divine and human…and at the same time. But how is this possible? Certainly not with a literal interpretation, which perceives all thing-events as relative, partial and temporal, not united, but remaining separate and outside each other, in fact, being neither solid nor absolute, as remains the case with sensory perception. And how can a human (ego) be the Divine (Nonego) literally, when the Divine transcends the human material condition or literal mind? Thus one lives in a divided world (mind) and split-consciousness.

So why interpret the Divine, the universe and ourselves literally? The world outside, including all our thoughts, emotions and personal experiences, may be actual, and indeed is, but they are not real, if by reality we mean that which just Is…Is the Totality of Being itself…Intubeing without beginning or ending, birth or death, past or future, remaining Whole, Complete, Absolute in itself. It is as if the world outside is a passing show, thing-events flashing on the screen of one’s mind (soul) like scenes in a movie or a dream, or as the Hindu sage says, life on earth is a game of hide and seek. The idea being to selflessly Realize and Live (Be) the Whole (the Divine) resting behind (through) all the parts, including our person (ego). But to literally believe that the person or the world outside can be the Divine (God) would be to some a blasphemy, not to mention, a dangerous form of insanity.

So, the Divine may be likened to the Tree of Life, and, subsequently, since there is only One Tree, One Spirit, One Soul, One Intelligence eternally Now, the Divine is producing or incarnating from Within itself the cosmic trunk, and all the branches, leaves and fruit manifested, but remains hidden from a literal view, and any attachment to sensory perception. Thus all the parts created, and the creation, that is, the one we experience literally with the senses as the actual, material universe, comes not into the world, but out of it, out of itself, thereby remaining incomplete (relative/partial/temporal). And when the old forms (masks) fall away, the Divine is reproducing or reincarnating, so to speak, new ones to replenish the outward design. But the Divine does not do so literally, not from outside creation but from Within itself, remaining Nonliteral…having no past or future, no cause and effect or outward line of continuity. Divinity Is Being the very Creating, Doing, Producing or Incarnating itself, as there is no duality nonliterally speaking, only Oneness (Whole Consciousness), only Now.

Thus the passing show is at best an analogy of life…but not Life itself or in itself: that is to say, a cosmic context (maya/creative illusion) through which we may, by surrendering our secondary consciousness and its literal interpretation, come to understand and just (first) Be our true Self (Awareness), which Is Selfless, never making a personal claim on any of the parts. By living an attitude (life) of nonattachment and holy indifference, then, the actual, literal world in ourselves may be totally embraced and consumed (transcended), thus uniting as a Nonliteral-literal Continuum (literal and Nonliteral Being ultimately the Same Wholeness), even as we Are already, and always have been, One selfless Realization and understanding Awareness that remains Ourself as a Whole (God).

All the religions of the world may be One yet are expressed through different contexts, having to do with cultural development. So, when will humanity finally see (live) through the literal perspective still conceived by our eyes and intellect alone, and selflessly Realize Ourself as the Nonliteral Perspective, resolving the mystery? The answer: when we have exhausted the alternatives: all those notions (metaphors) we still hold onto and identify with as being reality, thereby suppressing our own consciousness, and are finally ready and willing to face the open, natural and spontaneous Reality that We Are the Divine-human, Nonliteral-literal Continuum. For Such is not a concept or personal belief, but a Living Reality. Enough said.