To speak of God as the Creator is incomplete. It would be more correct to speak of God as the Creating, that is to say, as the ever-present or eternal Now.

Thus Being ever-present, always Now, the Creating itself or the Creating In itself (Ourself as Whole Consciousness), has no beginning or ending, was never born nor will ever die, for as the Totality of Being, pure Energy-Consciousness (undiluted by matter) remains Nonliteral (Absolute), the Form that is formless, the Self that is selfless, the Substance that is nonsubstantial, literally speaking. For how can the Totality of Being be contained by any particular or solid, which, by itself, must remain incomplete, bound by its own literal conceptualization or form (partiality)? Thus to speak of God as the Creator denotes creation (duality), as there cannot be one without the other, like the doer leads to that which is done, past tense. God can never be past tense, but is always Now, always One, totally Being the Creating itself, or the Creating In Ourself as a Whole. God, then, just Being the Doing (Happening) itself, or In Ourself, does not need a secondary consciousness or ego to tell Us that We Know, that We Are…for We Are Intubeing the Knowing, the Creating.

But what of the lesser we, the mortal we, that secondary consciousness or ego that most of us think we really are? Why did that come about? Indeed, one might as well ask, why do we dream? Why do we do anything?

Dreaming, as such, may not be reality but it does allow us, as separate entities in space who still identify with the material body, to release (express) suppressed energy-consciousness built up over time from holding onto memories of past experiences (ego), and thus keeps us from going totally insane. Likewise, as persons, if we do not express ourselves openly, but keep everything locked in, we might suffer the same fate. Consequently, to express oneself openly/naturally/spontaneously is to be free, to feel the space (wholeness) of one’s being. So, too, Intubeing the Knowing itself or infinite Stream (Space) of Energy-Consciousness, God, as the Creating, by that very Nature (Spirit), expresses Ourself as a Whole, or, to put it another way, speaks the Word. The Word, as interpreted here, refers to the Form/Idea/Name of God, and to express this, even divinely, is to create the other (duality), that is, something other than Ourself as a Whole. The philosopher Plato referred to this as the Demiurge, meaning something less than the Absolute but still divine…and thus the notion of God as the Creator was born.

However, in speaking the Word, God, as the Creating, does not lose Ourself as a Whole and become the so-called Demiurge, or even Satan, the so-called fallen Angel, but remains the Totality of Being. For a word, any word/form/idea/name is only a concept or metaphor, a projection of the mind, and metaphors are not realities. For example, to speak the word truth does not mean one is being truthful, that one is living truth. Reality, on the other hand, is living, Being the very quality or, in this case, Nonessentiality, behind the word and Within ourself, not just thinking or projecting the word. And even as all thing-events in the world appear to be actual or substantial, at least, to our five physical senses, they are not lasting (complete), being only living metaphors (images/forms) in relation to the Creating itself or That which Is, and thus the world outside is registered as a passing show, like a dream. God, as the Creating, Knows the dream (world), and even the Word, for what they are and does not identity with either, remaining nonattached (Selfless).

Consequently, when we begin to live (Be) Reality, we Awake in the dream, and like the saying, “being in the world but not of it”, one sees the world as a passing show or dream (creative illusion), and by seeing through oneself as ego, does not identify with it, remaining nonattached. We see that there is only Now, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego), the One Nonessentiality or Whole Consciousness that We Are and out of which every thing-event seemingly comes and goes. For example, all phenomena comes out of space, has its time, and returns into space, but the space, as space itself, remains complete in itself (whole), and does not see (register) itself as another phenomena. In fact, all phenomena is still the space, both literally and Nonliterally! Likewise, all that is material (thing-events) comes out of the Spirit, has its time, and returns into Spirit (Intubeing), but the Spirit, as the Creating itself, or In Ourself, remains Whole. Thus the literal and the Nonliteral Are One…for ultimately all is Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

At this point, we can see God as both Deity and Nondeity, as both the Creator and the Creating. But even as the Creator, God is not doing magician tricks from on high, not manipulating the world from outside, like a tyrant, but influencing it, and us (the lesser us still being separate entities in space), from Within as our innermost Being. The Kingdom of God Is Within us through the literal manifestation (living metaphor) and Is Us as the Whole Consciousness (Reality) that gives Substance (Spirit) to the form. The dream (mind), then, is the universe outside (maya), and just is what it is, no problem. But we have forgotten who We Are Within: that We Are the Living Reality, the Creating itself that brings everything Alive…as every thing-event Is really One, Ourself as a Whole!

Thus without the dream (world), without doing anything to begin with, the lesser we would never come to realize the ego, by turning it in on itself, as the journey through our secondary selves, and the means of finding our way (path) Home…to Ourself as a Whole.