God, or the pure ground (totality) of being, is not a supernatural entity performing magic tricks from on high but awareness or consciousness itself, the self that is selfless, the form that is formless, whose center, like space, is everywhere and nowhere; that is to say, the root and source of all is being everywhere (wholeness) nonliterally speaking and nowhere (emptiness) literally speaking. Thus when you are consciousness itself, the nonactual (intubeing) and the actual (being) are One and the same…not two.

But how do you know this?

First, it needs to be said that what is beyond all images, forms and concepts can never be spoken of directly, as language is dualistic by nature (each word having a corresponding opposite) and thus the closest you can come to it is to speak by analogy, that is to say, it is like this but it is not this. So the center (reality) can never be the literal (sensory) perspective but that which is complete in itself (intubeing), transcending all dualism. And as no separate entity (person), by remaining outside the other, has ever known God…to know God is to be the Center (God), that is, to be Consciousness itself (Nonliteral Perspective); and you can never be that literally or personally (partially), as a secondary consciousness.

So how do you know this? Simply put, when you are ready you will wake up, having consciously let go of (emptied) yourself as a separate entity, and by selflessly realizing there is only Consciousness itself, you, that is to say, the real You, will be Consciousness itself (Intuconsciousness). You will not be having a realization (duality), You will be the realization (Wholeness)! In a uncalculated way, without attempting to, you step right into it as You already are it, the knowing itself (Nonliteral Perspective)…what is always there, always here, always Now. There is only You, only Ourself as a Whole! The body may still be dreaming but Intuconsciousness, Now¬† awake, sees (realizes), lives through the dream (maya), through the senses (person)…the Center being through the world but not of it.

Remember, nothing you do will make it happen. What is called ego is simply an image, a rationalization and projection of the mind, having no life, power or cause of its own. The real You (Ourself as a Whole) is the eternal flow of Consciousness, and when the lesser you or person swims against the current by identifying with and holding on to the image/form/concept of life, you suffer. But when the lesser you swims with the current by not holding on, remaining open-minded, natural and spontaneous, the flow becomes You…and you become the Flow, that is, Life itself, Complete in itself, Intubeing.

How do you know this? There is no how…just being! The whole purpose of creation is to realize just Being (Intubeing)! The material/sensory aspect, having no center, ceases to dominate when you are Intuconsciousness (Nonliteral Perspective)…even while still connected to a body or person. To the literal mind then, in remaining a split or secondary consciousness, knowing this will always remain a mystery.