All thoughts, feelings and experiences are mental projections created by the mind, otherwise known as sensory perception, and reflect multiple states of consciousness potential in all of us. It is all a matter of conditioning/programing by culture and the environment that determines which states we fix on, and become fixed, too. Now, the question is: do we control the mental projections or do the mental projections control us?

Pure Consciousness, Being Nonliteral (Direct) Perception, the Totality of Being, therefore cannot be created (let alone controlled) by the mind, by thought, by an imaginary me, which perceives self and things as separate from others, and therefore as fixed states. Thus, upon selflessly Realizing pure Consciousness as our innermost Being, all thought, and an imaginary me, is also recognized as a dream state.

When we dream in our sleep we do not control what we dream, it just happens. Yet, no matter where we go or what happens in our dream, the truth is we are still in our bed. We have not gone anywhere or done anything. In fact, when pure Consciousness awakes even as the body is still dreaming, there is no dreamer, no separate self, as everything in the dream is the dreaming itself…even as the Awareness of Such is Consciousness itself. Thus our  imaginary self does not exist in reality. The imaginary self (or me) is just another thought.

So, if the imaginary self does not exist in reality, then how can it control any mental projections the mind creates? It cannot. The thoughts will come because that is what the mind does, based on past experience and repetition, on the pattern and process of behavior that is the individual…but they are not who we ultimately are as pure Consciousness. Therefore, whatever the thought, the feeling, the experience, it is just that and not the real us.

However, since most of us identify with our thoughts, feelings and experiences, we have become attached, fixed in place, in a state of consciousness. So, are we not then controlled by those mental projections? The only freedom we have in such a state, is the choice of our own particular fix, or bed we lie in.  But even recognizing the true nature of the human condition, how do we escape this fix we are in? We cannot…because the imaginary me is just that. If the imaginary me tries to escape, or tries not to escape, it only strengthens the imaginary me…which ultimately does not exist in the first place!

So, what is the answer? The only answer is realizing we do not need to try to escape or try not to escape. Just recognize each thought, feeling and experience as it is, making no personal claim on it. We cannot stop these mental projections from coming, but we do not have to hold on to them, identifying them with ourself. Thus, in time, the attachments will dissolve themselves because the only power they have is what we give them! And upon realizing the imaginary me as just that, then all mental projections become just that, imaginary.

Pure Consciousness, the Totality of Being, is not imaginary…but who and what everything Is in Reality, even in the dream state.