There is only the I. This I that I Am is the Experiencing itself, the totality of Being or pure Being, the background and Source of all there is. However, if you try to find Me, or achieve Me, you will fail, for I Am neither a thought, feeling, sensation, perception, or separate entity [thing] of any kind. I Am You, the real or whole You! I Am not two.

Explore your psyche. The psyche may be likened to a tunnel. When you enter a tunnel, in this case, a limitation or construct of your mind, the purpose is to pass completely through the tunnel to the light beyond, to freedom, leaving the construct behind–to fall away, as it were. You do not continue to hold on to and live the construct, thus to linger or camp out in the tunnel–and remain a limitation or false self. This way is two.

If you explore completely your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, to discover who is the I, they will be the path or means that lead you to the light, to Me, the whole You. There is only the I. And this I that I Am is not a knower but the knowing itself…not two but whole Consciousness.

When you focus on an object, or what stands out, you tend to become stuck on it, thinking yourself and the object as separate events. In your delusion you call this reality. It is actuality, of course, because you have made it so. You have placed a limitation on the I and become stuck on a literal perspective [duality/sensory perception/ego]. And in so doing, you have forgotten Me, the whole You, who is the Awareness itself.

You do not realize that there is only the I, the here and Now. I Am your very Being, but you think you are. You are living the construct, the image of life, not the Life or Being behind it. Thus you like to think that you are in control, the master of what you do. But it is the I that you are using in your divided consciousness, and you yourself are not source of that consciousness. In fact, you are but a mere shadow of My true Self.

Thus your own self-consciousness may be likened to the dream state. If You were to wake up even as your body-mind is still dreaming, You would realize there is no dreamer, just the dreaming. And You would realize the dreaming as projection {vanity}, and know the person that you thought you were doesn’t do anything or go anywhere, in fact, doesn’t exist in Reality. In Reality, in Being the Knowing itself, such selfless-realization or nonliteral [nondual] perspective would free your body-mind from itself.

Explore your psyche. Turn it back on itself, and render it neutralized by its own opposition. And, in a manner of speaking, see {realize} through your thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions that there is only the I that I Am, seeing the part in relation to the whole Consciousness. What I Am saying to you Now is so simple. Such is the Awareness itself. Stop making it so complex. I Am not two…and so are You!