My name is Larry Gordon Thomsen. I was born in Everett, Washington on September 5, 1945, and immediately thereafter, in taking my first contracted breath, started to kick and holler about this entire matter! Fortunately for me I’ve since learned to calm down and take everything in stride, almost: cool sparks of rebellion still lurk deep down in my psyche, and would fire up all of a sudden if the right-wrong situation were to leap forward and grab me. But, eventually, even these sparks will get nailed to the cross. You see, I’m committed to a certain way of life…a Way that has chosen me as much as I’ve chosen it.

I consider my person then–having taken to the spiritual path (eternal road) many suns ago–to be nonsocial, nonpolitical, nonreligious, nonmilitant…a child of nonattachment and holy indifference, not pretense. I don’t believe for a second that humankind is the master of anything, except, maybe, our own self-undoing. In any case, I wouldn’t waste another three seconds trying to make (force) the world outside a better world, or myself a better person. One doesn’t try to be when one already is. I mean, does a virtuous person try to be virtuous? Or, for that matter, does a sinner try to be sinful? That would be pretentious. People, places and things just are what they are. And whether one’s behavior is virtuous or sinful, all the packaging, pretending, along with the act of selling the product (spinning), in the world isn’t going to change that, or the consequences that follow from it.

Man (ego), on the other hand, never ceases spinning, pretending to be instead of just Being. The self-importance (self-righteousness) and hypocrisy behind this mentally is enough to stagger whole continents! So I would much rather be Still, and turning In to the very Heart of our Being, remain at peace (though some call this ignorance) with the world, allowing the Spirit (God) that Is In all of us to spiritually discern…and thus reveal ourself as a Whole, as we Are right Here, right Now! Therefore, as a man, I am cool, reserved, distant (the distance of death) or that which appears, yet with a fiery spirit ever-penetrating, but not consuming, Ourself (Intulife) or That which Is.

In God, then, we are spirit, even the Holy Spirit, not flesh, not conceptualization, that which has beginning and ending, as all things do. Spirit (pure Intelligence) just Is…and we just Are. But knowing Such would require us, as personalities, to change the way in which we see…from literal to Nonliteral, from material to Spiritual, from personal to Intupersonal, from a partial to a Total Perception of Being. In Truth, to see as God Sees (Nonsensory Perception)…Intuseeing everything from Within us and As Us, Ourself as a Whole (Intubeing).

Thus profoundly perverse I am, totally out of sympathy with fundamentalism: the material, mechanical and literal way (divided ego) or duality by which persons are bred, places are seen and things are done in this world…being not a traditionalist, or ideolog of any kind, believing not in conventional wisdom and observing not with a generalizing mind. In short, I’m like the salmon who swim upstream against the current, returning whence we came: that is, returning to the very Core of our Being…to Who and what is often called God or Liberation. This psychological process and discipline I call Living Jesus, the Way of the cross, the open Way (teaching) of living Truth; for if we are not living/being Life, we don’t know Ourself, that is, we, as Such (Truth), are not happening.

So what I offer here isn’t any kind of dogma, or cultural programing. Such innate knowing wasn’t given to me by the institutional church, or by the state. The church, or political state, doesn’t know it; it never has. Living (Christ) Jesus isn’t some dude who lived only two thousand years ago, but God in man, the Life Force or Principal (the Word) who Nondwells Within us and As Us–the Nonactual (Total) Us–Being in man the Living Spirit (Christ Jesus)! Such Is the Living Potential that Rests in all of us.

All the stories in the Bible are telling us the same Story: that God Is Alive in us, potentially, as the very Ground (Depth) of our Being. Every story, then, is about the human psyche coming Alive in Spirit (Christ) and selflessly Realizing his/ her interrelationship with the Presence of God right Here, right Now! But, being materialists (egoists), we have literally interpreted the information as history, and called this reality–as if the past is now. But reality can never be captured by the past. In relation to the ever-present, the past is allegory at best, and therefore we need to see through all the conceptualizations, images, forms, to the God (Living Light) in whom we Are…the Eternal Us (Now). Such Is the Nonliteral Perspective: first Seeing (just Being) with the mind as a Whole that everything is Within us and Is Us (One Adam/universal Humanity).

The time has come for humankind to return, by Way of the cross, to the Source of all life, and consciously fuse with our innermost Being! I don’t believe that I’m the Lone ranger: as interior Vision (Intuperception/Nonliteral Perspective) Is Alive in me, then the same must be true for others. So I feel a sacred duty to give witness to the Presence (Comforter) in my soul, and in everything else, through my writing, conversation, and in the manner of living my life on earth. Others, in time, may discover the same Witness in themselves. But this world isn’t about me the person; it’s about us the spirit…ourself as a Whole (the Great Spirit). Therefore we need to selflessly Realize Who and what we Are!

In time we will stand face to face with Holy Fire (Spirit)! And we will either step into the Fire or we will continue to stand apart from God, identifying with matter. We will either first See from Within the Fire As the Fire or from outside the Fire as the other; that is to say, from Within God and As God (Nonliteral Perspective) or from outside God (Ourself) as the image (literal perspective).

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