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There Is No Escape


Day into night, night into day, every beginning having an ending and every ending bringing about a new beginning; so goes the universe and so goes our own lives on earth. It’s the dance of appearances, of experiences (sense perceptions), which end where they begin; but Energy-Consciousness, Spirit, Life itself continues. But don’t be fooled, there is no escaping this cyclic process inherent with the universe, and with us on earth. Thus the only Freedom from this process is the direct living experience (Awareness) of Life, that is, Being Life instead of having a life.

Events in our lives happen as they are meant to happen. We may think that we make the choices and decisions, that we are manipulating things, that we are in control, but nothing comes about that was not meant to be. Life itself (God) influences the universe from Within, not from outside. Thus our own personal choices and decisions may turn out well or not so well, it really doesn’t matter. For however they turn out, what matters is discovering that this is the path to Now (ever-present), that is, to Life itself or in itself. And there’s no escaping the path; indeed, the path is us. So, whatever the karma in play, this becomes our means of living meditation, even of returning to the sacred Heart and Center Within ourself. Thus whatever is happening to us this moment, we need not judge it, but to see it through, and whatever the result of our action, knowing it cannot be otherwise, finally surrender the need to change the world, to play God…and stop…our ego from running away with us.

There is no escape, there is only Now, the direct, open, most natural, spiritual Flow of Energy-Consciousness. Though invisible to the literal mind, it’s like space moves…and just Is…Is Awareness itself or in itself. Thus, in total acceptance of the thing-event that is this moment, abandoning ourself to the Now We Are through whatever is happening, we allow Now (ever-present) to come into full Focus; that is, directly experiencing selfless Realization, such Realization (Recognition) Is the real You, the real Us, God. It’s all the same Reality, as All Are One Totality of Being (Intubeing). O, what a hard lesson this is to learn, some will say. But Reality isn’t about learning it (ego)…but Being it (Nonego).

In Dreaming We Are An Open Book


I have been aware of my dreams for years. And though most dreams might not seem particularly significant, in fact quite zany, some not only tell me symbolically what is presently going on in my subconscious but have revealed past incarnations, out of body experiences, direct insights into the human psyche and, on very rare occasions, a revelation from God, our innermost Being. I even dreamt verses of poetry which became part of my first book The Heart Speaks.

Thus dreams have been a very important part of my life: an avenue into self…into what lies so deep as through self-consciousness (ego). Sometimes my dreams are like movies, mostly adventure, and often I am the hero facing some dread and conquering it or saving a damsel in distress. At other times, I am a superman doing incredible feats and know myself to be immortal. Indeed, at times I am even aware of myself being everyone and everything in the dream; that there is only the “happening”. I look forward to going to sleep at night because some dreams can be so vivid and exciting. But I also look forward to waking up in the morning because I can take that same spirit with me to meet the day.

The insights that have come to me in dreams have changed my life. They have not only shown me hidden attachments and conflicts but what is going to happen because of them…only later to realize that they came true. In fact, no dream has ever lied to me. In some dreams I am even aware that I am dreaming, but have no fear because I know we are more than the dream, that the dream is only a context through which our Spirit (innermost Being) communicates with the shadow us, the dreamer. 

I am always contemplating something or meditating just before going to bed, so that probably sets my mind in a proper mode for remembering my dreams and allowing me to be receptive to them. Acceptance and trust is most important. If I want an answer to, or an insight into, something, I will think deeply about it before retiring and then drop the thought completely. Often the answer or insight will show up in a dream, the discernment unmistakable.

I cannot suggest too strongly the need to remember our dreams. This is something we can do for ourselves that will not only help us to better understand what we are thinking and feeling but actually improve our well-being in giving us a creative, confident and healthy attutude to meet the day. Dreams can change our life!



Modern culture is in retreat, becoming regressive. There is simply too many people and too many structures and organizations on this earth…and the collective sense of “space” is diminishing. Thus mankind is becoming mentally complacent, static, dumb, without a “new world” to conquer, to escape his own collective containment (modern culture). And worse, like a “delayed adolescent”, we the people are trying to escape ourselves, refusing to accept living responsibility for our individual and collective behavior. Consequently, as “selfoholics”, we are opening wide the door that leads to the extremism of a “totalitarian state” and our own corruption.

With Obama and the “far-left mob” having taken control of the federal government in Washington, we are now witnessing the biggest power grab in American history. Their own version of “bread and circus” (the economy and the media) daily distracts the American people from the bureaucratic corruption being practiced by these “progressive gangsters” in the name of “stimulus packages” and “political correctness”, supposedly to save the economy from the greed and mismanagement which they, along with many conservatives, helped to bring about! And, to disguise the fact, these so-called liberals (the original meaning of the term liberal has now been completely obscured by the secular progressive movement) are both writing legislation that tries to buy the people off with token compliments of “bread”, just so the peasants won’t look too closely at all the graft being baked by the “new Bolsheviks” in the legislative ovens of big government, as well as, attack in the media “circus” anyone who voices opposing views or criticizes their policies. They have learned that a concentrated policy of demonizing the opposition really works in today’s media, as it is the packaging and the presentation of the lies and distortions in order to “sell the product”–and not the substance of the product–that sells in today’s “image conscious society”, and thus carries the greater influence with the masses. Indeed, in order to promote their political bias, the national media plays and markets an “image game” which, by its very nature, both distorts actuality and as propaganda is basically dishonest.

Soon, if Obama, like Caesar, becomes the “godfather” of contemporary politics, he will be able to make the American people offers that they cannot refuse, that is, if they want to survive in an ideology-driven, ego-induced world? The far-left mob,  by perfecting the tactics of intimidation and personal threats, will control everything and everyone, and the people will jump whenever called upon in order to receive their “survival fix”. In return, the people will become “family” (far-left democrats) in order to cast their votes for the “right politicians”, and will owe their souls to the “mob”, or they will find themselves demonized and persecuted to death. The tyranny of modern American fascism, daily reinforced through out the culture by injections of greed and guilt, and particularly in the media with scenes of hate-mongering, hypocrisy and character assassination, will show no mercy for unbelievers.

And the people, being patterns of behavior as we are, will suffer all this because those very patterns reflect the cultural programing (both liberal and conservative) that has been reinforcing on them the sense of “victimization” for years, even generations…and no one can escape oneself! Add to that the common fear of confronting the truth about ourselves (who wants to believe that we are not who we think we are) and you have the pattern for living in a constant denial of the human condition as it is. Thus the work of the political spinners (victimizers) is practically done for them, and they will not waste any opportunity, not even a national crisis, to feed their need for gratification.

Indeed, this practice becomes even easier when you consider that so-called education in America has been “dumbing” our children for years. It’s not about what our kids need to know in order to grow up and stand on their own two feet, it’s about strengthening the teacher’s union, because they vote “democrat” for the most part, and secular progressive politics must come first with the current administration in Washington because that is POWER! So for years now the so-called liberal educators in America have been politicalizing our children instead of properly educating them: education, along with the media, are the two best means of indoctrinating the young in the ideology of  a far-left version of liberalism and big government.

So, in a culture of obsessive-addictive (compulsive) materialism and egoism, reflected in both liberal and conservative political policies, people turn in on themselves becoming selfoholics, escaping into self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immorality. Truth, or facts, becomes irrelevant, the ideology is all-important because with ideology as an end in itself, we not only get and reinforce our programed (false) identity, but receive our “survival fix” as well, thus denying the very behavior that is victimizing us! Yet, like an alcoholic or drug addict, this compulsive and self-destructive behavior, the pattern of our life, eventually “bottoms out”, as it must, having corrupted the “body” of our life. For we, as a collective entity (modern culture), in rationalizing, justifying and legalizing regressive behavior (secular progressive behavior), are seeking oblivion! And such behavior becomes particularly dangerous when applied to our government”s foreign policy: foreign powers will observe and know how to take advantage of our weaknesses. So, if we continue on this course, like a photograph of Berlin in the final days of World War 2, our lot will be RUINATION. And we have only ourselves to blame.

America Lost!


With the administration of President Barack Obama, we are witnessing right before our very eyes the institutional and methodical dismantling of America, and possibly the rest of the world as well. For this false messiah won’t be satisfied until the whole planet reflects his glorious vision, which is in actuality extreme naivete and willful ignorance.

Fundamentally speaking, the domestic and foreign policies of Obama are a political prescription for disaster. His secular progressive philosophy is clearly self-indulgent, arrogant, irresponsible and immoral, reflecting the “delayed adolescence” of the age and culture in which he was born and raised. The man lives in “lala” land, a world created by his own ego-satan, which must  be controlled by the far-left media and government, or so he is going his damnest to facilitate, and is totally disconnected to the actual world and what is going on there. He will even use the power of the US Presidency to persuade other nations to fall in line with his glorious vision, and is arrogant enough to believe in his own spin and propaganda that it is his destiny to reshape the world in his own image.  

But the regressive behavior of Obama and the “far-left mob” is hateful and vengeful toward anyone who represents to them the authority and responsibility of virtuous conduct, as such brings up in their souls the selfish motives and slick hypocrisy characterizing their true behavior. Behavior in which they still feel the need to disguise to themselves, as well as to others, in order to continually “sell the product”, as they play an “image game” with their lives: the actual world being far too scary for their protectionist minds.

Thus explains their instant hostility and need to demonize anyone who they consider to be the enemy. Like vampires, they experience a “psychic fit” when confronted by the “cross” of natural and spiritual attitudes and values, and they immediately want to destroy those persons who reflect back to them, like a mirror, their own self-centered and self-created guilt. Indeed, they cannot be happy unless everyone else behaves as they do, and thus the need to manipulate, control and exploit the countryside, and everyone on it, to appease the guilt.

Their method becomes tyranny, as this is what they do to themselves psychologically, using political correctness and personal threats to control the masses, and when that no longer works, they will use force of arms. It is only a matter of time before the first leads to the second, as others will surely rebel at some point once they feel the sting of these “new Bolsheviks”. However, in the process, Obama, like Jekyll and Hyde, will lead himself and all who follow him into oblivion, as the self-destructive behavior of secular progressism leads to its own collective self-undoing…America Lost!

Direct Democracy


Greed, and the cultural programing that promotes it, has become in modern times the American way, just as it has become the way of many other cultures as well. And this mentality, in order to continually sell the “product”, often at the personal expense of others by reinforcing behaviors of self-centeredness, self-indulgence, arrogance, irresponsibility and immortality (social/political correctness), simply is not sustainable, self-destructiveness being what it is. If it were, the Pharoahs in Ancient Egypt and the Caesars in Ancient Rome, not to mention many other tyrants, would still be at the controls. But superstructured “empires” (big governments) “bottom out” eventually from obsessive-addictive behavior (extreme materialism/egoism), like alcoholics. Indeed, with the politicalization of culture, such excessive behavior takes hold of “secular-progressive societies”, and being self-destructive at its core (power corrupts), collapses in the collective psychological process of its own self-undoing. Thus the “topheavy handedness” of so-called leaders will topple the social/political/financial structure (empire) if we the people don’t recognize this potential danger (behavior) in ourselves, and confronting the same–without moral judgment but with a firm resolve to right (balance) the ship (collective psyche)–penetrate, understand and resolve the patterns of our present behavior, transmuting our life’s energy and moral character before it’s too late!

One way of collectively doing this, I suggest, at least in America, is to move the culture from a representational democracy, where a special elite can get rich and powerful at the expense of those they represent, to a direct democracy, where we the people run the country as a whole instead of the politicans and wealthy financers supporting them!  There’s no reason why we the people could not vote on all laws and legislation written at the local, state and federal levels. We have the technology today to establish this. We could even designate one day a week (if we need to) as “official voting day”, and decide those measures put on the ballot for that week. Congressmen and senators can still write the articles but they will have only one vote like the rest of us…and no more power than anybody else. Congressional committees can only recommend, not force, any action. And when a law or legislative measure is passed, it cannot be repealed unless we the people repeal it at a later vote. None of the backstabbing the people’s will (which can happen when those in power don’t like the people undermining their political agendas) by taking the measure to the courts and having some judge, for politically self-serving reasons, declare it to be unconstitutional. All measures shall be made constitutional before being placed on the ballot for vote!

I believe the only cultures or communities that may survive a future wrought with man-made wars and natural disasters will be governed by its people as a whole. And if there is ever to be true freedom and peace on this planet, we the people will need to make it happen by taking responsibility for our collective behavior, recognizing the potential in each of us to live life directly–and not by having any special elite remaining superior over us. These so-called leaders simply can’t know what’s best for the rest of us–so we need to stand up for ourselves and Be the Freedom and the Peace! There’s no other way to actually guarantee it! If we are not living/being Such…Suchness is not happening…as we are only still pretending.