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The “I”

There is only the I. This I that I Am is the Experiencing itself, the totality of Being or pure Being, the background and Source of all there is. However, if you try to find Me, or achieve Me, you will fail, for I Am neither a thought, feeling, sensation, perception, or separate entity [thing] of any kind. I Am You, the real or whole You! I Am not two.

Explore your psyche. The psyche may be likened to a tunnel. When you enter a tunnel, in this case, a limitation or construct of your mind, the purpose is to pass completely through the tunnel to the light beyond, to freedom, leaving the construct behind–to fall away, as it were. You do not continue to hold on to and live the construct, thus to linger or camp out in the tunnel–and remain a limitation or false self. This way is two.

If you explore completely your thoughts, feelings, sensations and perceptions, to discover who is the I, they will be the path or means that lead you to the light, to Me, the whole You. There is only the I. And this I that I Am is not a knower but the knowing itself…not two but whole Consciousness.

When you focus on an object, or what stands out, you tend to become stuck on it, thinking yourself and the object as separate events. In your delusion you call this reality. It is actuality, of course, because you have made it so. You have placed a limitation on the I and become stuck on a literal perspective [duality/sensory perception/ego]. And in so doing, you have forgotten Me, the whole You, who is the Awareness itself.

You do not realize that there is only the I, the here and Now. I Am your very Being, but you think you are. You are living the construct, the image of life, not the Life or Being behind it. Thus you like to think that you are in control, the master of what you do. But it is the I that you are using in your divided consciousness, and you yourself are not source of that consciousness. In fact, you are but a mere shadow of My true Self.

Thus your own self-consciousness may be likened to the dream state. If You were to wake up even as your body-mind is still dreaming, You would realize there is no dreamer, just the dreaming. And You would realize the dreaming as projection {vanity}, and know the person that you thought you were doesn’t do anything or go anywhere, in fact, doesn’t exist in Reality. In Reality, in Being the Knowing itself, such selfless-realization or nonliteral [nondual] perspective would free your body-mind from itself.

Explore your psyche. Turn it back on itself, and render it neutralized by its own opposition. And, in a manner of speaking, see {realize} through your thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions that there is only the I that I Am, seeing the part in relation to the whole Consciousness. What I Am saying to you Now is so simple. Such is the Awareness itself. Stop making it so complex. I Am not two…and so are You!

The Imaginary Me

All thoughts, feelings and experiences are mental projections created by the mind, otherwise known as sensory perception, and reflect multiple states of consciousness potential in all of us. It is all a matter of conditioning/programing by culture and the environment that determines which states we fix on, and become fixed, too. Now, the question is: do we control the mental projections or do the mental projections control us?

Pure Consciousness, Being Nonliteral (Direct) Perception, the Totality of Being, therefore cannot be created (let alone controlled) by the mind, by thought, by an imaginary me, which perceives self and things as separate from others, and therefore as fixed states. Thus, upon selflessly Realizing pure Consciousness as our innermost Being, all thought, and an imaginary me, is also recognized as a dream state.

When we dream in our sleep we do not control what we dream, it just happens. Yet, no matter where we go or what happens in our dream, the truth is we are still in our bed. We have not gone anywhere or done anything. In fact, when pure Consciousness awakes even as the body is still dreaming, there is no dreamer, no separate self, as everything in the dream is the dreaming itself…even as the Awareness of Such is Consciousness itself. Thus our  imaginary self does not exist in reality. The imaginary self (or me) is just another thought.

So, if the imaginary self does not exist in reality, then how can it control any mental projections the mind creates? It cannot. The thoughts will come because that is what the mind does, based on past experience and repetition, on the pattern and process of behavior that is the individual…but they are not who we ultimately are as pure Consciousness. Therefore, whatever the thought, the feeling, the experience, it is just that and not the real us.

However, since most of us identify with our thoughts, feelings and experiences, we have become attached, fixed in place, in a state of consciousness. So, are we not then controlled by those mental projections? The only freedom we have in such a state, is the choice of our own particular fix, or bed we lie in.  But even recognizing the true nature of the human condition, how do we escape this fix we are in? We cannot…because the imaginary me is just that. If the imaginary me tries to escape, or tries not to escape, it only strengthens the imaginary me…which ultimately does not exist in the first place!

So, what is the answer? The only answer is realizing we do not need to try to escape or try not to escape. Just recognize each thought, feeling and experience as it is, making no personal claim on it. We cannot stop these mental projections from coming, but we do not have to hold on to them, identifying them with ourself. Thus, in time, the attachments will dissolve themselves because the only power they have is what we give them! And upon realizing the imaginary me as just that, then all mental projections become just that, imaginary.

Pure Consciousness, the Totality of Being, is not imaginary…but who and what everything Is in Reality, even in the dream state.

The Tree Of Life

Using the apple tree as an analogy of life: the tree produces branches, leaves and apples, which eventually fall to the ground, and replaces them with new branches, leaves and apples. But the new forms are not the same ones that fell to the ground. It is the pattern and process of behavior that is the tree which reflects the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, not its separate parts.

Thus it is with the Tree of Life: the Tree, understood in the Bible as the Word, produces the universe and all that comes with that. When the separate parts perish, they are replaced by new forms as energy-consciousness cannot be destroyed but is transformed. It is the pattern and process of behavior that is the Tree of Life or the Word which reflects the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation, not the separate forms. In short, just as the apple tree apples, the Tree of Life peoples.

When we speak of the mind or soul or spirit, what are we talking about? After all, these are just concepts, and concepts are at best metaphors, not realities. They may point to reality but they are not reality. Left on their own and taken for reality, they are illusion, that is to say, they are not lasting, for separate forms and thing-events may be actuality but they too are not Reality…not complete by themselves…not the Totality of Being.

Thus when God is selflessly-realized not as the creator or boss, a supernatural entity performing magic tricks from on high, but as the Creating or Totality of Being, then the cycle of birth and death and reincarnation is seen through. For Being even before the Tree of Life or the Word is Life itself, the pure Energy-Consciousness that Is. But we would have no chance of knowing that if God, the Creating, but Unmanifest, literally speaking, did not express Self as the Tree of Life or the Word, that is, if Reality did not produce actuality, the illusion.

You see, in the end it is all One and the same: light and darkness, positive and negative, good and evil, this and that, are really two sides of the same coin…and unity. But when seen and lived as separate principles, the whole coin is lost and the world suffers…suffers the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception, ego) of its own incompleteness. Thus, in our isolation, we struggle and even war against ourselves…against our innermost Nature. Yet, like the apple tree, in God we are all the Tree of Life or the Word, the true Son of God, not separate souls. There is only One Mind, One Soul, One Spirit, One Energy-Consciousness in Reality, One Totality of Being. But to the literal mind Such is nonexistence.

Thank God! Because if this were not so, mankind’s corruption would be eternal.


How Do You Know This?

God, or the pure ground (totality) of being, is not a supernatural entity performing magic tricks from on high but awareness or consciousness itself, the self that is selfless, the form that is formless, whose center, like space, is everywhere and nowhere; that is to say, the root and source of all is being everywhere (wholeness) nonliterally speaking and nowhere (emptiness) literally speaking. Thus when you are consciousness itself, the nonactual (intubeing) and the actual (being) are One and the same…not two.

But how do you know this?

First, it needs to be said that what is beyond all images, forms and concepts can never be spoken of directly, as language is dualistic by nature (each word having a corresponding opposite) and thus the closest you can come to it is to speak by analogy, that is to say, it is like this but it is not this. So the center (reality) can never be the literal (sensory) perspective but that which is complete in itself (intubeing), transcending all dualism. And as no separate entity (person), by remaining outside the other, has ever known God…to know God is to be the Center (God), that is, to be Consciousness itself (Nonliteral Perspective); and you can never be that literally or personally (partially), as a secondary consciousness.

So how do you know this? Simply put, when you are ready you will wake up, having consciously let go of (emptied) yourself as a separate entity, and by selflessly realizing there is only Consciousness itself, you, that is to say, the real You, will be Consciousness itself (Intuconsciousness). You will not be having a realization (duality), You will be the realization (Wholeness)! In a uncalculated way, without attempting to, you step right into it as You already are it, the knowing itself (Nonliteral Perspective)…what is always there, always here, always Now. There is only You, only Ourself as a Whole! The body may still be dreaming but Intuconsciousness, Now  awake, sees (realizes), lives through the dream (maya), through the senses (person)…the Center being through the world but not of it.

Remember, nothing you do will make it happen. What is called ego is simply an image, a rationalization and projection of the mind, having no life, power or cause of its own. The real You (Ourself as a Whole) is the eternal flow of Consciousness, and when the lesser you or person swims against the current by identifying with and holding on to the image/form/concept of life, you suffer. But when the lesser you swims with the current by not holding on, remaining open-minded, natural and spontaneous, the flow becomes You…and you become the Flow, that is, Life itself, Complete in itself, Intubeing.

How do you know this? There is no how…just being! The whole purpose of creation is to realize just Being (Intubeing)! The material/sensory aspect, having no center, ceases to dominate when you are Intuconsciousness (Nonliteral Perspective)…even while still connected to a body or person. To the literal mind then, in remaining a split or secondary consciousness, knowing this will always remain a mystery.




No Subject

What if when you die you wake up? And what if when you are born you die, that is to say, go to sleep?

If, in fact, you have ever had the experience of waking up while the body is still dreaming, you would no longer be a dreamer (person) but the dreaming itself, that is to say, consciousness itself or totality of being. For everything in the dream would be within you and would be you, there would be no outside, no subject outside of you, the awareness itself. Thus everything would be non-duality, you, being a nonperson. And knowing that you are not the body, there would be no need to be judgmental, or to take credit or blame for anything happening in the dream. Such is offered as a dream analogy to represent enlightenment or nirvana (liberation).

You have died to the attachment to your person or ego and woken up. However, when you identify with your person, remaining ego-centered, born to, and continuing in, a lower or secondary consciousness, you die to the real You or totality of being. You have gone asleep, so to speak, and like the subconscious which rolls in when unconscious, you create a dreamer or split-self (ego), who identifies with a body which sees that self outside everything else in a literal world (mind) often hostile and uncertain. Thus, the universe and life on earth is a mind game, as there is only mind or consciousness itself. What is called matter is an illusion, at its root being insubstantial, incomplete, not lasting…and the same may be said of us as persons.

In truth there is no individual soul, but only the soul or mind itself, the totality of being, the root and source of all that is. But the mind is playful and needs some stimulation to come aware, so the universe, and all that goes with it, is that stimulation. As persons, then, we live in a virtual reality, a matrix, actual but not real. Yet when caught up in the dream, you really believe it is real, that you are going somewhere, doing something, or something is happening to you–but you have not left your bed. Nor have you left your mind. It is all like an hallucination. However, when you wake up, being Wakefulness (enlightenment), you see through your self-deception and are freed from the possessiveness, the stickyness, the holding on and identifying with that selfishness (ego) which is your suffering.

Such is why we are here and Now. That is to say, we can be literally here (connected) with the body…yet be nonliterally Now as the mind itself. Thus, the mystery of life is a paradox, both actual and nonactual, both material and nonmaterial. However, the only way to know this is to be the knowing itself, as Such, being life itself, is beyond concepts, images and forms. In Suchness, then, there are no separate thing-events, no subject outside of Ourself as the Whole Consciousness. What appears outside of us is just like a dream and does not really matter.

But we still need to play the game, the mind game–the game of life. It is like growing up: we develop through various stages and obstacles, and maturing, finally see through the form/image/concept of life–realizing we are life itself. Thus when we are ready to wake up…we will wake up. To say again, We Are Life Itself! And so it is that every seeming thing which happens with us is only part of the game and play of energy. None of it is really solid or absolute. All of it, being relative, plays its part and passes. But fortunately for the secondary us, Life itself, the real Us, does not pass, remaining ever-present or eternal.

Meditate on this article, who knows, you just might wake up…


Living Life


Living Life is fully embracing the moment…and being whatever the moment is. But, as long as there is a sense of self apart from the moment, then the literal perspective (duality, sensory perception and ego) rises up to dominate consciousness, and suffering will be just around the corner. This is not to say that suffering is not experienced by the nonself or spirit, while maintaining a material body, but that there is a joy of liberation which fully embraces the moment and fuses with the suffering, diluting it, comforting the spirit.

Living Life is the doing, not the doer. When selflessly realizing that there really is no doer or separate self, only Life itself happening this very moment, then Such is the One, Whole Consciousness out of which everything seems to have its origin, only later, to have its end. This seeming then, or creative illusion, of there being a separate self and multiple thing-events occurring in an external universe, is related to sensory perception…and the corresponding literal interpretation of what is experienced. Indeed, we interpret according to the way in which we see. Thus we look outward through the eye and interpret literally what we see actually, and call that reality. But, everything that actually appears to be happening is cyclic, and subject to change, as sensory perception is partial consciousness, and not lasting, being neither total or clear (pure) consciousness.

In the cyclic world, as there cannot be life without death, day without night, the nonliteral without the literal, or this without that, the secondary or negative aspect of any dualism is but an interval in the same process, as both are the same inward unity. Thus there really is no division in consciousness, in Living Life; that is, except to the literal mind, which sees and interprets everything partially as being outside everything else, seemingly apart, not connected. Therefore, it can be said that the external/literal/actual world outside, this world and mind of the senses, is maya or creative illusion; indeed, a kind of pre-life or pretentiousness, as we are living the image/form/concept of life, not Life itself. And because of that, the human soul, whether consciously or unconsciously, seeks release from its entrapment. But here lies the demon in the details. In the seeking, and trying to grasp something as an end in itself, we only strengthen the separate self…self is the entrapment.

Living Life, on the other hand, is a total acceptance of, and trust in, the here and Now…a total abandonment of self to the selfless. Thus there is no separation of any kind, no division in mind, from the oneness or wholeness that is Life itself. Therefore, Living Life is not a doer or a creator, which denotes past tense or a secondary consciousness, but the Doing, the Creating, the ever-present Consciousness that Is…is Living Life. But the self cannot breathe total acceptance of, or trust in, what it cannot literally grasp. Therefore, the separate self fears the here and Now, attempting to escape it or to control it…to deny it or to possess it…to condemn it or to praise it. Either way always to separate itself from the oneness/wholeness of Living Life, and in dividing the mind, reinforcing the pattern and process of suffering.

But, to the soul who selflessly realizes God, the Creating, through the path of its own separateness, thereby reflecting unity, Living Life is the only true Will, or Nonwill, as the Totality of Being cannot be literally based outside Life itself. Such is Ourself as a Whole, not as partiality or pre-life. It’s like the difference between having a vision and being the vision…having a part to play or being the Play itself. For, in Being the Play itself, there’s no need for a secondary consciousness to tell you what it’s about. You Are Living Life!





It Doesn’t Matter


It doesn’t matter what happens in this life, only how you react to it and what that says about who you think you are. Yet, what many fail to realize is that living life isn’t about who we think we are…but who we really are. But, in order to realize that, one needs to drop the concept of oneself and just Be the Awareness itself, that is to say, Ourself as a Whole.

With matter being what it is, the world outside, or universe, is only a means, not an end in itself. For there is nothing essentially solid or absolute about matter, according to science. As a Buddhist would say, “emptiness is form and form is emptiness.” But what does matter in the short run is what is really going on behind the appearance of creation…and through us. Who are we, really?

Do any of us, as persons, actually control our lives? Or, does the sensory consciousness that we think and feel we are, and identify with, do us? Indeed, are we not captive to this partial consciousness? To our own fixation of being a separate entity in space? An isolated self? And if personal consciousness, as well as, all form, is emptiness, then it is the happening itself within, and as, emptiness, being consciousness itself, and not anything outside of it, that is the doing. So, if one truly realizes that all is emptiness, then why hold on to anything…to any form, image, concept or personal identity? Being awareness itself would be liberation, enlightenment, the kingdom of heaven.

Therefore, facing the emptiness that we are is the path to salvation.

In watching the mind, one notices a stream of thoughts arising and passing. But who is it that is aware? Not the thoughts, for awareness is before the thoughts. Not the person, for is not the person also just a thought? A projection and creation of the mind? And just because we have a material body doesn’t mean we have to be consciously centered there, establishing a separate self. Indeed, if this is truly understood, then there is no essential quality grounding the person, or body, not to mention, the thoughts. All is emptiness.

So, who is the awareness at the heart of all the emptiness, but awareness itself, whose center is everywhere nonliterally speaking and nowhere literally speaking. And never naming anything, nonbeing the knowing, the doing, the creating itself, such does not need an other…a knower, doer or creator, to tell it what’s what; like evolution, everything would seem to be knowing, doing, creating itself.  In reality then, there is only One Consciousness, Ourself as a Whole. Thus, from the viewpoint of nonbeing or consciousness itself, there is just one happening, not many happenings. There is just one life, not many lives. Multiple thing-events are a creative illusion and projection of the literal mind. There is just emptiness. Emptiness is all!

It doesn’t matter what happens in this life, only that you wake up from the trance of a separate self, seeing through the appearance of things, and selflessly realize We Are Awareness itself; thereby living, even while still with the body, an attitude of nonattachment–and thus remaining free in relation to what arises and passes.

Think on this, and then drop every concept, even the concept of emptiness, or, if you prefer, God, and Be the Totality of Being, Ourself as a Whole.