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The Poem Is Me


I sit here with pencil in hand, ready to compose a poem…
to reveal a sign of, and give witness to, the poet that I am;
yet I intuit the Stillness
at the Center of my being, saying,
“There’s no rush. Everything is timeless.”

Thus nothing comes…
so I remain still, but ready,
waiting attentively for that inspiration which flows
out from the Streaming Consciousness Within me.

Turning inward, then, I stare thru a point in space
Into Space…
bringing into greater focus
this Stream of Energy-Consciousness
Breathing Ourself as a Whole,
even as such Depth grounds my all!

Even Now my heart’s sure
seeing thru this very moment in time
that I am subliminally Awake, Alive, being so Aware
of Ourself as a Whole!

Still, I haven’t written a word
nor spoken a single syllable,
not even to address another mind
to the Living Potential Within us all.

How will anyone know the Stillness
and Light-Consciousness
Streaming right Here, right Now?
There’s no literal proof of Ourself as a Whole!

I’m just sitting here in silence breathing the Space,
waiting attentively for the inspiration to come,
making not the slightest effort to give witness
to a single syllable of who I am;
yet I intuit the Stillness
at the very Center of my being, saying,
“There’s no rush. Everything is timeless.”

So I remain Free to just Be…
to Be the Nonthingness that Grounds Ourself as a Whole
right Here, right Now;
and O yes, in breathing the Space,
I spiritually discern as the Stillness
that when the inspiration does come…
the poem is me…and I am, as we Are, timeless.


Who And What Am I?

Accept this moment as it is
and Be Still!
Let the Stillness be your focus
and confront yourself, asking:
Who and what am I?
Who and what is Aware, watching,
penetrating self as a Whole?
Go into That, Intuself, dropping the thought,
and just Be the Heart
and understanding Awareness
Resting Within all worldliness
existing right Here, right Now!
And thereby resolving every attachment to the I,
Live, Be, That Light-Conscious Spirit We Are!

I Am And We Are


I am in you and you are in me
and we Are in ourself as a Whole:
Life Is One
Nonliteral, purely Spiritual.

If you want to know Who and what I am,
you first need to know Who and what you are,
as understanding Awareness remains as a Whole
the essential Quality that we Are.

Such is therefore wholly Within us and Is Us,
even our Lord and innermost Being:
the invisible Presence/Andro Cosmic Peace
Intuconsciously Streaming
without departing from the Tao,
Being right Here, right Now!

This innate Knowing or Spirit discerning,
Intubeing Nonliteral, purely Spiritual,
is not a how-to exercise but the Way of.

Thus being witness to, and a messenger of,
the Living Principal and Potential that Rests In all of us,
I am not your guru, master or teacher;
I do not belong to any official group or institutional church;
I do not follow any political spin or cultural programing…
nor believe in any arbitrary system or control.

I am living religion/meditation/faith/life/God;
and so would you if only you knew
Who and what you Are…
that I Am…that God Is.

For this Living Knowledge of which I speak Is Us,
and the true Way of the cross called Living (Christ) Jesus.

It Is Not You


The universe is out there, it is not you.
Things, being perceived partially,
just are what they are…
they are not you;
thus in not taking things personally,
you remain Whole.

Know whatever happens, it is not you.
Events, being based in what went before,
just occur as they do…
they are not you;
thus in not getting carried away by events of the day,
you remain Here and Now.

Allow whatever to follow its own course, it is not you.
Thing-events, by their very nature,
just behave as they will…
they are not you;
thus in not interfering with thing-events in the future,
you remain Still.

Leave the world outside alone, it is not you.
Images, forms, concepts by themselves are empty
and have no core….
they are not you;
thus in not holding onto images, forms, concepts for security,
you remain Free.

Know when all is seen thru, there is only You,
the pure Intelligence that We Are.
Images, forms, concepts are just projections of the ego…
they are not you;
thus in not identifying with the ego,
you remain Ourself as a Whole.

Living Jesus


Whatever you do…
do it as a means of loving,
living meditation/prayer/faith/religion/God;
for the Principal of Life
is living whatever in ourself as a Whole.

Just Be
thru whatever you do,
remaining nonattached to the subject matter,
to the other;
thus fulfilling the Principal of Life
thru a psychological death,
thru your own existence on earth.

I call this living Jesus,
the Way of the cross.

Sitting And Reflecting


Sitting and reflecting,
writing and meditating,
I breathe the space
and the space breathes me;
I am in the light
and the light is in me.

Like the tide coming in from the sea,
putting pen to paper and my pride to bear,
I sit so still yet move soul-free,
as this Streaming Consciousness Within me,
like nonparticle-waves of living meditation,
washes ashore
onto the beach of my inward concentration:
insights galore that offer themselves,
like cryptic seashells,
to this other me who sits and reflects
and absorbs these precious light-filled moments.

There’s So Much Beauty In The World


There’s so much beauty in the world,
even in a grain of sand,
when one sees with the Heart…
with the inner Knowing that stands not apart
from what one sees, but is
completely open to this very moment.

Indeed, diving deeply into the mystery of life, of self,
one sees everything as we see ourself as a Whole:
beautiful without compare,
moving without departing from Now,
filling the consciousness that’s us without measure,
as radiant light goes Into radiant Light
even without watching the show.

O God, Thou Art Living Light
when one sees with the Heart!
Just Being completely open to this very moment,
first Seeing from Within the shadow
that gives soul witness to the Light,
we as a Whole Are so very beautiful!