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What Is It Like Being As Pure Awareness?


You are not having the experience, You Are the Experience! You are not having the vision, You Are the Vision, the Whole Consciousness, in this case, the Nonliteral Perspective (Oneness/Nonsensory Perception/Nonego)! Yet the literal perspective (duality/sensory perception/ego) is still there, outside of You, as it were, like a shadow (form), or a reflection (thought) in the mirror (mind), but seeing, living, being through it, so to speak, you, being also the person, remain nonattached. That is to say, the Center of Consciousness is everywhere nonliterally, but nowhere literally, as both Are the Same (Whole Consciousness/Intubeing). Indeed, emptiness and fullness Are the Same. All opposites Are the Same Unity, as there is no separation in pure Awareness; there is only the Knowing, Seeing, Being Awareness itself, or in itself (Absolute Relativity/Totality of Being).

Interestingly, being as pure Awareness, there is no personal I (me) to speak of. Thus, as you are not making any claim on anything, there is no personal memory of you doing, or saying, anything; it is as if everything does itself, as if there is only the Doing, the Seeing, the Being itself. That is what Is… Is pure Awareness, pure Spirit, pure Intelligence, the Real You, the Real Us, the Real God!

You, being as pure Awareness, expand and contract consciousness without fear. Thus, instead of having, you Are the very Sense of Well-Being (Whole Being). Nevertheless, as long as you retain a material body, you will pass in and out of Whole Consciousness. But over time, the personal aspect of you, being One with the Whole, will realize that it does not matter. A remnant of pure Awareness stays with you as a Presence in the forehead between the eyes, and thus using every thing-event as a means of inverting the mind and returning to the Source (Center), which is your (our) innermost Being, you come to fully (selflessly) Realize that the material world (divided consciousness) has no life, power or cause by itself, and need not fear any outcome. Such Is Liberation, Enlightenment…and your (our) true Self (Selfless)!

Being as pure Awareness is like Being Within everything and everything being within You.


What Is The Spiritual Significance Of Human Sexuality?


Ultimately, sex can be one’s complete surrender to That which is greater than oneself, that is, if one still sees That as the “other” and thus needs to humble his/her pride before God, transmuting life’s energy from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal. Psychologically one steps into the fire (spirit) of God and burns away the “dross” still being accumulated over time by the soul centered in duality, sensory perception and ego (literal perspective).

Thus in using sex, as with other things (concepts), as a ritual sacrifice and personal offering to God (our innermost Being), the activity (being totally spontaneous/giving) can be, if perfected in practice (with or without orgasm), a purifying and liberating experience, even a blessing (or healing) from God as all paths may lead to enlightenment if one’s going that way to begin with. Indeed, one who is truly devoted consecrates (spiritualizes) every activity entered into–for one finds God already there.

Such is the true Way of the cross, of the living cross or path of action…even as the Living Principal (Tao) or Word (Christ Jesus/God in man/Atman) Rests Within us (Nonliteral Perspective) and Is Us as a Whole (Nonaction). Thus action and Nonaction Are One!

Can Understanding Only Be Achieved Through Words And Language?



Words are concepts and thus only metaphor (symbol/myth): a means, not an end in itself or reality. But metaphor can be the point of concentration where, by the power of suggestion, we may dive into and pass through the thought to reach an understanding that is ourself. Understanding Awareness, then, is like a hidden gem discovered deep Within is. Such has been there all the time because we Are that understanding in Principal (the Word/Logos), in Ourself as a Whole, but until the moment of discovery had not realized ourself as Such, as the essential Quality (Nonessentiality). Now, upon selflessly Realizing, we may express this through language (including all of the arts) and have it speak back to us.

So, understanding Awareness is not something that’s achieved or acquired, but rather acknowledged, like a precious gem newly discovered.

Does The Truth Need To Be Proved?



There is truth as in a fact and there is living/being truth. One can demonstrate (prove) a fact in nature, as science does, because such, being relative, has limitations; but living/being truth requires that one go beyond (through) the literal aspect to the Nonliteral (Spiritual), as Such Rests Complete (wholly Within) in itself (Ourself as a Whole), and thus Intubeing, requires no watcher or outside witness for gratification (ego): we Are what We See.

The world outside, being ego, demands gratification (the watcher); the Spirit, Being Nonego, demands nothing, making no personal claim on anyone or anything, but just Is! The world outside is a fact (actual), which requires a demonstration (sensory perception) to validate it; but the Spirit (pure Intelligence) Is Living/Being Truth (Nonsensory Perception), which knows Ourself as a Whole (Nonactual/Real), that is, Energy-Consciousness Knowing in itself without (through) an object or validation, and may be called Absolute Relativity (Totality of Being/God).

Does History Repeat Itself?


It’s not history as such that repeats itself but human nature.

 Human beings are patterns of behavior…and when patterns are reinforced, as in cultural conditioning, they are firmly established, even collectively. Based on past experience, then, the character of those patterns is predetermined by the way in which we see ourselves, and so live our lives. Thus it is that every generation needs to discover “just what those patterns are” for themselves, and either change the way in which they see or repeat the status quo and eventually regress. Mankind tends to opt for the second choice (it’s easier to be led than to find your own way) and thus civilizations rise and fall. You would think we would catch on after a while–but the spirit (or is it flesh?) of self-examination is weak.

Why Are We As Humans Self-Destructive?


In short, because most of us, in identifying with the material body and personality as ourself,  remain self-centered, contained and thus dominated by our own life’s energy–and with the literal perspective that comes with it (maya). Thus we are a tyrant first unto ourselves, then unto others, as one projects outwardly what’s already going on inside; or, in taking the reverse course, we allow others to tyrannize us even as we victimize ourself from within, most probably out of a sense of guilt, as we see ourselves, and the world around us, as being less than divine.  From there the pattern of our behavior is set, and being reinforced over the years, becomes our basic character.

However, our true self is selfless, the Totality of Being (Nonliteral Perspective); yet, as human beings (conceptualized consciousness), we are born as partialities (personalities), cut off from Total (understanding) Awareness (Intuself). This split in consciousness or division in mind is what was originally meant by the phrase “original sin”, for having forgotten, with the “plunge into the senses”, Who and what we really Are, in our ignorance (self-consciousness) have spun (projected) a pretender (ego) as ourself who, in believing his will comes first (false absolute)–must eventually come undone–as anything that has a beginning must have an ending.

The gospel story in the Bible is about a man who devotes his life on earth to confronting, penetrating, understanding and resolving the contraries of his ego (satan) existence through every activity of the day (living meditation/religion/faith/life/God). It’s called the Way of the cross: the psychological process by which we transmute the living energy that we are from literal to nonliteral, from material to spiritual, from personal to intupersonal. This is why we are here: to make ourselves Whole (One) again.

Does A Great Stifling Force Drive The Madness (Self-Destructiveness) Of The Masses?


Yes, it’s called the human personality/ego-satan, the only enemy any of us will ever know (or will never know). That is to say, most of us haven’t examined ourself to any depth in order to see through and understand the secondary motives and drives behind our aggressive, and often self-victimizing, personalities (our conceptualized or split-consciousness).

So, remaining cut off from the Peace that comes with Whole Consciousness (Nonego), we spend our time on this planet in a “rush”, programed by culture (which has to make a profit on everything) to spin our lives away rationalizing, justifying and, if possible, legalizing our escapist behavior. Thus, literally living in a state of denial, we shun the basic Intelligence (Spirit) that we really Are. If this this isn’t (perpetual) madness…I don’t know what is.

What Is Our True Higher Self?


Higher is a relative term. Our true Self is selfless (Spirit), without attachment to or conflict with any subject matter. Such, then, is neither higher or lower but just Is…Is our innermost Being, the Totality of Being (Intubeing)–and not another concept, image or thing-event (subject matter). Therefore we are not the personality or ego, that partiality of being which is centered in the body, in the past, in the thing, in the concept (duality/sensory perception), but the pure (Nonsensory) Intelligence who,  remaining Complete in Ourself as a Whole or Spirit-Matter Continuum (unified Field), nevertheless gives rise to the phenomena of separate points (images/forms) in space and mind (maya), like reflections/projections in a universal mirror.

So, if we only experience spirit and matter separately as two different concepts or thing-events (literal perspective), then we can never know (live) ourself as that Continuum (Oneness/Wholeness). Yet once we cease holding onto, and identifying with, the personality as an end in itself or false absolute (self), we automatically see (live) through the ego (subject self) and know Who and what we really Are (Nonego), as the Center (Ground) of our Awareness Is the Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole.

Such Is Liberation or the Kingdom of God (Nonliteral Persepective), as we Are Living (Christ) Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/the Tao and Principal of Life (the Word)…our true Self (Selfless)!

What’s The Difference Between Soul And Spirit?


Spirit Is the basic, pure Intelligence Within and behind everything that is: the essential Quality or Nonessentiality, as it were, for the Totality of Being Is always Nonliteral (without form/unstructured to the literal mind) in relation to the partiality of being or literal mind who, being centered in his own form and body, with its self-image and personality–remains outside the pure Intelligence/Spirit that We Are.

Soul is the primal seed (archetype) of each aspect (pattern/process) of the Whole, and when being at one or identifying with the Whole (selfless/nonpersonal), also remains nonliteral–the Awareness itself (Totality) Intubeing the essential Quality (Ground) of Consciousness–not the soul. Such is a paradox to the literal mind (ego).

Thus, as there is no mind apart from thought, there is no soul apart from spirit, everything has a soul (wave pattern) or primary link to the Andro-Cosmic Mind/pure Intelligence, conceptually speaking. But most souls either don’t have the capacity or simply fail to realize their own inmost spirit (daemon) and true (nondual) identity–let alone Intusee beyond any personal thought that all Are One (Whole) Spirit or Soul (God), nonconceptually speaking.

Are The Events Of Our Lives On Earth Psychological Myth?


The answer becomes obvious as soon as the mind realizes its own ego (duality/sensory perception) as the projector of the myth, the spinner of the tale (thought), and thus does not do in reality but dreams, that is, projects (manifests/escapes) outward in space and mind. Thus all thing-events in the actual world (maya), being relative, subjective, temporal and partial, are but metaphor (symbolic action) in relation to Spirit (Nonego/Awareness in itself, in Ourself as a Whole) or That which Is…Is the real Doer (Doing) or Totality of Being (God)!

However, though we are not really our personal thoughts, feelings, beliefs or experiences, as the dreamer (ego), we are forever projecting our preconceptions onto people, places and things in order to live out on earth the psychological myths (images/forms/concepts) that our psyches identify with–and hold onto. These myths, and the cultural context that accompany them, though symbolic, become necessary as a means of dealing with the energies that have been drawn up through the body from the center of our being. This is instinctual, of course, for without the energy to realize something, nothing would ever be possible in a phenomenal world. There would be no development. And, without any development in a phenomenal universe, there can be no Liberation, no Resurrection of the Spirit. Thus before the mind can come fully Awake, it must dream (conceptualize) in order to comprehend the possibility and potential Within it (power of suggestion).

But often life’s energy becomes trapped in the body, whose organs and cells may block the natural flow with our resistance to it (the fear of being overwhelmed by life’s direct flow), the fragmentation having been caused by the conscious suppression of our very being. Thus the greater need to identify with the Flow (Energy-Consciousness/Intuconsciousness/Awareness in itself) as ourself rather than with the body/personality. Then the events of our lives are seen through as we absorb life’s energy Into Ourself (inverting the mind) instead of projecting the same onto peole, places and things outside, selflessly Realizing Nonego (Ourself as a Whole) as the real Self…as the One innate Life, Power and Cause behind (Within) everything. Indeed, the myth (thing-events) becomes a ritual means of dying a “psychological death” to duality (ego/partiality of being) and intuconsciously Realizing Ourself the as Resurrection (Principal) of Life, as Awareness in itself, in God (Totality of Being)!